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Land West Bursledon Promotion Doc - Savills Planning & Regeneration

  3. 3. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTLAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTPrepared bySavills Planning and RegenerationBrunswick HouseBrunswick PlaceSouthamptonSO15 2APon behalf ofEuropean Property Ventures(South Hampshire) LtdLAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANEDevelopment conceptRef: SNUD 191172
  5. 5. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTCONTENTS1. INTRODUCTIONPurpose of document•2. THE SITEThe site in context•Land control•Land use and character•Vegetation•Landform•Planning background•Movement and access•3. LANDSCAPE STRATEGY4. MOVEMENT AND ACCESS STRATEGY5. CONCEPT MASTERPLANConcept masterplan•Urban design principles•5. CONCLUSIONS
  6. 6. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT1 Figure 1. Aerial photograph of the siteThe site locationNSOUTHAMPTONSholingBursledonHedge EndM27motorwayJunction 8NetleyWoolston
  7. 7. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT21. INTRODUCTIONPurpose of the documentThe purpose of this promotional document is to demonstrate how, in planning,landscape, access and masterplanning terms, a strategic development could bedelivered on land to the west of Hamble Lane, Southampton.Part of the land identified is controlled by European Property Ventures (SouthHampshire) Ltd. This document will demonstrate how this land can come forwardas an integral part of a wider development, to the west of Hamble Lane.The masterplan concepts in this document include land in the control of otherowners and demonstrate how development on a significant scale could deliver amix of housing and open space, a park and ride facility, together with enhancedhighway arrangements as part of a comprehensive masterplan.The document has been informed by an assessment of the principal opportunitiesand constraints at the site. These have informed the preparation of a conceptmasterplan including the spatial distribution of land uses, access and landscape.These are described in sections 2 and 3 of the document. The concept masterplandraws on current and emerging guidance on urban design and masterplanning topromote a high quality physical environment which responds to the site and itswider context.This report focuses on the key aspects of the masterplan framework at a strategiclevel without the detailing of the places, spaces and buildings. It is howeverrecognised that these will also be key to the success of new development in thisarea.
  8. 8. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT3 Figure 2. Land control planEuropean Property Ventures (SouthHampshire) Ltd.Barratt HomesTaylor WimpeyOther land ownersN
  9. 9. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT42. THE SITEThe site in contextThe land which is subject of the planning promotion comprises a number of landparcels to the west of Hamble Lane, approximately 1.3km southwest of Junction8 of the M27 motorway. Figure 1 shows the location of this land in the widercontext.The site lies within the greater Southampton area but falls within the Borough ofEastleigh. The administrative boundary broadly follows the urban edge of Sholingincluding Pleasant View and Hightown.Land controlFigure 2 shows the land is within the control of three principle landowners, BarrattHomes, Taylor Wimpey and European Property Ventures (South Hampshire) Ltd.The other parcels of land identified are within other private land ownership.Land use and characterThe site is dominated by urban fringe characteristics. To the west and north westof the site beyond Botley Lane and Portsmouth Road, there are large areas ofurban development primarily comprising residential suburbs at the fringes of thecity of Southampton. The areas include other uses such as car showrooms andlarge education sites located on Bursledon Road and Portsmouth Road.The land in the northeast corner of the site (Barratt Homes) is currently used forcar boot sales with associated car parking. The site is also used as a park and ridefacility for Southampton Football Club, and has been identified in the EastleighBorough Council Local Plan Review as being safeguarded for a future bus-basedpark and ride facility. Access arrangements for these uses include an inward accessfrom Hamble Lane and an egress onto Bursledon Road.The remaining land identified for promotion is predominantly arable fields anddisused land including the land in control of Taylor Wimpey and EPV.South of Portsmouth Road, there is a change to a distinctly rural landscape withfewer prominent urban elements, and increased sense of tranquillity, althoughroad traffic is still seen on the major roads from some locations. Restored landwest of Grange Road is covered in rough grassland. East of Grange Road there isa mixture of paddocks and arable fields in the northern section with rough grazedland further south, by Butlocks Heath. The landscape south of Portsmouth Road isenclosed by wooded stream valleys that run south towards Southampton Water.The eastern valley is fed by a stream that arises on land immediately to the northeastof the site. The stream crosses Green Lane and then runs south, including alongthe eastern boundary of the site. It then passes beneath Portsmouth Road andruns southwards, connecting to several ponds south of Old Netley. The westernwooded stream valley is named Tickleford Gully and runs alongside the westernsuburbs of Southampton.The parcels of land are defined by a mix of tree belts and hedges and the landgenerally falls from the northwest around the Hightown area.
