Estate Agent - CONactor - Makler - English Documentation of Software - Solution


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CONactor - Estate Agent - Documentation of a software solution for Sales / Exit / Estate Agents.
- mulitple languages
- integration in CashflowSync - a

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Estate Agent - CONactor - Makler - English Documentation of Software - Solution

  1. 1. User ManualCONactor Estate-Agent Basic Version 1.1 Page 1 of 52 © 2009 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  2. 2. Index:Preamble __________________________________________________________________ 4CONactor Software _________________________________________________________ 4CONactor Estate-Agent Basic _________________________________________________ 5 Estate Agent’s Master Data ______________________________________________________ 7 Master Data of the Estate-Agent _________________________________________________________ 7 Languages __________________________________________________________________________ 7 Object Types and Categories____________________________________________________________ 8 Objects – Search Fields ________________________________________________________________ 9 Objects - Areas _____________________________________________________________________ 10 Contacts – Realtionship Groups ________________________________________________________ 11 Record – Document Types ____________________________________________________________ 12 All Companies ______________________________________________________________________ 13 All Company Accounts and Cash Registers _______________________________________________ 15 Internet______________________________________________________________________ 16 Create New Object(s) __________________________________________________________ 17 Object Master Data____________________________________________________________ 21 Object ____________________________________________________________________________ 21 Prices _____________________________________________________________________________ 23 Areas / Criteria _____________________________________________________________________ 24 Realationships ______________________________________________________________________ 25 Pictures ___________________________________________________________________________ 28 Free Fields _________________________________________________________________________ 29 Texts _____________________________________________________________________________ 30 Portals ____________________________________________________________________________ 31 Exposées and Letter Models_____________________________________________________ 31 Exposéss __________________________________________________________________________ 31 Report Designer_____________________________________________________________________ 31 Word Processing ____________________________________________________________________ 33 Printing an Exposée with Word Processing ________________________________________ 33 Modify / Create Exposées with Word Processing ___________________________________ 35 Potential Clients (Contacts) _____________________________________________________ 39 Create New ________________________________________________________________________ 39 Verifications / Appointments ____________________________________________________ 42 New Appointment ___________________________________________________________________ 42 All Appointments ___________________________________________________________________ 46 New Verification ____________________________________________________________________ 47 All Verifications ____________________________________________________________________ 47 Record (Document Management System) _________________________________________ 47 Record – Show All - _________________________________________________________________ 51 Search Record ______________________________________________________________________ 52 Message System ______________________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.General Terms of Use and Impress ___________________Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert. § 1. Allgemeines ______________________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert. Page 2 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  3. 3. § 2. Angebote und Auftragsbestätigungen ________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 3. Gestaltungsfreiheit und Vorlagen____________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 4. Vergütung _______________________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 5. Urheberrecht und Nutzungsrechte___________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 6. Versand und Datenübertragung_____________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 7. Datenschutz _____________________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 8. Eigentumsvorbehalt und Computerdaten _____________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 9. Produktionsüberwachung __________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 10. Haftung ________________________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.§ 11. Schlussbestimmungen ____________________________ Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert. Page 3 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  4. 