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Unit 5 lesson 2 muslim dynasties

Unit 5 lesson 2 muslim dynasties






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    Unit 5 lesson 2 muslim dynasties Unit 5 lesson 2 muslim dynasties Presentation Transcript

    • Early Muslim Dynasties Expansion & Conflict
    • Picking a Caliph
      • After Abu Bakr died, it was unclear as to who should be his successor
      • In 656, Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali was chosen to be caliph
        • He was assassinated in 5 short years
    • Umayyad Dynasty
      • In 661, general Mu’awiyah became caliph
      • He made the office of caliph hereditary to solve the problems of succession
      • This created the Umayyad Dynasty
        • The Umayyad continued conquering and spreading Islam until all of North Africa and Spain had become Muslim
        • Expansion into Europe ended in 732 at the Battle of Tours
    • Expansion of Umayyad
    • Umayyads and the split of Islam
      • Discrimination in the Umayyad dynasty led to revolts
      • Hussein , the second son of Ali, led one revolt.
        • This revolt split Islam into two groups
          • Shiite Muslims only accept Ali’ descendants as true caliphs
          • The Sunni Muslims only accept descendants of the Umayyads as caliphs
    • Abbasid Dynasty
      • In 750, Abu al-abbas overthrew the Umayyad dynasty and set up the Abbasid dynasty
      • Harun al-Rashid is the best known caliph of the Abbasids and the time during his rule is called the Golden Age
      • He moved the capital to Baghdad for its prosperous location near trade routes
    • Abbasid Expansion
      • When Harun al-Rashid died, his two sons fought over the caliphate
      • Eventually, ruler of the Abbasid Empire in North Africa and Spain began to form their own dynasties
      • The Spanish even established its own caliphate
    • Conflicts
      • The Egyptian Fatamid dynasty were overthrown by the Seljuk Turks, soldiers hired to fight for them.
      • In 1055, a Turkish leader captured Baghdad and held the title sultan, or “holder of power”
      • The Byzantine emperor, Alexius I asked Christians for help against the Turks
        • This began a series of crusades, or conflicts and battles of Christians against Muslims
      • Pictures like this of the crusades are common, as many lives were lost over the more than 12 eras of conflict between Christians and Muslims