  10. 10. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTTo the west of the site are predominantly open fields with the urban edge of HighTown and Pleasant View defined by Botley Road. To the immediate east of the sitelies a significant urban area including Old Netley, Bursledon and Lowford. The builtform is not defined by Hamble Lane and Portsmouth Road to the east of the site.There is an element of housing directly relating to the Taylor Wimpey and EPV landwhich extend into the centre of the site (other land owners) including Green Lane,Beverly Gardens, Cranbury Gardens and Pound Lane. To the southwest of the sitelies a small group of residential dwellings centred around Old Netley Farm and OldGrange Farm.Directly to the north east of the site is Tesco Bursledon Towers Extra supermarket.The supermarket is approximately 120,000 sqft and sells a wide range of foodand drink and includes a petrol filling station, pharmacy, travel desk, optician andphoto processing on site.5VegetationThe landscape contains a large amount of vegetation, in particular woodlands andmature trees that create a high degree of visual enclosure and which restricts andcontains views into and out of the area. The roads in the area are typically edgedwith mature hedges, trees and shrub vegetation that limit long views across thelandscape. Similarly, large areas of woodland limit distant views to surroundingareas.LandformThe area is low lying, slopes generally towards the south, and has only a few areaswith localised undulations. The site is located between around 35m and 45mAOD, rising to the north from Portsmouth Road. Around Shop Lane the land isvery gently sloping, rising from 30m AOD at Portsmouth Road to 55m AOD by theWindhover Roundabout.South of Portsmouth Road the land is flat or only slopes gently towards the south,from 35m AOD to around 25m AOD at Butler’s Heath.North of Bursledon Road, the land continues to rise northwards towards andbeyond the M27, although this is barely perceived in views as this area is generallywell wooded
  11. 11. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT6BursledonNetleyEASTLEIGHBOROUGHCITY OF SOUTHAMPTONWindhoverRoundaboutB3033 BotleyM27A27A27TescoA3025 Portsmouth RoadA3024BursledonRoadGreenLaneA3025HambleLaneCranbury GardensB3397Woolston RoadBeverley GardensGrange RoadStreams/ water bodiesDisused open landFarmland, other open land & scatteredsettlementLow hedgesWoodland, tree belts & tall hedgesBuilt-up areasPublic rights of wayRailwayLocal roads/ lanesB-roadA-roadMotorwaySiteAdministrative boundarySuperstoreButlocks HeathNShopLaneFigure 3. Site context
  12. 12. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT7Figure 4. Extract from Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Review 2001 – 2011Planning contextEastleigh Borough Council is in the process of forming its first Local DevelopmentFramework to meet the economic and social requirements set out within therecently adopted South East Plan.As per Policy SH5 of the adopted RSS, the Borough Council will be required toplan for 7,080 dwellings during the period 2006 to 2026, at an average of 354per annum. To meet this requirement, the delivery of sustainable urban extensionswill form an important source of supply alongside development within theexisting urban areas and those sites identified through the Strategic Housing LandAvailability Assessment.In advance of the Preferred Options consultation on the emerging Core Strategy,expected in October 2010, the promotional document addresses the high levelopportunities for the land west of Hamble Lane to form part of this process.The land immediately abutting Hamble Lane controlled by Taylor Wimpey andBarratts, has been assessed previously during the last Eastleigh Local Plan Inquiry.At that time, the Inspector concluded that the land was acceptable in planningterms for residential development and should be considered by the Local Authorityas a reserve allocation. At that time, the site was not taken forward by the LocalAuthority as one of the three reserve sites chosen within the adopted Local Plan.As part of the previous Local Plan promotion, a new 850 space Park and Ridescheme was also proposed and eventually safeguarded within the adopted LocalPlan. The Park and Ride is replicated within this promotional document and includesconnections to the new distributor road connecting Bursledon Road, Hamble Laneand Portsmouth Road. Beyond the safeguarding of the Park and Ride site, the land issubject to Countryside and Strategic Gap policies within the adopted Local Plan.Strategic Gap Policy, Policy CC6 of the South East Plan endorses the creation ofsustainable and distinctive communities but does not include any policy whichspecifically allows for gaps; indeed the former Policy CC10b – Strategic gaps wasdeleted from the final version of the SEP by the Secretary of State.Irrespective of that the landscape