4. PreambleThe company CONact Market Entry Management GmbH is a part of the Kowo-Groupwith its headquarter near Frankfurt am Main and divisions in Berlin, Italy, South Africaand Switzerland.Within the frame of the by us provided services, we support our customers inprojects with the focus on - Crisis Management - Turn-Arrounds - Start-Ups - Outsourcing and Privatization - Real-EstatesWorking in these markets over 15 years, we developed default methods andprocesses, which ensure the quality and success of our projects. Our headquarter isin Germany, but focussing on internationalization.We are a private business, whose founder and owner is still actively working as theGeneral Manager. He is especially taking care of the innovative services and thestrategic business orientation. The groups consists of approx. 40 staff members.CONactor SoftwareWithin the frame of project tasks ordered by clients, a collection of softwareapplications was produced, which was summarized under the name “CONactor” inthe year 2006.Meanwhile, the applications developed to a complete ERP-solution, covering the“normal” commercial and operational sectors.At the same time, specific and interdisciplinary applications – especially around thesubject real-estate management- evolved, due to project requirements. Within thisframe, the here described CONactor Estate-Agent Basic Version, has emerged,which is supposed to meet the demand of being an efficient and powerful Estate-Agent application. The software is completed by the, from us developed, multilingualreal-estate portal “Global – Estates – Network“ ( CONactor we generally try to realize and live the following concept :“Our strength is to combine the long-date reasonable with the short-datedrealizable!!“ Page 4 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  5. 5. SystemrequirementsFor workong with CONactor Software you generally need a Microsoft Windowsdesktop station. Our solutions work generally with the following versions of MicrosoftWindows: • Windows 98 Second Edition • Windows Millenium Edition • Windows 2000 • Windows XP (Home / Professional) • Windows VistaTo use all functions of CONactor Software it´s also required having access to aninternet connection. Ideally you have an broadband access to the internet.Windows VistaFor using all functions of CONactor Software with Windows Vista it is important to runthe application in compatibility mode on Windows XP.To run the application in compatibility mode, click on the program icon of CONactorMakler Standard with the right mouse button and select properties.Now you see the following window: Page 5 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  6. 6. Choose Compatibility and check in the function ”Run this program in compatibilitymode for“. Finally choose Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and confirm.CONactor Estate-Agent BasicUnder this name the basic version of Estate-Agent, which does not differ a lot fromother well-known competitive solutions, was summarized. But only Estate-Agent,provides you the advantage, that you may load objects into “Global-Estates-Network”and be therefore able to use an international acting real-estate portal, which is not oronly hard realizable with the commonly used portals in Germany. This means forexample that you can offer a Spanish vacation object in all European target marketsand not only in a single one. The following pages will give you an overview of thehandling and functionality of CONactor Estate-Agent Basic. Page 6 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  7. 7. Estate Agent’s Master DataMaster Data of the Estate-AgentIn this window you enter all data concerning the estate-agent, incl. general contactinformation as well as web and E-Mail addresses. The filling of the fileds happenscompletely manually via keyboard. After finishing your entries, confirm your changesby pressing the button “Apply”. You may close the window with “OK”, “Cancel” willalso close it, but without saving any changes.LanguagesAt this point you have the possibility to change the application’s language. Currentlyyou may choose between English, French, German and Italian. The change happenssimply by clicking onto the wished language. It has to be mentioned that afterselecting a different language the application is going to restart itself, which may takea few moments. Page 7 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  8. 8. Object Types and CategoriesHere you have the chance to create and manage object types and categories. Youcreate a new type by clicking onto a free line under “Title”. Now you can enter thedesired type via keyboard. In the columns “Main Area Title” and “Auxiliary Areas”please fill in the appropriate area for each type by keyboard. In the lower part of thewindow you are able to define categories for each object type. This procedure issynchron to the one of object type. With the help of the button with the red bar on it,you can delete entries, though you have to confirm the erasing progress, before thechosen element will eventually be deleted. Page 8 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  9. 9. Objects – Search FieldsHere you have the possibility to define default values for search fields. That meansthat you configure fixed values for a field as it could be the firing type of an object.Under search fields you constitute possible results for the certain field. New valuescan be created by clicking onto a field name in the upper part of the window plusdefining the title in the lower part by clicking into an empty row and entering theaccordant value via keyboard. Page 9 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  10. 10. Objects - AreasAt this point you are able to create areas for your objects. You do this by hitting thebutton “New” on the right side of the window. The following pop-up will appear now:You enter the area’s name via keyboard and select the corresponding country byusing the to the bottom directed arrow to the right of the field “Country”. Using themouse, you may select the country in the now opening list. By activating the “OK”button you finish this progress. In the main menu you have of course the option to Page 10 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  11. 