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2014 Technology_Disruption_Forum_SmartThings
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2014 Technology_Disruption_Forum_SmartThings


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Topic: Moving from Cloud Computing to Fog Computing: How the “Internet of Things will Change the Way We Live and Work …

Topic: Moving from Cloud Computing to Fog Computing: How the “Internet of Things will Change the Way We Live and Work
Speaker: Jeff Hagins, Co-founder & CTO, SmartThings

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Moving from Cloud Computing to Fog Computing How the IoT will Change the Way We Live and Work
  • 2. The Internet of Things is NOT about getting everyday devices connected ...
  • 3. The Internet of Things IS about challenging the status quo and the way things work in the Physical World …
  • 4. We like to ask questions like …
  • 5. Why are lights controlled by physical switches?
  • 6. Why do I need a thermostat on the wall of my home?
  • 7. Why do doors have physical keys?
  • 8. Why do cars have steering wheels?
  • 9. Why do I have to connect devices to my home network? Why do I even have a home network?
  • 10. Why are packages delivered by people?
  • 11. Why do patients go to Doctors in person?
  • 12. Why do I still drive by office buildings at night and see lots of lights on?
  • 13. Why can't a house detect a water leak and turn off the water?
  • 14. Why does 33% of the food produced on the planet go to waste?
  • 15. Why is the IoT happening now?
  • 16. Why Now?
  • 17. But there are still barriers to making all of this a reality …
  • 18. Reduce friction for developers
  • 19. # ask the switch to turn on the light switchDevice.sendZclCommandNoAck(switchPort, switchEndPoint, lightDevice, lightEndPoint, ZCL_CLUSTER_ID_GEN_ON_OFF, ZCL_FRAME_CLIENT_SERVER_DIR, switchEndPoint.onCmd()) t = Timer(toggleDelay, name = ”On command watchdog") t.start() # we should get a notification alt( [ [ lightPort.RECEIVE(lightEndPoint.mw_incomingZcl(), value = 'incomingZclMsg'), lambda: t.stop() ], [ lightPort.RECEIVE(), lambda: REPEAT ], [ t.TIMEOUT, lambda: stop() ], ]) if value and value('incomingZclMsg')[1]: _msg = value('incomingZclMsg')[1] lightEndPoint.incomingZclCmd(lightPort, lightDevice, _msg['clusterId'], _msg['cmdCode'], _msg['data']) Switch1.on() // from anywhere // without regard for protocol // without regard for device location This Instead of This
  • 20. Extend Cloud Computing to become Fog Computing so that we can put intelligence close to the devices, even mobile ones
  • 21. What Will Fog Computing Look Like?
  • 22. Reduce friction for Connecting Devices & Create Specialized Networks with Dedicated Spectrum
  • 23. Spectrum Will Inhibit Usability
  • 24. Simplify the Overall User Experience
  • 25. Discovery Setup In-Life
  • 26. Make every home into a smart home