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History of gun control in America

History of gun control in America



by Stephen Mooney

by Stephen Mooney



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    History of gun control in America History of gun control in America Presentation Transcript

    • History of Gun Control in America
      Stephen Mooney
    • Quick Facts
      It is estimated that 25% of Americans own 270 million firearms.
      Roughly 4.5 million new guns are sold in the United States each year
    • National Firearms Act of 1934
      First major federal law dealing with gun regulation
      Imposed a $200 tax on certain firearms
      Required people to register all guns found in violation of this act with the Treasury Department
    • United States v. Miller(1939)
      Supreme Court case that upheld the NFA
      The court ruled that Congress has the authority to limit access to firearms what are not designed for a militia
    • Gun Control Act of 1968
      Designed to stop the blind sale of firearms.
      Limited sales to within the state the firearms was being purchased.
      Prevented certain types of people from purchasing firearms
      • Required all firearms dealers to be federally licensed.
    • Haynes v. United States(1968)
      A Supreme Court case that challenged the constitutionality of the NFA
    • District of Columbia v. Heller(2008)
      Supreme Court case that overturned the District’s ban on handgun ownership.
    • McDonald v. Chicago
      Lawsuit filed against the city of Chicago neighboring Oak Park IL.
    • Recent Laws
      On May 21, 2009 President Obama signed a law that allows the carrying of guns into National Parks
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