Blended learning for nursing education


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Blended learning for nursing education

  1. 1. Blended Learning for Nursing Education Re-igniting the Nightingale Lamp with ICTJune Kaminski, RN MSN PhD(c)BSN-Post Baccalaureate ProgramProgram & Curriculum CoordinatorKwantlen Polytechnic University
  2. 2. BSN-PB Program at KwantlenLaunched in Fall 2012 1 Planning the Technological Landscape Shaping Curriculum based on Relational 2 Engagement, Critical Inquiry, Health Promotion 3 Nursing & Faculty Mentors, Faculty Development
  3. 3. Overview of the BSN-PB ProgramMethods of Blended Delivery Prepares students with a previous degree in 27 months Includes two Residencies and two Capstone Practice courses Strong use of High fidelity Simulation Labs to reinforce practice All other courses are taken online Other practice courses include Primary Health Care, Families Content is richly enhanced with interactive & creative technologies
  4. 4. Technological LandscapeMulti-layered approach for enhanced Engagement Mahara ePortfolios – Collection of Learning Artifacts Creativity, Interactivity, Moodle iPads Multimedia, Reflection Digital texts and resources eTexts
  5. 5. Curriculum & PedagogyMajor Philosophical Foundation Professional Nursing Practice Role Critical Social & Praxis Theory Critical Relational Inquiry Engagement Social Constructivism Ways of Knowing Health Promotion
  6. 6. Importance of MentorsRole Models, Social Support, Expert Guide Nurse Mentor Inspire Mentors Faculty MentorNetworking Nurture Guide
  7. 7. Faculty DevelopmentPreparing for the Blended Teaching Environment Work shops Uniform Tutorials Design Share Education Point Courses taken at Portfolio University of N. Colorado iPads
  8. 8. LMS – Moodle 2.3 Technological Foundation Online Activities Syllabus Multimedia Book Format Rubrics Learning Activities
  9. 9. Learning Activities in Moodle
  10. 10. Interactive ActivitiesSupported in Moodle Group Projects Forums Interact JournalsGlossaries Wikis Chat
  11. 11. Creativity is a Key Focus By Beejay DignoVisual of the Characteristics of Qualitative Research
  12. 12. Integrating Web-based Resources By Danielle Fransen
  13. 13. Voice Thread adds Interactivity Can respond using mic, text, or video Featuring Laurel Tien & Danielle Fransen
  14. 14. Educreations enhances MultimediaCombines:• Images• Narration• Text• DrawingOn a WhiteBoard screen
  15. 15. Mahara ePortfolios support: Reflective Learning Personalized Learning Lifelong Learning
  16. 16. Photo Novella in Mahara
  17. 17. iPads and Apps Apps are used to: • Augment and enrich content • Support creativity • Facilitate interaction • Personalize learning
  18. 18. Apps for Visual Conceptualization• Multisensory learning• Aesthetics• Interactivity• Creativity• Experiential learning. By Beejay Digno
  19. 19. Practice & Residencies • Sem 1 Includes • Sem 5 two week long Community Residency & Health Labs Sem 1 Sem 2 Personal ChronicFAMILY COMMUNITYVISITS AGENCY VISITS Sem 3 Mental Sem 4 Health, Family Medicine, Surgery • Sem 7 • Sem 6 Capstone Global Health Practice Course
  20. 20. Residencies include Lab Skills
  21. 21. High Fidelity SIMs Lab Screen
  22. 22. SIMs System Video Recording
  23. 23. iPads augment SIMS learning
  24. 24. iPads support Practice & Praxis • Student partners video- record practice skills on the performing student’s own iPad • Student reflects on own performance by watching the video recording • Partners discuss the recording and their reflections the next day
  25. 25. SummaryOnline Learning Residencies - Lab & Practice• Enhanced with creative, • Labs enhanced with high interactive, content and fidelity simulations and iPad productivity software, iPads, recordings and apps • Semester 3 and 7 are intense• Theory concentrated in online ten week hospital placement components of program experiences, 40 hours/week• Presence and expression • Nursing skills are first taught encouraged by technology online, practiced in labs in semesters 1 and 3, then• Family and community visits, applied in actual practice research projects, mentors areas in 3 and 7. provide face to face contact
  26. 26. Thank you !Contact:June KaminskiBSN-PB Program