Understanding the Essential Nutrition Actions Framework_Jennifer Nielsen_5.5.14
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Understanding the Essential Nutrition Actions Framework_Jennifer Nielsen_5.5.14 Understanding the Essential Nutrition Actions Framework_Jennifer Nielsen_5.5.14 Presentation Transcript

  • Case Studies Scale: The ENA Framework Understanding the ENA Framework Pre-session GHPC - May 5th, 2014 Jennifer Nielsen, PhD - HKI Agnes Guyon, MD, MPH - JSI
  • Health sector The ENA Framework
  • Mali & Niger – CSHGP • Supported development of national ENA policy statements & training • Collaborated with MOH at regional, district, and health facility levels to improve quality of nutrition content in health services • Community volunteers at village level were linked as extension of health system • Project supervisors reinforced capacity & ownership of local partners • HKI had strong political and technical support from both countries
  • Mali & Niger – CSHGP • Formative research simple: Mali used Barrier Analysis; Niger used long-time expert • Cascade training with one refresher mid-term: – MTOT 10 days (HKI & MOH at national, region, district) who then trained – Health workers (5 days), who then, with support of MT trained – Community volunteer groups (3 days) • Multichannel SBC emphasized IPC (TIPS) reinforced by group discussions at health centers and community level and radio messages.
  • USAID bilateral (RBHS) & UNICEF Liberia • Messages developed from formative research & harmonized • Training materials developed based on generic ENA materials • Master trainers carried out cascade training of selected health providers and community volunteers • SBCC strategy finalized • Update IMCI with ENA and CMAM • Integrate ENA into community strategy • Assist the MOHSW in advocacy, the promotion and the roll-out of high impact nutrition interventions through the Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) framework
  • LAUNCH project Liberia USAID/Food For Peace Multi-Year Assistance Project – FFP/MYAP by ACDI/VOCA with PCI, JSI & Making Cents • Use MOHSW materials and assist in TOT and roll-out training (HW, CHW, Care Groups) • Carry-out survey post-training on HW practices • Initiate TTM to promote ENA at community level • Draft and use a supportive supervision checklist to mentor HW and organize review meetings with volunteers (GCHV and TTM) • Monitor programs and nutrition practices using mobile phone
  • Across sectors The ENA Framework
  • SPRING/Bangladesh 2 sectors :Agriculture & Health 2 Divisions - around 5.7 million  Work with GoB structure, NGOs, Feed the Future partners Essential Nutrition Actions and Essential Hygiene Actions Homestead Food production using the Farmer Field School model and 1000 days  Messages developed from formative research from A&T  Training materials based on ENA generic and HKI-HFP Draft
  • SPRING/Bangladesh Cascade training  GoB front line health providers trained  GoB Agriculture Extension and community partners  HFP-FFS Facilitators Multi-platformand multi- contact Monitoring & Supervision at all levels Communications Draft
  • Peace Corps West Africa Food security Partnership Draft 4 sectors :Agriculture/Environment, Education, Health, Small Business  TOT PC staff in March 2013 Benin, Senegal, Guinea, The Gambia & Sierra Leone  French & English  Development & testing of training materials based on ENA generic materials, EHA and HFP  Training roll-out with Peace Corps Volunteers  Monitoring & Supervision
  • Reference Booklet on key ENA, EHA HFP practices For all PCV regardless of their sectors Community Training guide Orientation guide Health Volunteers Training guide
  • Nepal and Burkina E-HFP Platform • ENA promoted within in ag-nut strategy (Enhanced Homestead Food Production) • Behavior change through community volunteers (FCHV- Nepal; Grandmothers & Village Health Committees-Burkina) with support of local NGO partners • Village model farms/community gardens were meeting venue for ENA discussions and provided ingredients for enriching complementary foods
  • Nepal and Burkina HFP Platform • Formative research in Nepal used in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and the DBC framework; in Burkina a community participatory rural appraisal approach • MOH district staff supported training & supervision; MOA & livestock, local development received ENA orientation • BCC also emphasized IPC reinforced by radio & community events • Nepal governance component strengthened multi-sectoral planning and financing at national, regional and VDC levels.
  • Monitoring The ENA Framework
  • QUARTERLY MONITORING : • Breastfeeding practices • Mother and child feeding practices/nutrition • Hygiene practices • Food preparation and storage • Time travelled to FDP • Participation in Care Groups & Farmer Groups Liberia-quarterly monitoring surveys are conducted at distribution sites
  • Use of mobile phone improves transfer of beneficiary information By Paper By Mobile Phone 10.6 13.9 21.4 20.5 10.7 5.9 5.1 3.6 4.1 0 5 10 15 20 25 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 WEEKS
  • Burkina & Nepal • In Burkina, a round of operations research was conducted with mixed methods: survey, in-depth interviews and observations; weaknesses identified for correction (anemia, home visits) • In Nepal bi-annual surveys and observations were conducted using LQAS to identify areas for strengthening (poultry management)
  • Thank you!