Acopladores para armaduras


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O uso de acopladores Ancon simplificara concepção e construção em betão armado e reduz a quantidade de reforço necessário. Os Acopladores Ancon para União de varões de aço nervurado existem em três conceitos: Aperto Lateral - Rosca Cónica - Rosca Direita Apresenta ainda suloções de posicionamento e transição de diâmetros.

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Acopladores para armaduras

  1. 1. CI/SfB (23.79) Et6February 2008Isolan® InsulatedBalcony Connectorsfor Concrete to Concrete Applications
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel products forthe construction industry. Through continuous programmes ofnew product development, inward investment and employeeadvancement, the company is committed to maintaining thehighest level of customer service within a dynamic andchallenging industry.Ancon Isolan connectors join external concretebalconies to internal concrete floor slabs. Usedto minimise cold bridging, these connectorsprovide continuity to the thermal insulation inthe wall. Standard systems, comprising rigidCFC-free polystyrene insulation and stainlesssteel shear reinforcement, suit most depths ofcantilever and simply supported balconies.Introduction to Ancon Isolan 4Isolan Systems 5Applications 6System Components 7Specification Guidance 8Design Examples 9Isolan MV System 10-12Isolan V System 13Isolan FD/FZ Systems 14Enquiry/Order Form 15Corner Details 16-17Reinforcement Anchorage Lengths 17Installation Guidance 18Products for Structural Concrete Division 19Other Ancon Products 19Masonry Support SystemsMasonry ReinforcementWindposts and LintelsWall Ties and Restraint FixingsChannel and Bolt FixingsTension SystemsStainless Steel FabricationsFlooring and Formed SectionsShear Load ConnectorsReinforcing Bar CouplersReinforcement Continuity SystemsPunching Shear ReinforcementInsulated Balcony ConnectorsRefractory FixingsISO 9001: 2000FM 12226ISO 14001: 2004EMS 505377
  4. 4. 4Shear Load ConnectorsStandard Isolan systems, comprising rigidCFC-free polystyrene insulation and stainlesssteel shear reinforcement, suit most depths ofcantilever and simply supported balconies.The various systems allow the transfer of allloads in structural concrete i.e. moment, shear,compression and tension, and are suitable forstraight runs and both internal and externalcorners.System BenefitsAncon Isolan connectors use conventionalreinforcing bars to provide the tension andcompression reinforcement. When comparedto systems where this reinforcement is anintegral component, the Ancon Isolan solutioncan provide substantial cost savings andsimplify specification, scheduling,transportation, handling and installation.U-ValueThe Isolan system has a typical U-value of0.3 W/m2K.Curved or Stepped BalconiesSpecial configurations can be manufactured tosuit specific project requirements includingcurved or stepped balconies.Precast BalconiesIn addition to balconies cast in-situ, AnconIsolan systems can be used in precastbalconies. For such applications, tension andcompression bars must be scheduled andinstalled at the time of casting. Please contactAncon for more information.ANCON ISOLAN INSULATEDCONNECTORSIn applications such as balconies, whereconcrete slabs pass through the buildingenvelope, a cold bridge is created that canresult in significant heat loss.The Ancon Isolan system is a structuralcomponent used to join external concretebalconies to internal concrete floor slabs. Itprovides continuity to both the reinforcementand the thermal insulation of the wallprotecting the building against the effects ofcold bridging.Isolan®Insulated