and visual impact assessments of the area, it wasconcluded that development to the west of Hamble Lane could be satisfactorilyaccommodated without adverse impact on objectives of the Strategic Gap in theLocal Plan.The surrounding topography and visual separation has been taken into accountin assessing the suitability of land now promoted by European Property Ventures(South Hampshire) Ltd, with appropriate mitigation proposals shown. Thisinitial appraisal can be refined through the more detailed masterplanning stage,however, at this time, it demonstrates no constraints, but considerable advantagesto development of the site.The promotion document and details contained within will form the basis for thefuture Core Strategy promotion and discussions with the Local Authority and keystakeholders during the process. It does not at this time provide for a fixed layout,but demonstrates in planning terms the ability to deliver an integrated urbanextension within Eastleigh Borough to meet in part the current RSS requirements.
  13. 13. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT8Movement and accessHighway networkFigure 5. shows the site in relation to local and strategic highway network.The site is well located to the strategic highway network via the existingroundabout directly to the northeast of the site. This provides links to the A27and the M27 (Junction 8) via Bursledon Road. Principal routes into Southamptonare also provided from the site along Bursledon Road, to the north of the site andPortsmouth Road to the south of the site.Hamble Lane, which runs along the eastern boundary of the site continues beyondthe Portsmouth Road junction to provide the primary link to Hamble-Le-Rice to thesouth (B397). Shop Lane forms the western boundary to the site, and is a narrowrural road, subject to the national speed limit (60mph). Shop Lane continues tothe north, joining the B3033 Botley Road, and meets Grange Road approximately100m from the gated site access.A highway capacity assessment was undertaken by Upton McGougan ConsultingEngineers. This work identified a number of key issues relating to the capacityof junctions in relation to the site and the wider highway network. These issueswould strongly suggest a tidal pattern for vehicle movements, with high flowsleaving Hamble and Southampton towards the A27 Motorway in the morning, andreturning in the evening. The key issues are as follows:The Windhover Roundabout operates within capacity on all arms under•existing conditionsThe Tesco Roundabout on Hamble Lane is approaching capacity during the•AM peak period, and exceeds capacity during the PM peak period. Trafficmoving north queue on Hamble Lane which disrupts the performance of theJurd Way Roundabout and the Portsmouth Road priority junction.Both the Jurd Way and Hamble Lane arms of the Jurd Way Roundabout•experience significant delay during the AM and PM peak periods, with thegreatest delay and queuing experienced by northbound traffic.The junction between Portsmouth Road and Hamble Lane is significantly over•capacity with delays experienced by traffic exiting Portsmouth Road duringthe AM peak period and southbound traffic on Hamble Lane in the PM peakperiod.The Bursledon Road / Botley Road junction does not experience capacity•issues under present conditionsTHE SITETESCOWindoverRoundaboutFigure 5. Plan showing the site in relation to the existing highway networkTesco roundaboutJurd Way roundaboutJunction - Portsmouth Road /Hamble LaneBursledon Road / Botley Roadjunction
  14. 14. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT9Public transportFigure 6. shows the location of the site in relation to existing public transportnetwork.Approximately 1.5km to the east of the site lies Bursledon Station which connectsto Southampton, Fareham and Portsmouth. Regular bus services run past thesite along Hamble Lane, stopping at the Tesco store and connecting to Eastleigh,Southampton and Fareham.Footpaths and cycle linksThere are a number of existing public rights of way are shown on Figure 4. Thereare also a number of other footpaths in the study area located to the south ofPortsmouth Road and within the settlement east of Hamble Lane. These are notdirectly linked to the site.Figure 6. Plan showing the site in relation to the existing public transport networkTHE SITE
