Determinants of Adoption and Successful use of Agricultural     Determinants of Adoption and Successful use of Agricultura...
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Determinants of adoption and successful use of agricultural water management technologies: Case of Ethiopia


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Poster prepared by Hagos, F., Awulachew, S.B., Erkossa, T. and Yilma, A.D. for the International Congress on Water 2011 Integrated Water Resources Management in Tropical and Subtropical Drylands, Mekelle, Ethiopia, 19-26 September 2011.

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Determinants of adoption and successful use of agricultural water management technologies: Case of Ethiopia

  1. 1. Determinants of Adoption and Successful use of Agricultural  Determinants of Adoption and Successful use of Agricultural f d d f l f l l Water Management Technologies: Case of Ethiopia Water Management T h l gi C W t M g t Technologies: Case of Ethi pi f Ethiopia Hagos, F., Awulachew, S. B., Erkossa, T. and Yilma, A.D. Hagos F Awulachew S B Erkossa T and Yilma A D Introduction I t d ti Study site Study it St dy site• Remains unclear whether such Remains unclear whether such  technologies lend themselves easily to  technologies lend themselves easily to adoption and how successfully such  adoption and how successfully such d ti dh f ll h technologies are utilized by smallholder  technologies are utilized b smallholder h l i ili d by llh ld farmers.  farmers• The objectives of this study are: The objectives of this study are:  h bj i f hi d – t assess th economics of to assess the economics of  to the i f water controls; to understand  water controls; to understand l d d the factors that influence  the factors that influence adoption and successful use.  adoption and successful use p Conclusions l i Objectives  Objectives b • All water control structures are fi All water control structures are financially  t t l t t financially i ll viable; the main issue is institutionalizing  viable; the main issue is institutionalizing ; g cost recovery.  cost recoveryy • The marginal productivities of farm inputs The marginal productivities of farm inputs  is positive is positive p • Ad ti and successful use is i fl Adoption and successful use is influenced  Adoption d f l i influenced d by socio‐economic, environmental and  by socio economic, environmental and y institutional factors. institutional factors Analytical approach Analytical approach ly i l pp h Recommendations • increase/expand extension coverage increase/expand extension coverage  / p g• Net Present Values Net Present Values  including FTCs  is necessary. including FTCs is necessary g y• St h ti f ti analysis ‐ C Stochastic frontier analysis  C‐ Stochastic frontier l i • Improved market access conditions such as Improved market access conditions such as  Douglas production function  Douglas production function improved access roads, transportation and  improved access roads, transportation and p p• E i Estimation of MVPs  Estimation of MVP i f MVPs storage facilities  storage facilities g• Probit model and model and • Promoting educational access can enhance Promoting educational access  can enhance  g the use of these technologies . the use of these technologiesg• Heckman and Deaton models Heckman and Deaton models Increasing the land area allotted to irrigated  Increasing the l d area allotted to irrigated h land ll d d annuals and increased supply of seeds and  annuals and i l d increased supply of seeds and d l f d d accessories is required. accessories is required required. Choice of specific technologies that increase  Choice of specific technologies that increase p g water availability has a lot of bearing in the  water availability has a lot of bearing in the y gwww.iwmi.orgwww iwmi org success of AWMTs.  success of AWMT f AWMTs