Balcony Connectors4RailISO-ElementTubeShear Reinforcement‘PRODUCTS FOR STRUCTURALCONCRETE’ DIVISIONAncon provides a dedicated service to theconcrete sector. The Products for StructuralConcrete team advises on the selection of themost appropriate product, provides pricinginformation and can project manage thesupply of all elements to suit the site schedule.Overseas enquiries are also serviced by thisteam. Our product offering includes, but is notrestricted to, balcony connectors, reinforcingbar couplers, reinforcement continuitysystems, punching shear reinforcement andshear load connectors.Email, fax +44 (0) 114238 1240 or call +44 (0) 114 275 5224 withyour enquiry.Cold BridgeAncon Isolan MV System
  5. 5. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: SYSTEMSStandard Isolan systems are available in fiveheights to suit different depths of balcony i.e.160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm, and aresupplied complete with stainless steel shearreinforcement. Tension and compressionreinforcement to be supplied by others.MV SystemThe Ancon Isolan MV system is used for thetransfer of moment and shear forces incantilevered balconies.FD SystemThe Ancon Isolan FD system is used for thetransfer of compression forces.FZ SystemThe Ancon Isolan FZ system is used for thetransfer of tensile forces.Special ConfigurationsIsolan components can be individually adaptedto suit specific applications. The stainless steelshear reinforcement can be supplied in a rangeof diameters and bent into other requiredshapes outside the polystyrene insulationelement. The number of tubes can be modifiedand the standard height of the ISO-Elementcan be increased. Systems can bemanufactured for use in curved or steppedbalconies. Please contact Ancon with detailsof specific applications.V SystemThe Ancon Isolan V system is used for thetransfer of shear forces in simply supportedbalconies.FDFZNotes: For clarity, main reinforcement (supplied by others) has been omitted from these drawings. The Isolan systemshould always be orientated so the stainless steel shear reinforcing bars are at the bottom of the slab on the side of theload (the balcony side).
  6. 6. Ancon Isolan V System with CompressionReinforcement Supplied by OthersMV MV MVMVIsolan®Insulated Balcony Connectors6APPLICATIONSThe Ancon Isolan system is suitable for straightruns and both internal and external corners.The following drawings show exampleapplications in plan view.MV MV MV MV MV MVV V VMV MV MVMVMV MV MVVVCantilever Balcony Cantilever Balcony at Internal CornerSimply Supported Balcony Supported Slab Recessed BalconyCantilever Balcony with 90° External Corner Obtuse Angle Corner Cantilever Balcony
  7. 7. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: COMPONENTSISO-ElementThe ISO-Element is 60mm thick, CFC-free,rigid white polystyrene insulation in a standardlength of 750mm. It is available in five heights(160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm) to suitdifferent depths of balcony.Shear ReinforcementThe shear reinforcement is duplex stainlesssteel grade 1.4462 and is available in threediameters (6, 8 and 10mm) as standard. Inaddition to the standard systems, thisreinforcement can be bent into other requiredshapes outside the polystyrene insulationelement.TubesPolypropylene tubes with a 27mm internaldiameter are located at pre-determinedpositions in the ISO-Element to allow for thepassage of tension and compressionreinforcing bars.RailA high density polyethylene rail is located onthe top edge of the ISO-Element to protect theinsulation.Tension/Compression Reinforcement(supplied by others)Reinforcement used for