  16. 16. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT11The structure of trees and hedges at the eastern, northern and western edges•of the site should be maintained and supplemented with significant openspace/ landscape buffers of native tree and shrub planting, making use ofspecies typical of the area, such as ash, oak, holly, and blackthorn. Streettrees should also be a characteristic feature of the development, ensuring itintegrates with the surrounding townscape and countryside. These measureswill ensure the proposals reflect local landscape character and protect andrestore key landscape characteristics and features, and that the buildings aresited within a robust landscape setting.The stream that runs along the eastern and southeastern edges of the site•should be retained within the enhanced landscape buffers at the edge of thesite, in line with local policy to protect landscape features. This could beincorporated into a strategic drainage plan for the development, and mayoffer opportunities to create or enhance features of benefit to wildlife.A landscape and open space buffer should be retained along the northern•edge of the site contributing to the aims of improving the physical and visualquality of the locally allocated ‘Landscape Improvements’ areas north of thesite.The public footpath that runs along the northern edge of the site should be•retained and integrated into a landscape/ open space buffer at the northernedge of the site, contributing to local plan objectives to maintain and extend‘green networks’ and improve access. Consideration should be given to linkingthis with other open spaces and ‘green’ areas located within the developmentitself.Development on the site would not directly or indirectly affect a SINC.•However, several SINCs are located in the vicinity. The retention andenhancement of the planted and open space areas at the edges of the site,making use predominantly of native and locally appropriate species, wouldcontribute to the nature conservation and habitat value of the site itself, whilehelping to extend the network of areas and corridors of benefit to wildlife inthe locality.A detailed landscape and visual assessment was carried out to assess the likelylandscape and visual impacts of developing an area of land to the west of theA3025 Hamble Lane. The study concentrated on land in control of EuropeanProperty Ventures (South Hampshire Ltd), with land in control of Barratt Homesand Taylor Wimpey having been considered by the previous Inspector as suitablefor development in principle.A desk study and site survey were undertaken to appraise the site’s landscapefeatures, landscape character and visual amenity. This has then informedrecommendations for the parts of the site with the best potential for developmentin terms of landscape and visual impact, as well as measures to mitigate anyadverse effects.The recommendations set out are based on the landscape policies and guidelinescovering the site and the need to minimise any potential adverse landscape andvisual effects.The conservation and creation of high quality environments that reflect local•character and distinctiveness will help to maintain quality of life objectives.The areas of the site most suited for development are the southern and mid-•sections where there is a high degree of visual containment afforded by theexisting mature oaks and other shrubby vegetation that borders the site. Thesemi-rural nature of Shop Lane is recognised, as well as the sensitivity ofresidents located immediately adjacent to the site, and additional plantingand visual screening should be provided at these boundaries where thiswould not compromise light levels in the new development. It would also beimportant to retain some degree of intervisibility between the developmentand Shop Lane and existing houses, which is typical of the existing settlement,with glimpsed views of adjacent land uses between boundary vegetation.3. LANDSCAPE STRATEGY
  17. 17. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT12The most sensitive area of the site, in both landscape and visual terms is the•highest ground along the northern part of the site, where there is a limitedexisting vegetation screen. Consideration should be given to locating lessdense development towards the northern edge of the site that relates to theproposed adjacent open space/ landscape buffer in this location.The development should be designed with full reference to its local context,•including both the existing landscape features, and the positive and successfulurban characteristics of the local neighbourhoods. The relationship of theproposed development to the adjacent residential areas should be closelyconsidered to ensure their quality of life is not compromised. Detailed designshouldconsiderutilisingelementsoflocalvernaculararchitecturetocontributeto the local distinctiveness of the area. Attention should be paid to colours ofmaterials to ensure these are not visually prominent. Recommendations setout in the local urban character area appraisals by Eastleigh Borough Councilshould be used as guiding principles in the development of appropriatemassing, scale, materials, siting, layout, density and design.Coupled with the previous Local Plan Inspectors conclusion that the land under thecontrol of Barratt Homes and Taylor Wimpey is suitable in landscape terms, thatcontrolled by EPV can also be considered as appropriate for development subjectto suitable mitigation planting.
