COTRI-PATA activities in the field of Chinese Outbound Tourism


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Information about COTRI's joint activities with other companies and organisations and some insights and statistics about Chinese Outbound Tourism. Conference in the PATA Annual Meeting held in Kuching (Malaysia) in April'2010.

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COTRI-PATA activities in the field of Chinese Outbound Tourism

  1. 1. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt China Outbound Tourism: Joint PATA-COTRI Activities PATA Annual Meeting 2010 April 23 - 26, 2010 Borneo Convention Centre Kuching/Malaysia
  2. 2. COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is the worldwide leading independent research institute for analysis, consulting and quality assessment relating to the Chinese Outbound Tourism market. Headquarter in Heide/Germany, China office in Shanghai. PATA Annual Meeting 2010 April 23 - 26, 2010 Borneo Convention Centre Kuching/Malaysia
  3. 3. Win Chinese Tourists Solution D RAGON T RAIL.COM - C HINA T RAVEL T RENDS.COM - C HINA- O UTBOUND.COM The first and only complete China solution for travel and tourism organizations A Partnership between COTRI & Dragon Trail, the publishers of Sales & Distribution Local Knowledge Marketing & Social Media Research & Insight Experience & Expertise Product Adaptation & Service Quality
  4. 4. Recent Joint PATA-COTRI activities Gregory Duffell Panellist in COTRI/Dragon Trail China Outbound Workshop ITB Berlin, March 2010 John Koldowski Member of Advisory Board of Editors for COTRI Yearbook 2010 Published April 2010
  5. 5. China’s Outbound tourism in 2009: A remedy in turbulent times Outbound Tourism World 2009: - 4% travels, - 6% spending Outbound Tourism China 2009: + 4% travels, + 4% spending
  6. 6. 2009: 47.5 million outbound trips China No. 1 source market in Asia even without counting trips to Hong Kong and Macao For the first time in China: Outbound tourism spending higher than inbound tourism income
  7. 7. 2000: Global market share 1.5% 2010: Global market share 5.8% (est.) 2000: One out of 67 international travellers originates in Mainland China 2010: One out of 17 international travellers originates in Mainland China
  8. 8. Still a young market: Share of Chinese outbound travels during three quinquenniums 1995-2009 (Source: CNTA / COTRI, no reliable data available before 1995) More than 60% of all Chinese outbound travels happened in last quinquennium 2005-2009
  9. 9. <ul><li>China Outbound Tourism 2010: </li></ul><ul><li>Growing political support for outbound tourism (State Council “ Statement on Accelerating the Tourism Industry Development ”) </li></ul><ul><li>G rowing interest in in-depth travels </li></ul><ul><li>Decreasing problems to obtain passport, currency, eased visa processing for Asian destinations </li></ul>
  10. 10. COTRI-PATA Joint offers: Publications The most authoritative report on China outbound tourism from CNTA think tank. English Edition published by COTRI. Available from Special conditions for PATA members and chapters.
  11. 11. <ul><li>Are You Ready? For Chinese International Travellers </li></ul><ul><li>Practical manual and training modul for tourism managers and professionals are interested in Chinese Outbound Tourism. </li></ul><ul><li>Background information about Chinese travellers </li></ul><ul><li>abroad </li></ul><ul><li>Behaviour and expectations of Chinese travellers </li></ul><ul><li>Product adaptation and ambience </li></ul><ul><li>Social media and other forms of marketing </li></ul><ul><li>Steps to fulfillment </li></ul><ul><li>Customization </li></ul><ul><li>+ Premium Online content access </li></ul>
  12. 12. <ul><li>Available in three different versions: </li></ul><ul><li>Professional version for tourism stakeholders of all sectors as a practical and useful instrument to succeed in the market </li></ul><ul><li>Academic version for universities, including practical exercises for students and additional teaching materials for professors (only available for Higher Education Institutions) </li></ul><ul><li>PPP Training program for self-study or self-organised trainings </li></ul>
  13. 13. Academic version 8 modules: Chinese tourists abroad: Background information The Chinese cultural backpack: Foundations of behaviour and expectations of Chinese tourists Chinese tourists motivation and behaviour: Presto to prestige Product adaptation: “The worm has to be tasty to the fish, not the f isherman“ Ambience and service: Creating a feeling of being welcome The Chinese language: Information and sympathy Promotion: How to communicate with the market Conclusion : Quality in tourism from a Chinese point of view
  14. 14. Academic version 3 parts: Main part : 8 modules Students material : Questions, Exercises, Projects, Further Online and Offline sources Teachers material : Answers, background information, access to online Premium Content, PPP graphs Can be adapted to full or part semester program for second/third year Bachelor or Master Tourism programs
  15. 15. <ul><li>Training package for individual participants </li></ul><ul><li>Two day training session organised by COTRI with local partner (company, PATA chapter), PPP included </li></ul><ul><li>Train-the-Trainer comprehensive package for partner organisation </li></ul><ul><li>Two day Train-the-Trainer session </li></ul><ul><li>Successful participants recognized as “China Outbound Tourism Quality Expert (COTQ Expert)” entitled to act as certified trainers for the program </li></ul><ul><li>Teaching materials (PPP, background texts, updates, educational materials) </li></ul><ul><li>Free consulting on training-related questions </li></ul>COTRI-PATA Joint offers: Trainings based on Are You Ready? For Chinese International Travellers
  16. 16. COTRI-PATA Joint offers from Autumn 2010: Publications and Trainings Are You Ready? For German-speaking International Travellers Are You Ready? For Indian International Travellers
  17. 17. Publications
  18. 18. Prices Trainings Training package for individual participants Price for PATA member US$ 3,500, for non-members US$ 4,500 (plus travel expenses, venue organized by inviting organization) Inviting organization is allowed to charge fee from participants Train-the-Trainer comprehensive package for partner organisation Price for PATA members US$ 9,000, for non-members US$ 10,000 (plus travel expenses, venue organized by partner organization). Partner organization is allowed to charge fee from participants
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention! Further information: Kuching 2010 COTRI desk (next to registration and TIGA information) Or: