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Roar presentation to CONNECT North East Conference 09
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Roar presentation to CONNECT North East Conference 09



ROAR presentation to CONNECT North East Conference 09

ROAR presentation to CONNECT North East Conference 09



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    Roar presentation to CONNECT North East Conference 09 Roar presentation to CONNECT North East Conference 09 Presentation Transcript

    • A Nanotechnology Company Concentrating on Forensics, Security and Counter Terrorism Dr Mike Pitkethly CEO
      • The Problem
      • Most fingerprint powders have a particle size in the order of microns.
      • Limited to only defining ridge patterns
      • Once the mark is developed, lifted and photographed no more information can be derived.
      • Customers include police forces, homeland security, coastguard, immigration, defence, postal services, etc.
      • The Market
      • Forensic powders and chemicals market worth US$800m. Accessible fingerprint powders market worth US$60m
      • It is estimated that ROAR should be able to take 10% of the powders market with its enhanced powders.
      • There are 400 key US forensic laboratories, a potential market of US$160 million (400 labs x US$400k per machine). ROAR should be able to penetrate 50% of this market.
      • Market for analytical services valued conservatively at £10m per year in two years for which ROAR technology would be required.
      Latent Fingerprint Profiling US$m USA World Powders Tapes & Backing Cards Chemical Supplies 31 83 326 93 249 978 Total 440 1320 OEM Analytical Chromatography & Mass Spectroscopy Instruments Chromatography & Mass Spec troscopy 27 81
      • The ROAR Proposition
      • ROAR powders
      • ROAR powders and suspensions provide significantly greater sensitivity over current commercial powders.
        • fingerprints developed with
        • more prints developed, more detail obtained, greater chance of identification
        • 100x magnification
      Commercial powder ROAR powder ROAR Suspension
    • Print placed in MALDI-TOF 2 for further interrogation ROAR doped fingerprint powders used to develop fingerprint Lifted print attached to MALDI-TOF 2 specimen plate Using the ROAR doped powder as a matrix gives rise to characteristic spectra for compounds of interest.
      • Using ROAR powders
      • The presence of explosives on a fingerprint can be detected down to nanogram concentrations.
      TNT PETN Tetryl (a) 1ug of each test explosive (TNT, tetryl, PETN) was applied over a 1cm 2 area. (b) This equates to 1g of explosives deposited over 100m 2 or 1oz over 15 tennis courts. (c) This area was touched with the tip of a finger which was then touched on a clean surface. (d) The resulting fingerprint was dusted with ROAR CB, lifted and examined by negative ion MALDI-TOF
      • Using ROAR powders
      • The fingerprint can be interrogated to identify contact residues with the sebum of the fingerprint, such as:
        • Drugs of abuse
        • Nicotine
        • (a) TOF-MS trace from addict in contact with cocaine (mass 304.34) compared to drug free print. Mass 304.47 is a commonly occurring constituent of fingerprints.
        • (b) CID MSMS of mass 304.34 showing fragmentation pattern unique to cocaine
      • The ROAR Advantage
      • Using ROAR’s nanoparticles and OEM hardware we can profile a suspect’s or defendant’s individual characteristics via one fingerprint analysis, taking less than 5 minutes
        • Up to 30% improved sensitivity in fingerprint development
        • Ability to detect contact residues the fingerprint donor has/hasn’t been in contact with
        • Ability to identify metabolites excreted from the body, i.e. prescription drugs
        • Via biomarkers, detect age, gender and ethnicity of the fingerprint donor
      • The additional information obtained has a direct link back to suspect or defendant via their fingerprint
      • IP Position
      • Patents
        • Fundamental patents on use of fingerprint powders and MS held by ROAR Particles or under licence from Sunderland University
        • Nanoparticles as agents for imaging finger prints:
        • Doped hydrophobic nano- and micro-particles for latent fingerprints:
        • Fingerprint analysis using mass spectrometry:
        • Methods of determining properties of latent fingerprints (joint with NTU)
        • Identification of sample components
      • IP strategy
        • Build patent portfolio around core technology and applications
        • File national phase patents in key countries in the world e.g. USA, Europe, Japan, India, China, etc.
        • Monitor patent filings and new product launches and defend infringements actively
      • Competition
      • Market size linked to population, crime rate and technical capability
        • Primary geographic markets - North, Central and South America, Japan, UK and Western Europe, Southern Africa, South East Asia and China.
        • Secondary geographic markets - Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, India and Australia.
      • Competitive products
        • Alternative basic powders available
        • No equivalent suspensions currently available
        • No products capable of use with Mass Spectroscopy
      • Competition
        • Two primary producers of fingerprint powders, Sirchie and Safariland, based in US
        • Numerous smaller producers, principally regionally based e.g. Arrowhead, CSI, PSI
        • Numerous forensic products suppliers often selling rebadged products, predominantly nationally based
        • Four principle MS suppliers
      • Product Entry to Market
      • Basic powders and suspensions
        • first sales achieved, scale-up in progress
      • Enhanced powders ( with Lifting tapes and covers)
        • contact residues & endogenous compounds– June 2009
        • biomarkers – June 2010
      • Distributors identified for primary geographic markets
        • North, Central and South America – term sheet agreed
        • Japan – term sheet signed, contract in negotiation
        • UK/Europe – term sheet agreed, contract in negotiation
        • South Africa – leading distributor engaged in early stage talks
      • OEM supply of MALDI-TOF 2 -MS – September 2009
        • Letter of Intent signed, moving to contract negotiation
        • Potential US agent identified with first sales targeted for autumn 2009
      • Analysis of enhanced prints, a service provision
        • Work initiated to verify concept for an analysis service using the ROAR technology.
      • Projected Revenues
      • Senior Management Team
      • ROAR Particles has an successful team
      • Mr J Arend
      • Chairman
      • Joe Arend has over 30 years of commercial experience and 15 years experience in building Biotech companies. Mr Arend has been both executive and non-executive director in the start-up and flotation of several biotech companies including Antisoma plc, Osmotech plc, Reflect Technologies plc, Enzacta plc..
      • Professor Frederic Rowell
      • Chief Scientific Officer
      • Professor Rowell has over 34 years of research and development experience with an emphasis on applications of nanoparticles to forensic analysis. He authored over 100 publications and has generated £2.1 million in research grants. He is currently a visiting Professor at NT University, Singapore.
      • Dr Michael Pitkethly
      • Chief Executive Officer
      • Michael has held a number of senior technical and managerial positions in DERA and then QinetiQ. He was a founding director of QinetiQ Nanomaterials Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of the QinetiQ Group . He was the CEO of Cenamps in Newcastle focused on developing and commercialising small-scale enabling technologies before joining ROAR.
      • Financial
      • Investment sought £1m
      • Investment will be used to:-
        • Build-up commercial team
        • Expand scale-up capability
        • Provide working capital for OEM equipment
        • Patent filing and maintenance costs
        • Accelerate R&D on biomarkers
        • Purchase equipment to enable trials with potential customers using ROAR supplied trial equipment
        • Provide working capital for running costs
    • www.roarparticles.com