tension andcompression bars to be grade 500B toBS4449: 2005 and supplied by others.Fire ProtectionThe Isolan system offers fire resistance to DIN4102: Fire behaviour of building materials andcomponents. Fire protection can be providedby adding Duripanel fire resistant strips to thebase or to the top and base of the ISO-Element.The strips are available in 18, 28 or 36mmthickness providing 30, 60 or 90 minute fireresistance respectively. Examples of how thesestrips are referenced are 1R30 for a 30 minutestrip fixed to the base and 2R90 for a 90 minutestrip fixed to the top and base. When specifyingand ordering, these references should beadded as a suffix to the Isolan system (seepage 8), for example 4MV6-200-5Ø12T/5Ø16C-1R60. The polyethylene rail is omittedfrom the ISO Element if these strips areemployed to the top. For further informationcontact Ancon’s Technical Services Team.Height Height Length b Length b Length bd y Shear Bar Shear Bar Shear Bar Angle(mm) (mm) 6mm Dia. 8mm Dia. 10mm Dia. α160 88 530 670 810 39°180 108 530 670 810 44°200 128 530 670 810 47°220 148 530 670 810 53°240 168 530 670 810 57°Corrosion ResistanceThe Ancon Isolan system has beenengineered to provide a high resistance tocorrosion. The shear reinforcement isstainless steel and the carbon steel tensionand compression reinforcement passingthrough the insulation unit is encased inpolypropylene tubes which fill with concretefines at the time of casting. This preventswater and oxygen from reaching the bars,thus providing corrosion protection.150mmdy150mm150mm150mm150mm82mm 68mm36mm36mmdyαØi = 27mmShear bar60mm=b=750mmØi =27mmShearbarNote: Shear bar length (b) tolerance +/-10mm
  8. 8. SPECIFICATION GUIDANCEDesign InformationThe graphs on pages 10 to 14 are used toselect the most appropriate Isolan element,and the diameters of the shear, tension andcompression reinforcement.Example calculations are provided on thefollowing page. Consideration should be givento horizontal forces on parapets and localconcentrated load checks, these are notincluded in the examples.The graphs provide the design resistance(ultimate limit state) values for the shear VRdand moment MRd.The Isolan element design is based on normalstructural calculations. The calculations arebased on the following material properties.Concrete: C25/30 (cylinder/cubecompressive strengths)= 30N/mm2Reinforcement: Shear reinforcement material,duplex stainless bardesignation 1.4462BS6744, Grade 500Re or Rp0.2 ≥ 500N/mm2Rm ≥ 550N/mm2Tension and compressionreinforcement, BS4449,Grade 500BRe ≥ 500N/mm2Rm ≥ 540N/mm2The partial load factors used in the examples are:Dead load (persistent) = 1.35Imposed load (quasi) = 1.50How to Use The GraphsMV Elements1. The graph for the height of the Isolanelement that corresponds to balcony slabthickness is selected.2. The design shear capacity required (unit:kN per linear metre) is plotted on thehorizontal axis of the graph and a verticalline drawn. From this, the relevant Isolanelement type (i.e. 2MV6, 4MV6, 4MV8 or4MV10) is selected.3. The bending moment capacity required(unit: kNm per linear metre) is plotted onthe vertical axis of the graph and ahorizontal line drawn.4. The intersection between the vertical linecorresponding to the design shear capacityand the horizontal line corresponding to thedesign moment capacity determines therespective diameters of the tension andcompression reinforcement e.g. Ø12T/Ø16C.The first number refers to tension and thesecond to compression reinforcement. Referto the drawings on page 10 for the number ofbars required.V Elements1. The balcony slab thickness is selected onthe horizontal axis of the graph and avertical