How to stop panic attacks and stress
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How to stop panic attacks and stress






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How to stop panic attacks and stress How to stop panic attacks and stress Presentation Transcript

  • How to Stop Panic Attacks and Stress Carmen Gilfillan
    • Having anxiety attacks can be a burden to people who are suffering from them
    • This can greatly affect one’s life, especially teenagers who suffer from anxiety attacks and stress (eg from exams)
    • Such attacks can ruin their growth socially, emotionally and psychologically
    • Understanding the triggers is helpful in finding effective ways to stop panic attacks and stress
    • If you are a teenager and you suffer from these attacks, it's best to determine what causes the condition
    • Is it due to too much schoolwork, exams, your family, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or because of your schoolmates?
    • The best way to stop something from happening is to know why it’s occurring in the first place
    • If the stress you’re under comes from schoolwork, consider sharing the burden...
    • … Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you such as your parents, siblings or schoolmates
    • Developing a support group and hence sharing the difficulties you’re facing…
    • … will help ease the kind of stress and anxiety that can lead to a panic attack
    • For those at school, these attacks can sometimes be caused by bullying…
    • … and children feeling that they are disliked by others in school
    • If this is you, look at ways you can start to become more assertive and confident
    • … so that bullies find it less easy to intimidate you
    • Using an assertive ‘inner voice’ to talk positively to yourself each day about your strong points helps raise your self esteem
    • Showing others they cannot scare you is the beginning of taking control of, and eventually stopping…
    • … the harassment, and the anxiety that results from it.
    • If, on the other hand, you are suffering from these attacks due to family issues,
    • … choose someone who is close to you and whom you trust to talk to
    • Work with this person to find ways to air your feelings in a constructive way…
    • … with a view to dealing with the issues that are troubling you
    • Feeling alone and saddled with a burden can worsen the kind of stress and anxiety that can lead to panic attacks
    • Finding ways to talk through issues with family members you trust
    • … may ease the anxiety and hence stop the associated panic attacks and stress
    • For more ways to stop panic attacks and stress go to