  18. 18. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT13In response to the accessibility issues identified in section 2 of this document,an access strategy was developed which would both assist in providing a greatercapacity to the existing highway network and facilitating the development of thesite . This is shown on Figure 7.There are a number of key benefits which the proposed access strategy couldprovide to the movement of traffic in the area including:Potential to deliver the access to the proposed allocated park and ride site•Cycle and pedestrian connections to the park and ride site to improve the use•of public transportImprovements to the existing Tesco roundabout to improve traffic flow both•north and south along Hamble Lane, also improving the capacity of the JurdWay roundabout and Portsmouth Road / Hamble Lane priority junctionThe provision of a new direct link between Portsmouth Road and Hamble•Lane, through the site, to increase the capacity of the Jurd Way roundaboutand Portsmouth Road / Hamble Lane priority junctionThe impact of the proposals on the Windhover Roundabout and Bursledon Roadsignalised junction is relatively modest, and does not result in any junction or armexceeding its design capacity.In order to implement the proposed road layout promoted, any future planningapplication will be required to design suitable junctions on Bursledon Road,Portsmouth Road and Hamble Lane to serve the level of traffic resulting from thelink road arrangement.The following arrangements could be considered:Bursledon Road: Priority junction with Right Turning Lane from Bursledon•Road. No right turn from site access.Portsmouth Road: Change of priority junction to reflect predicted flows•through the site to access the Windhover Roundabout.Hamble Lane/Tesco Access: Introduction of a fourth arm, 28 ICD roundabout•with slip lane for vehicles accessing Portsmouth Road.4. MOVEMENT AND ACCESS STRATEGYFigure 7. Preferred road access strategy
  19. 19. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT14Transport for South Hampshire proposalsTransport for South Hampshire (TfSH) partnership group was set up in 2007 todeliver a package of planned growth in the vicinity of the M3 and M27 corridors.It is estimated that the housing stock in South Hampshire will need to increaseby 80,000 dwellings by 2026, and transport infrastructure (in the form of roadcapacity improvements and increased availability of sustainable transport facilities)will need to be provided to cater for the travel needs of residents.As part of the strategy for delivery of improvement works, a number of elementshave been identified within the vicinity of Hamble Lane which could have animpact on the proposals. The following works and budgetary amounts have beensuggested within Appendix E of the TfSH “Towards Delivery” document (April2008):Windhover Park & Ride Scheme- £5,000,000.00•Windhover Junction Improvements- £18,000,000.00•M27 Corridor Improvements- £300,000,000.00•The proposals within the access strategy for the site can therefore be promotedin line with the aspirations of the TfSH strategy, by providing a major housingdevelopment whilst also improving vehicular flows and promoting ease of accessto the strategic road network via the proposed distributor road.ImplementationThe alignment of the preferred road access strategy as shown on Figure 6. isdeliverable by four principle landowners (Barratt Homes, Taylor Wimpey, EPV anda private landowner).
  20. 20. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT15Concept masterplanBased on the planning, landscape and movement strategies, a concept masterplanhas been developed which shows how a comprehensive development could takeplace in this area including all land owners.The concept masterplan shows the following key elements:Provision of the 850 space park and ride facility adjacent in the northeast•corner of the site.Provision of circa 850 new dwellings to the west, south and south west of the•park and ride, building onto the existing residential developments to the westof Hamble Lane at Beverley Gardens, Green Lane and Cranbury Gardens.A new informal recreation area on the western edge of the site to retain the•open nature of this land and reinforce the open gap between the site andHightown / Sholing. Additional strategic landscape planting to contain thefuture development on its western boundary.A new strategic highway connection between Portsmouth Road and Hamble•Lane with a new junction arrangement at the entrance to the Tesco store torelieve pressure on the existing junction between Hamble Lane and PortsmouthRoad.Strategic cycle and pedestrian links, connecting to the existing public rights of•way around the site.5. CONCEPT MASTERPLANUrban design principlesThe urban design concept follows the seven design objectives as set out in thejoint ODPM/CABE publication, By Design – Urban design in the planning system:towards better practice (published in 2000). This is specifically referred to in theGovernment’s Evidence on Housing, contained within PPS3.character - the masterplan will promote character in townscape and landscapeby responding to and reinforcing locally distinctive patterns of development,landscape and culturecontinuity and enclosure - the masterplan will promote continuity of streetfrontages and enclosure of space by development which clearly defines privateand public areasquality of the public realm - planning should promote public spaces andpedestrian routes that are attractive, safe, uncluttered and work effectively for allin society, including the disabled, elderly and childrenease of movement - the masterplan will promote accessibility and localpermeability by making places that connect with each other and are easy to movethrough, putting people before traffic and integrating land uses and transportlegibility - the masterplan concept will promote legibility through developmentthat provides recognisable routes, intersections and landmarks to help peoplemove around the developmentadaptability - the masterplan concept promotes adaptability through developmentthat can respond to changing social, technological and economic conditionsa place with variety and choice - the concept will promote diversity and choicethrough a mix of compatible developments and uses that work together to createviable places that respond to local needs.
  21. 21. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT16NExisting built up areaExisting open spaceExisting supermarketExisting vegetationExisting schoolExisting public right of wayProposed residential developmentProposed park and ride facilityProposed public open space / country parkProposed strategic plantingProposed roadsProposed pedestrian / cycle linkPublic open space Circa 180 dwellings850 space park and rideNew junctionCirca 300 dwellingsCirca 250 dwellingsCirca 120 dwellingsNew junctionNew junctionFigure 8. Concept masterplan
  22. 22. LAND WEST OF HAMBLE LANE | DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT195. CONCLUSIONSThe promotional document sets out the vision for a comprehensive developmentfor land west of Hamble Lane.The land controlled by Barratt Homes and Taylor Wimpey had previously beensupported by the Local Plan Inspector for the principle of development in terms oflandscape and highways. This this report demonstrates that the land in the controlof EPV is also acceptable in highways and landscape terms and together with theother land can deliver a comprehensive masterplan solution for the area.Based on the proposed masterplan concept, this document also provides for apotential strategy to deliver a significant proportion of the RSS housing requirementwithin an integrated mixed use development.In assessing the proposal, there are clear opportunities to deliver in partnershipwith the improvements earmarked by the Transport for South Hampshire Group, acomprehensive highway solution to this part of the road network to the south ofthe M27. In addition there are opportunities to significantly enhance the capacityof the local highway network around the site, and improve significantly on thepublic transport provision in the local the area.The previous Local Plan Inspector accepted that the land abutting Hamble Lanecould form part of a future housing development with associated Park and Ride. Informing the document, the landscape and visual appraisal undertaken has assessedand concluded that additional land to the west could also be incorporated withinthis envelope without compromising the visual separation between Bursledon andSouthampton urban area.The document provides a framework within which to explore further with the LocalAuthority and key stakeholders the key opportunities to delivering this mixed-usedevelopment scheme through the Local Development Framework process.