line drawn.2. The design shear capacity required (unit: kNper linear metre) is plotted on the vertical axisof the graph and a horizontal line drawn.3. The intersection between the vertical linecorresponding to the balcony slab thicknessand the horizontal line corresponding to thedesign shear capacity determines the Isolanelement type and diameter/number ofcompression bars.FD Elements1. The concrete thickness is selected on thehorizontal axis of the graph and a verticalline drawn.2. The design compression capacity required(unit: kN per linear metre) is plotted on thevertical axis of the graph and a horizontalline drawn.3. The intersection between the vertical linecorresponding to the concrete thicknessand the horizontal line corresponding to thedesign compression capacity determines theIsolan element type and diameter/number ofcompression bars.FZ Elements1. The concrete thickness is selected on thehorizontal axis of the graph and a verticalline drawn.2. The design tensile capacity required (unit:kN per linear metre) is plotted on thevertical axis of the graph and a horizontalline drawn.3. The intersection between the vertical linecorresponding to the concrete thicknessand the horizontal line corresponding to thedesign tensile capacity determines theIsolan element type and diameter/numberof tension bars.Calculation MethodA hard copy of the calculation to derive theload graphs is available from Ancon on request.Balcony DeflectionThe deflection of the equivalent ‘monolithic’balcony should be calculated in the usual way,in compliance with relevant standards anddesign codes. A coefficient of 1.20 must beapplied to the calculated figure to determinethe maximum deflection with Isolan connectors.The final figure can be used to determine theamount of pre-camber to apply to theformwork to compensate for the deflection.Ancon Isolan Product Referencing4MV8 - 200 - 5Ø12T / 5Ø16CNumber of System Number and Number andshear bars, height diameter of diameter ofSystem type, tension bars compression barsDiameter of to be supplied to be suppliedshear bars by others by othersTypical Specification ClauseOnce the appropriate Isolan system has beenselected from the design graphs, the followingclause may be adapted for use. Details in italicsmust be changed to suit the product reference.4MV8 - 200 - 5Ø12T / 5Ø16CAncon Isolan MV system 200mm highcomprising CFC-free polystyrene insulation,60mm thick by 750mm long, and four stainlesssteel grade 1.4462 shear reinforcing bars of8mm diameter. System requires five 12mmdiameter grade 500B tension bars and five16mm diameter grade 500B compression barsto be supplied by others.Isolan®Insulated Balcony Connectors8
  9. 9. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: EXAMPLES1. MV Element Depth 180mmDead load slab gk = 4.5kN/m2Imposed load qk = 3.0kN/m2Parapet load Gk = 5.0kN/mqd = (1.35 x 4.5 + 1.50 x 3.0) = 10.6kN/m2Gd = (1.35 x Gk) = (1.35 x 5.0) = 6.8kN/mMEd = (qd x I12)/2 + (Gd x I2) = 34.1Nm/mVEd = (qd x I1) + Gd = 28.0kN/mFrom graph for MV180 select 4Ø6 shear bars,Ø12/16 (tension/compression bars). Productreference 4MV6-180-5Ø12T/5Ø16C.2. MV Element Depth 220mmDead load slab gk = 5.5kN/m2Dead load (point) Gk = 35kNImposed load qk = 3.0kN/m2qd = (1.35 x 5.5 + 1.50 x 3.0) = 11.9kN/m2Gd = (1.35 x Gk) = (1.35 x 35) = 47.3kN/mMEd = (qd x I12)/2 + (Gd x I2) = 57.1kNm/mVEd = (qd x I1) + Gd = 68.7kN/mFrom graph for MV220 select 4Ø8 shear bars,Ø16/20 (tension/compression bars). Productreference 4MV8-220-5Ø16T/5Ø20C.3. V Element Depth 200mmDead load slab gk = 5.0kN/m2Dead load finishes gk = 2.0kN/m2Imposed load qk = 5.0kN/m2qd = (1.35 x 7.0 + 1.50 x 5.0) = 17.0kN/m2VEd = (qd x