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Advertising Campaign
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Advertising Campaign


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Me and two of my classmates came together to form MOD Advertising and designed an ad campaign for Lillian's of Bismarck. After researching with the store owners about the company we designed a print …

Me and two of my classmates came together to form MOD Advertising and designed an ad campaign for Lillian's of Bismarck. After researching with the store owners about the company we designed a print ad, postcard, 30-second commercial and suggested social media updates. This is our final presentation that we presented to our professor on the last day of class.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Madison Courtney Rechelle
  • 2. Lillians – The Hippest Shop in Town  Clothing  Accessories  Handbags
  • 3. Brand  Trendy and funky  Affordable  Sell items from different vendors
  • 4. Position  Sell an experience, not just the product  Treats, beverages and music  The man bell  Random, spur-of-the-moment sales  Create a social experience
  • 5. Marketing and Advertising  More marketing and advertising than the average business in town  Word-of-mouth  Opening more often  2,000 fliers into the community  Chamber of Commerce  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, radio, television  Inspired Women Magazine  Sponsor tables at community events  Get the story out
  • 6. Direct Mail Piece
  • 7. Front of Postcard  The “Keep Calm” theme appeals to the 25-35 age range we are trying to target  Incorporated the “Lillian’s Purse” into the “Keep Calm” theme  The coupon entices the recipient to flip the postcard over and read more  Logo in bottom, right-hand corner
  • 8. Back of Postcard  Goes along with the Lillian’s “funky” theme  Explains the coupon and the additional offer of the drawing for a free pair of sunglasses (given away at the beginning of each of the promotional months – June, July and August)  QR code helps target ages 25-35 and takes them to Lillian’s website  Listing of summer hours ensures that the customer will know the dates and times of Lillian’s limited open days.
  • 9. Details and Quotes  Once the customer uses the coupon, their name will be put into a drawing for the sunglasses. The coupon will not only attract customers to the store, but the sunglasses drawing gives them more of an incentive to use the coupon.  Postcard will be a 5x7, 4-color piece  Send out 1,000 postcards  13 pt. card stock uncoated with full color on both sides (full color will attract our target market)  First Class Mail Large Postcards: 1,000 @ $.46 = $460.00  United Printing: $495.00  Flash Printing: $525.00  Total will range from $955 - $985
  • 10. Goals  To monitor the success of the postcard, we will keep track of how many coupons are redeemed at the store compared to the number of postcards we sent out.  We will look at a monthly success rate, but will also look at the success rate from the months of June, July and August as a whole.  Our goal: return rate of 4%
  • 11. Print Ad
  • 12. Details and Quotes  Target market: 25-35 women  Inspired Women Magazine  Full page, full color: $1490  Quarter page: $455  City Magazine  Full page, full color: $315  Quarter page: $113  The Summit  Full page, full color: $350  Quarter page: $200
  • 13. Goals  Foot traffic: 20%  September 1, 2013  Create store awareness
  • 14. Commercial
  • 15. Details  30 seconds  Target market 25-35 women  Business professionals
  • 16. Interactive/Social Media  Website  Good information: history, locations, events  Connect to social media sites  Run current promos and advertisements  Recommendations:  Online store  More pictures of merchandise  Connect to twitter
  • 17. Social Media cont’d  FaceBook  Post “just in” items  Opening times  Cover photo matches current ad  Location specific (Bismarck)  Recommendations:  Specific FaceBook promotions  Mention this post get 10%
  • 18. Social Media cont’d  Twitter  Connects to FaceBook  Recommendations  Tweet more  Tweet pictures of merchandise  Location specific (Bismarck)
  • 19. Social Media cont’d  Pinterest  Boards are very specific  Bags  Jewelry  Clothing  Music played in store  “Girly” sayings  Cover photos are vibrant and eye-catching  Connects to twitter and website  Recommendations  Connect to FaceBook  Location specific boards (Bismarck)