11. alter or delete an existing entry or to print the complete list, using the appropriatebutton.Contacts – Realtionship GroupsHere you possess the option to create and edit relationship groups for contacts. Ingeneral relationship groups are functions dealing with an object, e.g. owners (everyobject has a current owner, which should be captured while entereng the master dataof this object). Creating a new relationship group is easily done by clicking into anempty row in the list and entering the group name via keyboard. Further more youmay edit an existing group. To do so click with the mouse onto this entry and changeit with your keyboard. As a matter of course already available objects, which weresorted into the old named group, get automatically updated, which means that thealtered name will then appear. With the help of the button, which is having a read baron it, you have the possibility to delete an entry (all persons containing thisrelationship will then loose it). Page 11 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  12. 12. Record – Document TypesHere you are able to create and administrate document types. Under document typesusually stands for a group of documents, as for example exposées or certificates oftitle. This means that there is such a document for each object and that such adocument can then be correctly assigned. The administration and creating progressof those groups is synchron to the approach in “Objects – Areas”. Page 12 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  13. 13. All CompaniesIn this window you generate your company, which is also important for your lettermodels and the closing calculation. As said before you may create a new company,administrate existing one’s, print a company listing and delete them. The button“Account/Cash Register” will be explained more detailed later in this manual. If youwant to create a new company proceed like this: Use the button “New” and thefollowing window will appear: Page 13 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  14. 14. All entries have to be made with the keyboard. After doing so, confirm with “Save”.By pressing “Cancel” all entries are rejected. Page 14 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  15. 15. All Company Accounts and Cash RegistersAt this point you may foster your bank accounts and cash registers. Comparable tocompanies you have the opportunity to create new accounts, administrate or deletethem. To make a new account press the button “New”. You will then see the followingwindow: Page 15 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  16. 16. First you select in the scroll-down menu the concerning company and define if it is anaccount, a cash register or an offset account. In the next field you set the account’stitle, for example could it be named “Main Account User”. The following box isintended for the account number, if it is a cash register you may choose freely. Then,in case of it being a bank account, you set the bank code number. To the right of the“bank code number”-field, you may let other data like the bank name fill inautomatically . In the field bank “ZIP code / “City” the address of the for youresponsible store must be entered. The fields IBAN an BIC must be filled manuallyvia keyboard. By eventually pushing the button “OK” you complete the progress andthe account is generated.InternetAt this point you must insert the login data for the internet portal Global-Estates-Network. You may do this in the following steps: Click on the button “Internet” in themain menu of the application and select the menu item “Settings (Login Data)”. Thebelower shown window will then appear: Page 16 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  17. 17. As user name and password please enter the at registration received data into thetherefore intended fields. As FTP-server define link for the field “My Objects” may be found within the user area and can just becopied. To check your entries, use the button . If everything isvalid the following text will appear , if notthis error shows up .Create New Object(s)To create new objects select “Objects” in the main menu and execute then thefunction “New”. An assistant, which is ging to support you during the entry, will thenstart. Page 17 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  18. 18. Push the button “Next” to be forwarded to the entry of the object itself.In this window you must determine, if you would like to create a completely newobject or if you want to copy an already exiting one, which is very helpful when itcomes to housing areas for example. “Next” will bring you to the next step, with“Cancel” all so far made entries are rejected and no object will be generated. Page 18 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  19. 19. In this mask you configure the basic object data, as the title. You set the co-ownership share of the object, as well as the area vluaes. With pressing on “Next”,the next overview will appear.Here you point out how many units the for sale or rent object contains, respectivelyhow many units you received for treatment. If it is a single object just leave thedefault zero in th ebox, because in this case a single object, whether it is anapartment, house or building land, will be created. “Next” will forward you to the laststep of the assistant. Page 19 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  20. 20. You have now made all entries and by pushing “Done” your object will be generatedin the data base. Page 20 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  21. 