l1)/2 = 51.0kN/mFrom V graph select 200mm 4V8/5Ø12C,(4Ø8 shear bars with 5Nr. Ø12 compressionbars). Product reference 4V8-200-5Ø12C.4. FD Element Depth 200mmDead load wall Gk = 15kN/mImposed load wall Nk = 160kN/mFDEd = (1.35 x 15.0) + ( 1.50 x 160.0) = 260.3kN/mFrom graph for FD, 200mm. Product referenceFD-200-2x5Ø12C.5. FZ Element Depth 220mmDead load wall Gk = 11kN/mImposed load wall Nk = 200kN/mFZEd = (1.35 x 11.0) + (1.50 x 200.0) = 315kN/mFrom graph for FZ, 220mm. Product referenceFZ-220-2x5Ø10T.91000mm2000mml1l2gk + qk Gk200mm180mml1 = 2000mm l2 = 1900mm1800mm800mml1l2gk + qk220mml1 = 1800mm l2 = 800mmGk6000mmI1gk + qk200mmI1 = 6000mm200mm3000mmh = 3000mmGkNkh = 2000mmGkNkMV SystemMV SystemV SystemFD System FZ System2000mm220mmNote: For clarity, not all reinforcement is shown
  10. 10. Isolan®Insulated Balcony Connectors10ISOLAN MV RANGE2MV62 Shear Bars 6mm Diameter - Supplied5 Tension and 5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others4MV64 Shear Bars 6mm Diameter - Supplied5 Tension and 5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others4MV84 Shear Bars 8mm Diameter - Supplied5 Tension and 5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others4MV104 Shear Bars 10mm Diameter - Supplied5 Tension and 5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by othersMomentMRd(kNm/m)Shear VRd (kN/m)Ø10T/Ø10CØ12T/Ø16CØ10T/Ø12CØ10T/Ø16CØ16T/Ø20CØ12T/Ø20C100 102MV6 4MV6 4MV8 4MV1020 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 1202030405060Isolan MV Element - 160mm HeightNote: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9530mmdddd530mm670mm810mm
  11. 11. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: VRd (kN/m)Ø10T/Ø10CØ12T/Ø16CØ10T/Ø12CØ10T/Ø16CØ16T/Ø20CØ12T/Ø20C10102MV6 4MV6 4MV8 4MV1020 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 14020304050607080Isolan MV Element - 200mm HeightMomentMRd(kNm/m)Shear VRd (kN/m)Ø10T/Ø10CØ12T/Ø16CØ10T/Ø12CØ10T/Ø16CØ16T/Ø20CØ12T/Ø20C1000102MV6 4MV6 4MV8 4MV1020Design Example 130 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130203040506070Isolan MV Element - 180mm HeightNote: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9Note: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9
  12. 12. 12Isolan®Insulated Balcony ConnectorsMomentMRd(kNm/m)Shear VRd (kN/m)Ø10T/Ø10CØ12T/Ø16CØ10T/Ø12CØ10T/Ø16CØ16T/Ø20CØ12T/Ø20C100 102MV6 4MV6 4MV8 4MV1020 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 1602030405060708090100MomentMRd(kNm/m)Isolan MV Element - 240mm HeightIsolan MV Element - 220mm Height1002030405060708090Shear VRd (kN/m)102MV6 4MV6 4MV8 4MV1020 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150Ø10T/Ø10CØ12T/Ø16CØ10T/Ø12CØ10T/Ø16CØ16T/Ø20CØ12T/Ø20CNote: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9Note: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9Design Example 2
  13. 13. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: Thickness (mm)16020.6 kN/m41.3 kN/m73.4 kN/m114.7 kN/m18022.8 kN/m45.6 kN/m81.0 kN/m126.5 kN/m20024.0 kN/m48.0 kN/m85.3 kN/m133.2 kN/m22026.2 kN/m52.4 kN/m93.1 kN/m145.5 kN/m24027.5 kN/m55.0 kN/m97.8 kN/m152.8 kN/m2V6-4Ø10C4V6-5Ø10C4V8-5Ø12C4V10-5Ø16C200406080100120140160Isolan V Element - Sizes 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm4 Shear Bars 10mm Diameter - Supplied5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others2 Shear Bars 6mm Diameter - Supplied4 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others4 Shear Bars 6mm Diameter - Supplied5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others4 Shear Bars 8mm Diameter - Supplied5 Compression Bars - To be supplied by others530mmd530mmd670mmd810mmd4V104V84V6ISOLAN V RANGE2V6Note: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9Design Example 3
