The Case for Integrating Nutrition and Family Planning_Tully_5.3.12


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  • The K4Health Project offers a range of technical assistance depending on the group’s needs, the specific toolkit topic, and available resources with the minimal role providing access to the toolkit application and providing training and help to the far end of the range which includes a content creation role and then the MIYCN-FP Toolkit which fell right in the middle with initial guidance, assistance with the online uploading, and promotion. Again, depending on the toolkit and the group’s needs, we offer support in terms of promotion & dissemination – such as the P&D package full of guidance and templates available on our website, the production & distribution of postcards, attending/handing out promotional materials at events, and we K4Health works with toolkit managers to ensure that toolkits are reviewed and updated on at least an annual basis.
  • Redesigned Toolkit Application – sleeker, more modern design, better search capabilities, more dynamic content, inclusion of Google Translate into the platform, and coming sometime later this summer/fall – toolkit statistics will be available to the toolkit managers to see how it is doing There is the potential for producing offline toolkits distribution on flash drive and CD-ROM but that depends on the budget of the project working on the toolkit.
  • IUD, mHealth, IGWG Gender & Health Toolkit, Indonesia Adolescent RH, and Implants with between 2,000-and almost 6,000 pageviews per month. The thought is that these toolkits tend to be the strongest because there are more reviewers which produces a higher quality product, a diverse range of resources, and more promotion & dissemination within and among organizations and their country offices and partners. 210 different countries on average are visiting the toolkits with top visits coming from: US, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, UK, Kenya, Canada, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria & Mexico.
  • The Case for Integrating Nutrition and Family Planning_Tully_5.3.12

    1. 1. K4Health Toolkits Elizabeth Frazee Tully May 3, 2012
    2. 2. Role of K4Health• Attended & facilitated toolkit working group meetings o Conceptualize toolkit and structure o Guidance and best practices on web design o Toolkit Application functionality• Assisted group with online uploading to the Toolkit Application• Currently helping with promotion of the toolkit
    3. 3. Accessibility of Toolkits• Redesigned Toolkit Application platform (coming soon!)• Designed to serve lower bandwidth audiences in developing countries
    4. 4. Use of Toolkits• Many of the strongest and most used K4Health Toolkits include a great deal of collaboration and buy-in from multiple organizations developed by a technical working group – MIYCN-FP Integration Toolkit falls into this model• Many users from developing countries are accessing the toolkit