21. You will now see the object list, wherefrom you may have the opportunity to fill insome more master data into you object, for example photos, the exact address,person relationshops,...Object Master DataObjectIn this window you can foster further master data to an object, as the detailedaddress, category, condition, heating,...For the field, which have a to the bottom directed arrow, you will receive a list, thatmay be expanded and administrated as in chapter “Master Data” described. Theother field have to be filled manually via keyboard. The attributes of an object can beset by pressying to the right of the field “Attributes”. A new window will show up. Page 21 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  22. 22. Default object attributes, which can be added with a double-click, are alreadydeposited. If you want to create a new attribute, use the button and simply enterthe name of it into the upcoming window (- the new attribute will automatically beadded to the object in the modifying status). With the button you are able to deleteattributes, with this window will be closed Page 22 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  23. 23. PricesWithin this frame you constitute whether it is a sale or rental object and you set theobject’s price, which additional costs arise and how high the courtage is. Page 23 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  24. 24. Areas / CriteriaHere you define the areas and criteria of the objects, meaning the information aboutliving and property ares, number of rooms, total number of units in the object,... Youcan further more deopsit two internet links, which may directly be executed with thehelp of the “Go”-button. These links could , for example, be a satelite picture orsomething similar. Should the need to administrate areas or critieria arise, you find adetailed description in the chapter “Master Data”. Page 24 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  25. 25. RealationshipsIn this category all persons dealing with the object are listed, that is the object’sowner, the estate-agent, maybe existing tenants, etc. The person relationships shallbe a summarized list of all involved parties and ease, as well as fasten, the processof contacting them. With the button you can add an in the contact database existing contact as a person relationship. After using the button the follwoingwindow shows up: Page 25 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  26. 26. You just click on the appropriate contact and confirm with “OK”. Of course you havealso the opportunity to search for a contact. You do so with the help of the lenses.Click onto them and then enter the searched company or last name manually viakeyboard.With the button in the main menu, you will be forwarded to an assistantagain, which will support you entering a new contact. Solely follow the assistant’slead and after finishing the newly created contact appears in the object’s main menu.With the help of the button you are able to delete a capturedrelationship. To execute the erasing progress, confirm the deletion again.If you select the button you get the possibility to alter the preselectedrelationship. This mask will be shown. Page 26 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  27. 27. Here you may change or complete the contact’s master data as well as add noticesto each contact. Further more you can change the relationship type. You can do soby pushing the to the bottom directed arrow at the right of the field “Relation Type”.With all changes are saved.The function in the main menu enables you to define the object’smain owner. You select the corresponding relationship via mouse and press afterwards. Page 27 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  28. 28. PicturesIn thiw window you add object pictures, which you need later for creating exposéesas well as for the internet portals. You fill in the object by double-clicking onto anempty field. The Windows Explorer will now open. You may then look and select thepictures as you are used to it from Windows. If you want to delete a picture again,use the button within the picture field. You can also name every picture manually,entering it via keyboard. The type of picture can be selected in a scroll-down menu(important for internet portals!). The radio button “release” indicates if the picture willbe uploaded into the internet or is only used for exposées. Page 28 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  29. 29. Free FieldsFree fields are generally applied for the exposée designing, which is more powerful inthe network than in the stand alone version. You may name every field and include itfor example in an exposée. This is especially interesting if you need to create aparticular exposée for a customer or client. Page 29 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  30. 30. TextsThese fields are all freely fillable via keyboard. They are used for the portals andexposées. You area able to enter texts about the location, object descriptions, pricecomposition, etc. and then publicize them. The formatting options match with theone’s of a standard word processing. Page 30 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  31. 31. PortalsHere the upload into the portals happens. You only select the target portal via mouseand click then on . The object will now be uploaded,which, depending on the internet connection, may take a few minutes.Exposées and Letter ModelsExposéssWith the help of CONactor Estate-Agent Basic you may execute exposées andcorrespondences. You create an exposée by selection an object and using the button . You will then see a scroll-down window in which you can choosebetween exposées being created with the report designer or exposées being createdwith the word processing. After the particular selection, there is the option ofselection one of several examples or in case of the word processing to wirte the newexposée.Report DesignerThe report designer provides you several from the software manufacturer givenexposées. In this coherency you will not be able to modify these. Page 31 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  32. 