  14. 14. Isolan®Insulated Balcony Connectors14DirectCompressionFDRd(kN/m)Concrete Thickness (mm)Concrete Thickness (mm)1000200300400500600700800160 180 200 220 240FD2x5Ø12C/750mmFD2x5Ø10C/750mmFD2x5Ø16C/750mmFZ2x5Ø12T/750mmFZ2x5Ø10T/750mmFZ2x5Ø16T/750mmIsolan FD Element - Compression ReinforcementSizes 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm229 kN/m362 kN/m735 kN/mDirectTensionFZRd(kN/m)1000200300400500600700800900100012001100160 180 200 220 240Isolan FZ Element - Tension ReinforcementSizes 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240mm455 kN/m656 kN/m1166 kN/mNote: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9Note: See guidance and design examples on pages 8 and 9Design Example 4Design Example 5
  15. 15. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Fax: +44 (0) 114 238 124015ANCON ISOLAN ENQUIRY / ORDER FORMCopy, complete and fax to +44 (0) 114 238 1240Isolan System Slab Depthd (mm)System Type & Length (standard unit length 750mm)2 MV 6mMV SystemV Systemmm4 MV 6m4 MV 8m4 MV 10m2 MV 6m4 MV 6m4 MV 8m4 MV 10m2 V 6m4 V 6m4 V 8m4 V 10m2 V 6m4 V 6m4 V 8m4 V 10mFD/FZ SystemSpecial ConfigurationsDiameter of Shear Reinforcement mmSketch of intended applicationDate ❒ Order ❒ EnquiryCompanyAddressTown Post CodeContact NameTel FaxEmailDelivery DateDelivery AddressTown Post CodeContact NameTel FaxProject Nameddddmmmmmmmm mmmmmm
  16. 16. Isolan®Insulated Balcony Connectors16CORNER DETAILSAt balcony corner configurations, if thediameters of the tensile and compressivereinforcement add up to or are greater than27mm, attention to the local reinforcementdetail is required. This is necessary becausethe inner diameter of the polypropylene tube is27mm and if the tubes are maintained in thesame horizontal plane, the reinforcementwould clash.In the main load bearing direction the Isolanelement is selected to suit the height of theslab, so that the compression reinforcementwhich crosses the 60mm insulation cavity willbe located in the 1st layer (bottom steel) andthe main tensile reinforcement will be located inthe 4th layer (top steel). Refer also to Plan Viewof Cantilever Balcony and Sections.Plan View of Cantilever Balcony and SectionsKey to Reinforcement Layers2442Compression reinforcement - 1st layerTop of cantilever slabTensile reinforcement - 4th layer4MV6-200 4MV6-200 4MV6-200Tensilereinforcement -3rd layer4MV6-1604MV6-180or4MV6-200113 34th layer1st layer3rd layer2nd layerAs previously noted, the corner detail isdependent upon the reinforcement diameters;the size of the Isolan element at corners needsto be selected to avoid local clashing ofreinforcement. A typical plan of a cornerbalcony is shown below, and the Isolanelement selected will be 20mm or 40mmsmaller in height than that adopted for thegeneral cantilever design.For example, a cantilever balcony requires astructural slab of height 200mm, accordingly anIsolan MV 200 element would be selected,however locally at the external corner an Isolanelement MV 160 is selected to avoid clashing ofreinforcing bars. The Isolan MV 160 element ismade up to the full slab height of 200mm byusing 20mm thick polystyrene make-up stripsglued to the top and bottom edges.Similar detailing principles will apply torecessed balconies.Compressionreinforcement -2nd layerNotes:1. Stainless steel shear bars provided with the Isolansystem. All other reinforcement to be provided anddetailed by others.2. The above plan is indicative and for the purposes ofclarity does not show all reinforcement required.3. For anchorage lengths refer to table on page 17.
