Activity 4.4


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A Story of Terror

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Activity 4.4

  1. 1. The Wailer
  2. 2. Versions of the origin of this woman are very varied, from before the Spanish arrived it was said that was the goddess Cihuacóatl, who appeared smartly dressed and shouting at night . Her dress was white and the hair was in a manner that appeared to have horns on his forehead.
  3. 3. Others claimed it was Doña Marina, la Malinche who, was sorry for betraying her race, returned to lament.
  4. 4. Whatever its origin, today I will tell you a true story, something happened to my grandfather, for 40 or 50 years ago in the town of Santiago Acatlán in Puebla.
  5. 5. Many years ago, my grandfather stayed all night in the church because he was the one who rang the bells every hour until dawn.
  6. 6. At that timed, the people retired to their homes at ringing the curfew given by the church bells. At midnight, and especially when the moon was full, the people woke up to hear in the street some sad and languid moans thrown to the wind by a women.
  7. 7. However, to my grandfather was happening some peculiar things, after going to ring the bells of the 12 at night, for some strange reason he stayed asleep.
  8. 8. The first night, he woke up outside the church without remembering what had happened and why he was there.
  9. 9. The incident occurred very frequently, and each day he woke up more and more away from the church. My grandfather believed that he could be a joke from a friend or relative.
  10. 10. But one day ... he woke up from his deep sleep ... and he realized he was sitting on the edge of a well, ready to fall over the precipice. And far away he saw a woman dressed in pure white clothing and covered his face with a veil , she advanced with slow steps through the streets.
  11. 11. At that time all he could do is get away from the well without making a sound. But his curiosity was even greater than their fear, and he decided to follow the women to the square, where, she knelt and given the last lament, continued with slow and step deliberate until he reach the river where she disappeared.
  12. 12. My grandfather died, but I remember this story as if it were yesterday when he told me. And in the same way, I would tell my children and if possible to my grandchildren.