32. In this window you select the required exposée in the scroll-wodn field and push thebutton .You will receive the following display:The generated exposée is now shown and you have the opportunity to print it,convert it to PDF-format or sendit it via e-mail to a potential client or equal.The modification of exposées, which were created with the report designer, is notpart of this application. Speficially ask CONact for a detailed schooling to get to knowand appreciate the power of CONactor’s Reporting Tools. Page 32 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  33. 33. Word ProcessingThe word processing in CONactor Estate-Agent Basic serves on the one hand for thecreation of exposées and on the other hand for the correspondences. If you selectexposées with the help of word processing, the following view will show up:You have then, similar to the report designer, the possibility to print an availableexposée plus additionally the options to modify or generate completely new one’s.Printing an Exposée with Word ProcessingProceed like this to print an exposée with word processing: You mark in the “Pleaseselect a letter model” name scroll-down menu the desired exposée and press . The following window will pop-up. Page 33 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  34. 34. The word processing of CONactor Estate-Agent Basic, in this special case a modelfor an object verification, will open. The application resembles the word processing ofthe Microsoft Office Package, so that it will be easier to handle as well as to minimizethe schooling effort. Here it is possible to modify the created document(IMPORTANT: the performed changes are only valid for the currently openeddocument and will not be applied to the model. How to change models getsexplained later in this manual!). If you finished the modification you are of course ableto print or deposit the document in the document management system of theapplication. To deposit the document simply close the word processing(IMPORTANT you must save the document first with the button ). The following isthen displayed:To deposit the document press “Yes”. You will be forwarded to the assistant of“Capture A Record”. Just follow the assistant as already described. After completingthis progress, you may find the document in the DMS of CONactor Estate-Agent. Page 34 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  35. 35. Modify / Create Exposées with Word ProcessingTo create a new exposée with the word processing you should proceed like this: Inthe windowselect the button . You will see this window then.It will enable you to give your model a name and to select an available model as abasis. Click on if you have done so. The new model is nowgenerated and ready for modifications. To change the model push the “Modify”button in the starting screen of the application, Page 35 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  36. 36. , so that you will be forwardedto the modification mode:The viewable windows and text marks are placeholder for the to be inserted fields. Ithas to be mentioned that you can insert all in the object’s master data availablefields. To add one plase click on the menu “Add Data Field” Page 36 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  37. 37. . The short-cut (“Ctrl+D”) will also lead youto this menuitem. The belower displayed window is then available:To add the new field mart the particular one in the list and push tofinally include it into your model. As an example we include the field M_Email(Estate-Agent’s E-Mail Address) into the model, the field’s title is M_Email. Within themodel it is going to look like this: Page 37 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  38. 38. The field {M_Email} was pasted to the before marked spot. Of course it is possible tofreely move it according to the general rules of text modification. Likewise, graphicsmay be added, meaning that the proceedure of including a picture is the same as it isfor fields and that pictures, too, can be formated according to the general rules of textmodification. If you have finished your work on the model, you only need to save itwith the button and exit the application. Now you may actively use your newmodel. For an explanation how to do so, please read the description above. Page 38 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  39. 39. Potential Clients (Contacts)Create NewWith the help of this function you are able to create contacts or potential clients. Justfollow the assistant and fill in the fields manually via keyboard. The assistant providesyou the possibility to automatically fill the field “City”, if you know the ZIP code. In thiscase enter the ZIP code and press then. A list with all disctricts of this ZIPappears, you may now select the appropriate district. As soon as you filled in allfields, push to go to the next step of the assistant. Page 39 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  40. 40. At this point you enter the phone numbers and E-mail address. Closing you have theoption to assign a relationship to this contact. Have you entered all information, finishthe assistant with .Following you define what kind of object the potential client is looking for. Page 40 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  41. 41. Therefore you mostly can fill the fields using the scroll-down menu, all other fieldsmust be filled in manually via keyboard.Are all entries made, you can exit with or directly search forappropriate objects for your potential client with Page 41 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  42. 