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  • Hi – Nick Levitt – Apricot Designs. I’m here to talk about speed and flexibility in the ADDA Autosampling system. This isn’t a border, it’s the number of samples we can do in the 4 minutes that it should take me to do this talk.
  • What is high speed? Immediate things that come to mind are the fastest animal (Cheetah). Next come fast man-made objects – such as cars. Then jet planes. But what’s also high speed?
  • The ADDA Autosampler, by Apricot Designs. We can do online SPE, with a 2 second internal and 2 second external wash, in 8 seconds injection to injection. With 2 needles, one line can equilibrate while the other injects. 1 needles can aspirate and inject while the other washes. All parallel all the time, for up to 5000 samples per run – on an autosampler system.
  • Shaolin monk shown here. This MIT-designed fold-up car (the CityCar or Hiriko, expected 2013) physically folds up to allow it to park sideways in a regular parking spot. What else is flexible?
  • The ADDA Autosampler. With a surplus of injection ports, and support for multiple pumping systems, it can be set up to perform high-speed trap & elute one moment, and full gradient mode the next, transitioning between them easily and automatically. This brings in the intriguing possibility of combining high-speed screening workflows with in-depth sample analysis – providing a fall back for samples with interferences, or flexibility for discovery labs.
  • But what good is an autosampler if it ’s not linked to everything else in your lab? The ADDA has been developed to work directly not only with Agilent, Shimadzu, and other pumping systems, but also with the software from major mass spectrometry vendors. We currently are fully integrated with DiscoveryQuant™ Software from AB SCIEX, and we are working with other vendors to perform further integration with their MS systems. We ran this at 5s a sample, Pfizer runs at 16s per study. But what we really like about this is that we can do gradient.
  • The ADDA System. I hope this has given you a brief summary of the autosampling system. Please contact either myself or Jeremy Lawton, our NorthEast sales representative if you are interested and would like more information. Thank- you. Questions?
  • What benefits would this system have? What could you do with it? What would be the best way to take advantage of it?
  • With such incredible throughput, ruggedness becomes a huge factor in the design. The ADDA has been built such that literally millions of samples can be run through each machine (20 million on 15 instruments thus far). Unlike other autosamplers, parts are easily accessible for minimal downtime. The instrument is built to be used.
  • 30 speed & flexibility-the adda system nick levitt - apricot designs

    1. 1. Speed & Flexibility: The ADDA System Nick Levitt CPSA USA October 3, 2012
    2. 2. What is high speed?• Cheetahs• Race cars• Jet planes… Designs that make sense 2
    3. 3. The ADDA Autosampler• Online SPE in 8 seconds • Injection to injection timing • One line equilibrates while the other performs • Washing (internal and external rinse) for low carryover Designs that make sense 3
    4. 4. What is flexible?• Some Buddhist monks• Fold-up Cars (2013) … Designs that make sense 4
    5. 5. The ADDA Autosampler• Automatically switch between: • High-speed trap & elute mode • Full gradient mode.• Combine high-speed screening with in-depth sample analysis • Separating interferences • Quan/Qual workflows • Flexibility for the discovery lab Designs that make sense 5
    6. 6. Integrated• Software designed by Sound Analytics LLC• Fully integrated with AB SCIEX mass spectrometers Designs that make sense 6
    7. 7. Flexible 2D6 2C9 1A2 3A4 2C8Dual stream LC-20AD (Shimadzu) gradient trace. ADDA 75s injection toinjection, flow rate = 0.5ml/min. Baseline separation of five standard CYP450inhibition metabolites (8 samples, 10 minutes)
    8. 8. The ADDA Dual Arm Autosampling System. Speed Flexibility From Apricot Designs.For more information, contact:Nick Levitt nick@twocenter.comJeremy Lawton jlawton@apricotdesigns.com Designs that make sense 8
    9. 9. The ADDA Autosampling System• The speed of 2 high speed robotic arms• Online SPE LC/MS at 8s /sample with wash.• A software system to control all valves, pumps, and the MS. Designs that make sense 9
    10. 10. Rugged• Millions of samples, minimal downtime• Factory style instrumentation for easy maintenance access and maximum uptime.• Standard parts where applicable for solid operation. Designs that make sense 10