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Cashflow sync  - portal-solution for re - asset-management & npl - screenshots
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Cashflow sync - portal-solution for re - asset-management & npl - screenshots


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CashflowSync - a Asset-Management solution for Real Estate Portfolios integrating all partners in a web-based multilangual solution. …

CashflowSync - a Asset-Management solution for Real Estate Portfolios integrating all partners in a web-based multilangual solution.
Managing the complete lifecycle from properties and asset-types.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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  • Ein anderes Bespiel: Gerade bei internationalen Immobilien-Portfolios ergeben sich verstärkt diese Informationsdefizite für eine effektive Steuerung solcher Portfolios. Hier ist der Property Manager der Vor-Ort-Verantwortliche, welcher Mieter / Mietverträge / Betriebs- / Nebenkosten, Zustand der Immobilie und eventuelle Reparaturen, Neuvermietungen oder Modernisierungen managt. Die Informationen werden einerseits von dem Asset-Manager adhoc bzw. in regelmässigen Turnus (monatlich) benötigt. Parallell wird dem jeweiligen Land zuständige/beauftragte Steuerberater..Buchhalter diese Informationen in Form von Belegen, welche zu einer Steuerlichen Buchhaltung benötigt wird. Der Steuerberater / Tax-advisor wiederum bucht und korrigiert / passt die Informationen des Property Managers evtl. an und berichtet gegenüber dem Asset-Management. Gleichzeitig versuchen alle Instanzen…das heisst PM, AM und Steuerberatung mittels aussagefähigen Reports und Darstellungen das Asset-Management bzw. den Investor eine optimale Entscheidungsgrundlage zur Verfügung zu stellen und ihm entsprechend zu beraten. Genau dieses macht eines unserer Partner in Hamburg – das Unternehmen MenschingPlus – welches als Aufgabe Immobilienportfolios zum grossen Teil von internationalen Fonds / Anlegern steuerlich betreut. Für diese haben wir ein Managementsteuerung zwischen PM , AM und Steuerberatung entwickelt, bei der die Informationsströme zwischen den Beteiligten revisionssicher syncronisiert und je nach Bearbeitungsstufe angereichert werden.
  • Transcript