42. Verifications / AppointmentsNew AppointmentThis assistant supports you during the creation of a new appointment. This functionenables you to define in only a few steps appointments for you or your staffmembers. The entry is elegantly realized with scroll-down menus or radiobuttons.You may also add external participants to each appointment by clicking on the -button. You will now come into the listing view of your contact data base and mayadd, as already mentioned, new contacts. It is of course possible to assign severalexternal contacts. If you entered all fields, click on . Page 42 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  43. 43. In this mask you constitute the date, as well as the length of the appointment, if itshould be a several day lasting fair visit for example. Have you done so, push to go to the next step.In this window you set if you would like to enter details like time specifications ormemos. Pushing will close the assistant and generate your appointment. will forward you to this window. Page 43 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  44. 44. You may enter the duration of the appointment,here. With you will cometo the next mask of the assistant.This overview shows you when the appointment is taking place as well as possiblecollusions with other appointsments. At this point you can also copy the appointment,if it is taking play at a different day again. will bring you to the last step ofthe assistant. Page 44 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  45. 45. This window enables you to write memos to your appointment. With youwill complete the assistant and the appointment will be created. Page 45 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  46. 46. All AppointmentsHere you can see all appointments for a certain time period. Should several users becreated, their appointments will of course be displayed, too. Within this overview youmay click on the appointments to have a look at their details. You are also able tomodify or delete appointments. Creating new one’s is realized as well, for detailedinformation how to do that please read above. Page 46 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  47. 47. New VerificationA verification is generally understood as for example a visit of the object with thepotential client or the sending of important documents to tenants / potential clients.The filling of the field is similar to all other functions in CONactor Estate-Agent Basic.Within this function you additionally have the opportunity to assign an object to theverification. The functionality is the same as is it for contacts.All VerificationsIn the opening view you will see all created verifications. It is possible to view thedatails of a verification, as well as to delete or create new one’s.Record (Document Management System)Document Manamgement System generally stands for the active management ofinformation supported by data base systems. This means for CONactor Estate-AgentBasic that you have the chance to deposit all documents concerning an object into aDMS sytem, sorted by object. To capture a record, proceed like this:With Record – New you start the assistant, which is supporting you during the wholeprocess of creation. Page 47 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  48. 48. This site gives you some useful information about capturing a record. With you will get to the next step of the assistant.In this window you set the addresser or addressee of this particular record. It can alsbe more than one person, that is coneccted to this record. will forwardyou to the selection of file. Page 48 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  49. 49. The -button opens the Windows Explorer in which you may select the file(s). Incan also be audio or graphical matieral. Important! You may configure CONactorEstate-Agent Basic’s DMS in a way that after capturing the record, the file will bedeleted from your local hard drive and is only available in the data base from thereon. If you do not wish so, plese uncheck the box “Erase selected data aftercopying”. With you will open the next step of the assistant. Page 49 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  50. 50. In this window the descriptive attributes, which the record possesses, are set. Yougenerally define the concerning project or object numer, the document type (e.g.certificate of title, tenancy contract, maintenance fee verification,...), and thedocument’s date (certificate of title’s date of creation). Concluding you constitute thetitle of the document. With you have done all needed entries and therecord gets deposited. Page 50 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  51. 51. You finally terminate the progress with “Done”.Record – Show All -This window lists all in the system created records. Similar to the search functions inthe listing view of contacts, you are also able to search for certain records. As amatter of course you can open and maybe modify the records,here. Further morethere is a button “Record” in all objects, opening a, by the object number filtered, listof records. Page 51 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
  52. 52. Search RecordHere, you have the opportunity to search with an algorythm for special records. Youdo this by entering values into the appropriate fields and / or selecting menu items inthe scroll-down menus. The progress will start as soon as you press “Search”.“Reset” will erase all in this window made entries. CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Zum Feldberg 1 – 3 61389 Schmitten / Taunus Tel. +49- 6084 – 950 200 E-Mail: Internet: See more at : Page 52 of 52 © 2007 by CONact Market Entry Management GmbH