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Using The Grade Center
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Using The Grade Center


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How to use the grade center in your BlackBoard course

How to use the grade center in your BlackBoard course

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Using the Grade Center
  • 2. Formerly known as the Grade Book  ◦ The Grade Center link is located in the Control Panel’s assessment area Includes enhanced features for more efficient  grading ◦ Ability to automatically calculate mid-term grades ◦ Easily add or remove assignments included in various grading periods ◦ Drag and drop capabilities
  • 3. Click Control Panel
  • 4. Any assignments, tests, discussion boards or other course activities that are created with a point value inside Blackboard are automatically entered into the grade center.
  • 5. Use the Manage drop down menu to select Organize Grade Center
  • 6. Drag the shaded areas to rearrange the order in which items appear in the grade center
  • 7. The Manage menu also contains options to  upload or download grades, show or hide participants and set grading periods Click grading periods in the manage menu
  • 8. Click Add Grading Period
  • 9. 1. Provide a Name and Description 2. Select dates 4 3. Select option
  • 10. Click Add Calculated Column drop down menu and select “Total”
  • 11. Complete the form Select the period
  • 12. Select Options Read this Click to allow students view Mid-term grade in My Grades
  • 13. Grading Period added to Grade Center
  • 14. Click to add a graded component such as attendance
  • 15. Include Column and Display names
  • 16. Select options and click submit Click to allow students to see grade in the My Grades area
  • 17. Attendance added to Grade Center Scroll The order in which the columns appear can be altered under the manage drop down menu.
  • 18. Use drop down menu to Organize Grade Center Click the + to see all items included in Mid-term grade
  • 19. Students can view grades by clicking Tools and then selecting My Grades. Students will be able to click on the grade to view the submitted assignment.
  • 20. Click Grade History
  • 21. Download Record Select Period
  • 22. Click Reports
  • 23. Include Report Name
  • 24. Select Options
  • 25. Select Options
  • 26. Report can be printed For more information contact Lisa Hawkins at