  17. 17. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: ANCHORAGELENGTHS: MV ELEMENT/V ELEMENTThe information noted in the table shownprovides the minimum anchorage lengths forthe Grade 500B tension and compressionreinforcement; Ancon does not supply thisreinforcement with the Isolan system, only thestainless steel shear bars are provided. TheGrade 500B anchorage reinforcement must bedetailed with the general balconyreinforcement and provided by others.The minimum length of the tension anchoragerebar shall be 50D where D is the nominalrebar diameter.The minimum length of the compressionanchorage rebar shall be 35D where D is thenominal rebar diameter.The structural slab shall have a minimumconcrete strength Class C25/30(cylinder/cube compressive strengths).Durability considerations may result in theselection of a higher strength class for mostUK applications.Section 1-1 Section 2-2Section 3-3 Section 4-460mmBADC Compression barsCantilever SlabTension bars16020203620016036200Tension Bars Compression BarsRebar Tension Compression Dimension Dimension Dimension Dimensionsize anchorage anchorage A min. B min. C min. D min.(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)10 500 350 1060 500 760 35012 600 420 1260 600 900 42016 800 560 1660 800 1180 56020 1000 700 2060 1000 1460 700Note: The tension anchorage length is longer than required by BS 8110-1:1997, Table 3.25Tensile reinforcementin 4th layerCompressible filler andmastic pointingTensile reinforcementin 3rd layerMake up strip, top and bottomFacing brickworkLoadbearingblockwork20mm Makeup strip20mm Makeup stripStainlesssteel shearreinforcementaligned in1st and 4thlayersCompressionreinforcement in1st layerStainlesssteel shearreinforcementaligned in2nd and3rd layersCompressionreinforcement in2nd layerNote: For clarity, shear reinforcement has been omitted from Section 3-3 and Section 4-4 above.
  18. 18. 18INSTALLATIONAncon Isolan components are fast and simple to install. These steps are provided as guidanceand should be followed in conjunction with the site engineer’s instructions and structuralengineer’s reinforcement details.Any polystyrene which is damaged must be replaced or alternatively, where possible, patched withpolyurethane foam to maintain the insulation properties.Step 1The Isolan system should always be orientated so the stainless steel shear reinforcing bars are atthe bottom of the slab on the side of the load (the balcony side). The unit is then positioned andsecured to the formwork.On-site StorageCare should be taken to avoid damaging anyIsolan components prior to installation. Specialcare should be taken of the polystyrene units.All components should be stored under coverand away from direct sunlight.Special ConfigurationsLoad distribution reinforcing bars must beinstalled at the bends of the shearreinforcement.Balcony - Loaded sideNote: For clarity, not all reinforcement is shown.Shear reinforcementpositioned at bottom of slab60mm1000mmIsolan unitCompressionreinforcement(other bars omittedfor clarity)25mm maximum out ofalignment over 1000mmPolypropylene tubesStep 2Insert the compression bars and tension bars, supplied by others, through the polypropylenetubes, and secure them to the main floor slab and balcony reinforcement. The minimum anchorlength must be achieved either side of the Isolan system, see page 17 for detailed dimensions.Care should be taken to ensure that any misalignment of the compression bars does not exceed25mm in 1000mm (1 in 40) as illustrated in the Part Plan View diagram.Step 3The concrete should preferably be poured adjacent to the Isolan system and simultaneously toeither side to avoid any displacement of the polystyrene units. If the concrete is poured on oneside only, the second side being at a later date, then the Isolan units must be securely fixed toavoid displacement.Installation is shown for the MV system but is the same for the V system where the tension barsare excluded.Part Plan ViewIsolan®Insulated Balcony ConnectorsMisalignment of Compression Bars12
