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Ups downs and_what's_up_in_school_finance_july_2011
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  • The $744 million are the states cumulative cuts – we realize many districts have had additional cuts other than what has been passed on to them through the school finance act – such as assessed valuation changes, local property tax collections.
  • What the costing out of CAP4K is and how it is different than costing out work for Lobato Costing out work APA did on educator effectiveness – what and how it was done and how it is different than work done for Lobato.
  • As reductions have been made by the state the impact to districts vary because of adjustments made in the formula – so if you are a small district and received dollars because of the size adjustment then by this reduction the intent of adjusting for economies of scale are no longer being compensated for. For districts that have had to go to categorical buyouts the additional dollars received for special education or English language learners becomes no additional dollars at all. The variances are from all local dollars supporting school finance to all state – concerns rise regarding thorough and uniform and local control
  • Lobato – 5 week trial – August 1 Ballot initiative – getting signatures for ballot – 5 year timeout – will not restore dollars only prevent cuts for a couple of years for education
  • Statutes – why do school districts mills drop and county mills have not? Why is it interpreted that adjustments in mills or rate can only be adjusted downward versus stay the same? Goals – 1994 50/50 split between local and state – every district at 40 mills – some recognition of student differences more focus on district differences. Prior to standards/assessments/accreditation as part of standards movement. Today’s goals – all students a years growth, close achievement gaps, post secondary work force ready
  • Is act distributing dollars to a district or to a school/site? How prescriptive? Does the act dictate salary/compensation systems? Does it allow for district control? Does the act support education policy and goals or is the act education policy? What is the interpretation of constitutional requirements regarding the education clause? How do you count kids? Are all kids counted the same for funding purposes?

Ups downs and_what's_up_in_school_finance_july_2011 Ups downs and_what's_up_in_school_finance_july_2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Ups & Downs and What’s Up in School Finance Case Conference – July 2011 Tracie Rainey – Colorado School Finance Project Justin Silverstein – Augenblick, Palaich and Associates
  • Outline
    • Current Reality
    • Near Future
    • Moving Forward
  • Current Reality
    • $744 million in K-12 cuts
    • Colorado’s student population continues to grow.
    • The number of students identified as at-risk, homeless, and whose primary language isn’t English all continue to grow.
    • Current economic conditions make passing bonds or mill levy’s even more uncertain.
  • Current Reality
    • New standards being implemented – CAP4K
    • Transitioning to new assessments – CAP4K
    • New Accreditation/Accountability
    • ICAP – implemented
    • Educator Effectiveness implementation
    • NCLB – still in effect
  • Current Reality
    • Budget reductions have weakened factors in formula
    • Budget reductions have weakened categoricals
    • Current finance act not connected to reforms and costs – Gifts? Grants? Donations?
    • Violating: A-23, Gallagher, thorough & uniform, and local control
  • Near Future
    • Lobato Trial
    • Ballot Initiative – 2011
    • Graduation guidelines/endorsements/diploma
    • Potential cuts of additional $200 million
    • Continued implementation of CAP4K – Educator Effectiveness etc.
  • Moving Forward
    • It is possible to create a finance system supporting educational reforms.
    • Are current statutes being interpreted correctly?
    • Are 1994 school finance goals 2011 goals?
    • Lobato Success – public/legislative/legal
    • Other States – what can be learned?
  • Moving Forward
    • Define role and goal of a school finance act
      • What it is or is not
    • Define role and goal of a school finance act
      • What it is or is not
      • What is or isn’t included
      • What is education policy for state and for local districts?
      • What are constitutional requirements? How do you evaluate?
  • Questions – Contact Info.
    • Tracie Rainey – Executive Director, Colorado School Finance Project – [email_address]
    • Justin Silverstein – Vice President, Augenblick, Palaich and Associates jrs@apaconsulting.net