THE BREAK-UP - A user interface love story

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Presentation “THE BREAK-UP - A user interface love story“ by Raphael Wegmueller, Damien Antipa and Alexandre Capt at CQCON2013 in Basel on 19 and 20 June 2013.

Presentation “THE BREAK-UP - A user interface love story“ by Raphael Wegmueller, Damien Antipa and Alexandre Capt at CQCON2013 in Basel on 19 and 20 June 2013.

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  • 1. Raphael WegmuellerDamien AntipaAlexandre CaptTHE BREAK-UPA user interface love story
  • 2. A LONG STANDING RELATIONSHIPCQ AND EXTJSDeclaration basedJSON storeHeavily client-sidedRich library of widgetsComprehensive browser supportLarge developer communityWell documented
  • 3. DISAFFECTIONSOMETHINGS MISSINGNot touch-friendlyDecreasing performanceDesktop vs web styleLimited control over source codeUpgrade gap (ExtJS 4.0)
  • 4. ESCAPADES JUST HAPPENEDWE NEEDED TO TRYTeach ExtJS to be touch-friendlySencha TouchjQuery mobile
  • 5. NEWFOUND LOVECORALUIHome-brewed UI FrameworkOpen DevelopmentAdobe Unification
  • 7. MAKES ALL SENSE, BUT ...WHAT EXACTLY IS CORALUI?UI framework for web applicationsBackend agnosticImplementation of the CloudUI initiativeUnification approach for Adobe appsOpen development driven
  • 8. GOOD SOFTWARE NEEDSA KILLERUSER INTERFACEResponsive & scalable layoutRich widgetsMobile firstAccessibilityCutting edge technologies
  • 9. SCALABLE &RESPONSIVELAYOUTCSS3 Unit : rem (= root em)Mono colored font iconsMulti colored embedded SVGCSS on excellenceMarkup-driven for fast rendering
  • 10. RICH WIDGETSDo not abuse JS to generate markup or stylesEnhancement through data attributes
  • 11. 1. <!-- Date/time picker --><!-- Date/time picker -->2. <div<div classclass=="datepicker""datepicker" data-initdata-init=="datepicker""datepicker" data-displayed-formatdata-displayed-format=="YYYY-MM-DD""YYYY-MM-DD">>3. <input<input typetype=="datetime""datetime" valuevalue=="1987-04-06""1987-04-06">>4. <button<button classclass=="icon-calendar small""icon-calendar small">>Datetime pickerDatetime picker</button></button>5. </div></div>1987-04-06 MOBILE FIRSTTouch enabledFinger friendlyGesturesResponsive layout
  • 12. ACCESSIBILITYScreen reader & voice over friendlyKeyboard enabledSemantic / Content firstWAI-ARIA (W3C)
  • 13. CUTTING EDGETECHNOLOGIESCSS3 / HTML5jQuery for high performanceAutomatic UI testingModern build system
  • 14. WE DO OUR BEST TO BALANCE THISDEPLOYMENT DEPENDENCIESMinimum: jQuery 1.8+For datepicker: moment.jsFor touch handling: toe.jsFeel free to use handlebars,backbone and others
  • 15. THE SERVER LAYERGRANITE UIMarkup rendering & helpersComponent basedSling resource resolutionOSGI bundlePart of the platform (Granite)
  • 16. MORE SPECIFICTHE APPLICATION LEVELWCM, DAM, Social, Tooling, Marketing Cloud ...Shared common platformExtend existing components
  • 17. CUSTOM DEVELOPMENTEXTENSION POINTSComponentsDialogsVirtual resourcesClient-side eventing
  • 18. REUSABILITYHIGH BACKWARDCOMPATIBILITYEdit component modelDialog definitionsJS handler may fail
  • 19. AEMCUSTOMIZE THE UISiteadmin: new actionsCustom content panels for authoringRemaining component conceptVirtual resource override
  • 20. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?Speaker 1 : Raphael Wegmueller | Senior Engineering Manager | rofe@adobe.comSpeaker 2 : Damien Antipa | Engineer | damien@adobe.comSpeaker 3 : Alexandre Capt | Engineering Manager | acapt@adobe.comDesigned by : Alexis Tessier | Experience DesignerFEEDBACK IS WELCOME