  19. 19. Tel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224 Web: Continuity SystemsReinforcement Continuity Systems are anincreasingly popular means of maintainingcontinuity of reinforcement at constructionjoints in concrete; they eliminate the need todrill shuttering and can simplify formworkdesign, thereby accelerating the constructionprocess. The Ancon Eazistrip System isCARES approved and is available in bothstandard units and special configurations.Reinforcing Bar CouplersThe use of reinforcing bar couplers canprovide significant advantages over lappedjoints. Design and construction of the concretecan be simplified and the amount ofreinforcement required can be reduced. Thejoint can also remain unaffected by any loss ofcover because the strength of a mechanicalsplice is independent of the concrete in whichit is located. The range includes threaded andmechanically bolted couplers.Shear Load ConnectorsAncon DSD Shear Load Connectors are usedto transfer shear across expansion andcontraction joints in concrete. They are moreeffective at transferring load and allowingmovement to take place than plain dowels,and can be used to eliminate double columnsat structural movement joints in buildings.The two-part construction of these connectorsensures alignment, vital where movement isrequired. The Ancon DSDQ features arectangular box section to allow lateralmovement in addition to longitudinalmovement.Punching Shear ReinforcementUsed within a slab to provide additionalreinforcement around columns, Ancon Shearfixis the ideal solution to the design andconstruction problems associated withpunching shear. The system consists ofdouble-headed studs welded to flat rails,positioned around the column head.The shear load from the slab is transferredthrough the studs into the column.Channels and Bolts for Fixing to ConcreteCast-in channels are used for fixing masonrysupport systems to the edges of concretefloors and beams. Channels are available indifferent sizes ranging from simple selfanchoring channels for restraints, to largecapacity channels with integral anchors.A selection of channels can also be suppliedplain-backed for surface fixing. Stainless steelexpansion bolts and resin anchors completethe range.THE ANCON ‘PRODUCTS FORSTRUCTURAL CONCRETE’ DIVISIONAncon operates a dedicated service to clientsin the concrete sector. Products include, butare not restricted to, balcony connectors andthose shown on this page. The ‘Products forStructural Concrete’ team provides technicaladvice, pricing information, guidance onproduct selection and order fulfilment.Enquiries from overseas are also dealt with bythe team. Please email,fax +44 (0) 114 238 1240 or call +44 (0) 114275 5224.ANCON PRODUCTSStainless Steel ReinforcementAncon supplies stainless steel plain and ribbedreinforcing bar direct from stock. Grade 304stainless steel is readily available. Othergrades, including high proof strength material,can be obtained on request. Bar is normallyavailable in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 or 32mmdiameter. Other diameters can be obtained onrequest. Bars are stocked to a maximumlength of 6 metres throughout the size rangeand can be supplied cut to length, bent andthreaded to suit requirements.Special Stainless Steel FabricationsAncon has a wealth of experience in workingwith different types and grades of stainlesssteel. Advanced manufacturing facilities enableone-off or volume orders to be fabricated toindividual project requirements and to exactingquality standards. Considerable materialstocks are maintained in order to meet urgentdelivery deadlines.
  20. 20. © Ancon Building Products 2008The construction applications and details provided in this literatureare indicative only. In every case, project working details should beentrusted to appropriately qualified and experienced persons.Whilst every care has been exercised in the preparation of thisdocument to ensure that any advice, recommendations orinformation is accurate, no liability or responsibility of any kind isaccepted in respect of Ancon Building Products.With a policy of continuous product development Ancon BuildingProducts reserves the right to modify product design andspecification without due notice.These products are available from:Ancon Building ProductsPresident Way, President ParkSheffield S4 7URUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0) 114 275 5224Fax: +44 (0) 114 276 8543Email: (Middle East) FZEPO Box 17225Jebel AliDubaiUnited Arab EmiratesTel: +971 (0) 4 883 4346Fax: +971 (0) 4 883 4347Email: info@ancon.aeVisit: www.ancon.aeAncon Building Products114 Kurrajong AvenueMount DruittSydneyNSW 2770AustraliaTel: +61 (0) 2 8808 1111Fax: +61 (0) 2 9675 3390Email: (Schweiz) AGGewerbezone Widalmi 103216 Ried bei KerzersSwitzerlandTel: +41 (0) 31 750 3030Fax: +41 (0) 31 750 3033Email: info@ancon.chVisit: www.ancon.chAncon Building Products GesmbHGerspergasse 9/3 Top 1A-1210 ViennaAustriaTel: +43 (0) 1 259 58 62-0Fax: +43 (0) 1 259 58 62-40Email: info@ancon.atVisit: www.ancon.atAncon GmbHBartholomäusstrasse 2690489 NurembergGermanyTel: +49 (0) 911 955 1234 0Fax: +49 (0) 911 955 1234 9Email: info@anconbp.deVisit: www.anconbp.deISO 9001: 2000FM 12226ISO 14001: 2004EMS 505377