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  • Talk to Karen about this…should I just frame or also give the questions


  • 1. CORE Group Welcome and Strategic Planning May 6, 2014
  • 2. Contributors and Sponsors • USAID • MCHIP –Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program • CORE Group Polio Project • Concern Worldwide • Georgetown University Institute for Reproductive Health • Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Rights • JSI/Advancing Partners & Communities • Philips Healthcare • Translating Research into Action Project/URC • Worldwide Diagnosis • Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) Task Force
  • 3. Spring Meeting • Capacity Building—what CORE does • Critical to global work • Country level initiatives • Health for All Starts in the Community • Primary health care • Universal health coverage • Community engagement • Looking to the future…what is our role in the changing environment of global health and development
  • 4. Board • Role of Board • Current Board members: Mary Hennigan (Catholic Relief Services); Joe Ichter (External); David Pyle (External); Eric Starbuck (Save the Children); Alan Talens (World Renew) • Outgoing board members: • Demet Güral, Vice-Chair (Pathfinder) • Diana Dubois, Secretary (Wellshare) • Jed Hoffman, Treasurer (World Vision) • Jaime Carrillo (Medair) • Areana Quiñones (External) • Bakary Sidibe (External)
  • 5. Board and Staff Strategic Planning Retreat
  • 6. Areana Quiñones Bakary Sidibe Jaime Carrillo
  • 7. Demet Güral Diana Dubois Jed Hoffman
  • 8. Elections • New board slate • Chair: Judy Lewis (External) • Vice-Chair: Erin Stieber (External) • Secretary: Jenn Weiss (Concern Worldwide) • Treasurer: Dennis Cherian (World Vision) • At Large: Sonya Funna Evelyn (ADRA); Janine Schooley (PCI Global); Graciela Salvador-Davila (Pathfinder); Geraldine Sicola (Aga Khan Foundation) • Need to vote by 2 pm today—must have vote of majority of members for slate to be approved • Dory Storms ballot due at same time
  • 9. Vision and Mission VISION Healthy communities where everyone can attain health and well-being MISSION Improve and expand community health practices for underserved populations, especially women and children, through collaborative action and learning
  • 10. Key Strategic Priorities • Hub of community health innovation and learning • Implementation science informed by practice • Increase global participation in our collaborative learning model—build strategic capacity • Engage in priority global health initiatives • Advocate for community participation and intervention • Expand impact through innovative business and governance models
  • 11. CORE Evidence Based Tools developed in collaboration with implementing PVOs
  • 12. Updates • CSHGP evaluation released last fall • Letter to USAID administrator signed by 38 member organizations • “We are an organization strongly committed to the reduction of maternal and child mortality using CORE Group’s innovative learning environment, our collective knowledge, and coordinated responses to global child survival challenges.” • Collaboration between U.S. PVOs and priority APR countries • Support for the continuation of CORE Group and the replication of CORE Group-like networks in global regions • “A Promise Renewed: International NGOs Can Work Together at Scale to End Preventable Maternal, Newborn, and Child Deaths”
  • 13. USAID Response • thanked us for our commitment to broader health and development in meeting MDGs • CSHGP evaluation will be used to better leverage assets of US NGOs and other partners to accelerate sustainable progress toward ending preventable deaths through better ownership at the country level • Development landscape changing due to the economic transition of health allowing us to think bigger and more boldly about new opportunities
  • 14. Time of Transition • Opportunities • Challenges • Not just what we have accomplished but what we can do in the future
  • 15. Coming Week – Working Groups • Heart and soul of CORE • Bring issues of importance to larger audience • Use members’ field experiences to examine challenges and obstacles • Share best practices, and co-create tools and guidance to overcome implementation bottlenecks • Discuss current Working Groups given the number of new forums in global health • Are Working Groups still vital? • Configured to best meet the needs of members? • Are there new issues to be addressed?
  • 16. Questions to think about… 1. What community health issues keep you up at night? 2. List up to 3 Communities of Practice/Working Groups (existing or new) that would be important to your work. 3. What are 2 ways Communities of Practice/Working Groups can be more effective? 4. Is your Working Group vital to the evolving global health agenda?
  • 17. Coming Week – Future Directions • Shifting paradigms affecting INGOs • Focus on elimination of preventable maternal and child deaths • Advocate for NGO voice in discussions about future program directions to meet this goal • Demonstrate power of collaboration in CORE evidence based practice and among CORE members in countries • Support the community perspective, civil society involvement and increasing local capacity “Alone we can do so little together we can do so much." Helen Keller