    • 1. CashflowSync – Real Estate lifecycle - Management Estate Agents Property Management Draft Check Due Diligence Improvement Asset Management Purchase Servicing Structure problems regarding construction and realization Tracking of the compulsory auction process Current financial status Sales application, including a.o. creation of exposees Connection to Ral Estate Portals Fast evaluation of any portfolio and Reporting Provides all master data of any object (land register extracts, rent contracts, economy plans) Evaluation and course tracking of a portfolio Graphical reporting of data, costs, investments, etc. Facility Management Rent Management Object management Together with the data provided by the Due Diligence, it offers all services for the purchase of any portfolio And integrating of all modules Controlling We manage the whole process from Purchase till the Exit!
    • 2. Centralized datawarehouse for active Asset Management Classical value chain Flex. Management our Datawarehouse: All Information about Real Estate Portfolios in one Portal-Database! Purchase Draft Check Improve ment PM AM Tax Advisor FM Due Dilligence Sales Legal Advisor CASH FLOW SYNC Legal / Tax Advisor Servicer Improvement Asset Management Draft Check / Due Dilligence Property Management Sales / Purchase Financial Institution
    • 3. CFS: Our Property – AM & Servicing Application Only with a 4 wheel-Drive, which fits you you can drive offroad !
    • 4. CashflowSync – Ad hoc Reporting NPL-Portfolio (example)
    • 5. CashflowSync – Start screen – function sensible (example)
    • 6. CashflowSync – Internet – Integration …Reporting
    • 7. CashflowSync – Appartment (example)
    • 8. CashflowSync – Business plan for calculation (example)
    • 9. CashflowSync – Budgeting & Accounting
    • 10. CashflowSync – Project szenario of Assets (example )
    • 11. CashflowSync – Asset-Reporting – single & portfolio
    • 12. CashflowSync – Property Management - (example)
    • 13. CashflowSync – Ad hoc Reporting Assets (example)
    • 14. CashflowSync – Ad hoc Reporting NPL-Portfolio (example)
    • 15. CashflowSync – API to import data of other ERP / PM-Apps (example)
    • 16. CashflowSync – Special – Servicing –activities (german – Example)
    • 17. CashflowSync – Ad hoc Reporting ( german - example)
    • 18. CashflowSync – Ad hoc Reporting ( german - example)
    • 19. CashflowSync – integrating & uploading data ( german - example)
    • 20. CashflowSync – Ad hoc Reporting ( german - example)
    • 21. The story begins with the Business Case Business Case Property Manager Asset Manager Budget- ing Reporting Interfaces and Information exchange between all Roles and functions! Backup
    • 22. Actuality & Transparency: the 3 Roles for RE - Porfolios Property Manager Asset Manager Investor´s Relations Country of Assets Cash-flow-Sync integrates data to an management workflow to measure performance and manage all partecipants to perform better ! Tax Advisor Backup
    • 23. Success Stories - Partners AM – Sync Solutions Property Manager Tax Advisor Asset Manager Investor´s Relations
      • Developed for the German tax consulting company Mensching+
      • Enables the auditable transfer of bookkeeping information between all partners
      • Within the Asset Management a transaction volumen of approx. 5 billion Euros is currently managed
      • Simple APIs (Application interfaces) for every user
    • 24. Budgeting – everybody is important, who costs declaration of a common chart of accounts for all participants Accounts Costs ... CASH FLOW SYNC Legal / Tax Advisor Improvement Asset Manager Due Diligence Property Manager Sales / Purchase Accounts Costs ... Accounts Costs ... Accounts Costs ... Accounts Costs ... Accounts Costs ... Backup
    • 25. 2 Way-Infos: Task-Force as integrated rapid reaction force ! Aufbau des ABC-Web-Plattform Operative Application Operative Application Master- informations Purchase + DD PM Improvements Financing Exit CONactor - Apps Partner & Task-Force Partner & Task-Force Master info / aggregated list. Yearly values to Account entries / aggregated Informations Information-Basis: Master- and Transaction data (Euro, Document, Pictures, Video) Cash Flow Sync Backup
    • 26. Our IT Solutions Standard format for a perfect compatibility with other platforms Our applications handle the data with XML format, which means that our software is perfectly compatible with any other standard platform DTAUS (Online Banking) Outlook + other email-systems Cash - Flow -Sync General XML-Interfaces SEPA Mobile Devices (PDA, Smartphones) Real Estate Portals General Ledger Software Other general software platforms Backup
    • 27. Workflow Structure of NPL-Servicing & Deals for Investors What we talking about ? Does it fit ? Asset-Management Result Portfolio Due Dilligence & Asset Valuation Portfolio Origination Credit Risk Analystics & Portfolio Pricing performing Non performing Secured (RE) Non secured Exit Sales
    • 28. CashflowSync manages all Workout – Exit, too.
      • Due Diligence
      • DocRating
      • Business plan
      • Projection
      • Property Man.
      • Forced Admin.
      • Accounting
      • Budgeting
      • Porfolio-Strat.
      • P- clustering
      • Retail B2C Sales
      • Presales
      • Market prep.
      • B 2 B Sales
      For managing efficiently very complex and distressed situations ! CFS – Servicing: Integrating all experts – Users and Tasks - Workout & Servicing Sales Strategy & Exit Backup
    • 29. Our B 2 B – procedure for a transparent & effect. Exit B2B PORTAL Banks & other instit. Investors
      • Real-Estate LISTING
      • INFO – Base
      • OFFERS
      Other Banks Other Investors for Germany/ Spain / Italy We organize and manage the whole EXIT Process with a transparent activity and track record ! THE Bank Investors
    • 30. Our Easy to use Servicing / NPL / AM- Applications Only with a 4 wheel-Drive, which fits you you can drive offroad ! Backup
    • 31. Real – Estate industry and our target market Our experience in the distressed NPL-market (non structurized) building up our CASH FLOW SYNC to improve even business of Funds, Asset-Management und Public owned Real-Estates
      • NPL – Market
      • Workout / Servicing
      • Administration as a Must
      • -> limited time
      • -> non structurized
      Loss minimizing
      • Fonds & Investors
      • Asset-Management
      • Business - case
      • Planning & controlling
      • Value & Cashflow
      Profit maximizing
      • Big Companies & Public Offices
      • Owning Real - Estate
      • Balance sheet
      • Mantenaince
      • Cost sharing
    • 32.   RealEstateInnovation - European companies in the Real-Estate Industry
    • 33. Legal Note
      • CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
      • Zum Feldberg 1 – 3
      • 61389 Schmitten
      • Tel. +49 (6084) – 95 02 00
      • Fax +49 (6084) – 95 02 05
      • e-Mail: [email_address]
      • Web: http://
      • Web:
      • More Information on:
      • http:// /CONact