Tobacco budget update nov 2011a

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  • 1. Presented to the Review Committee November 18, 2011
  • 2. Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease Competitive 1) Grant Program Funding Origins & HistoryBudget Update Overview 2) Current Year Trend Report 3) Revenue Trends, Reductions & Grant Program Planning 4) Proposed Calendar for 2012-2013 Grant Program Planning 5) Proposed Continuation Funding July – September 2012
  • 3. Tobacco Taxes for Health-Related Purposes Statutory Distribution of .64 cent tax (A35) Revenue 3% 46% 19% 16%Infant Immunization Fund Health Care Expansion Primary Care Fund Tobacco Education,Supplemental OAP Health Fund, including Prevention & Cessation & Medical Care Fund reinstatement of Medicaid Grant Programs Fund Local Governments for legal immigrants 15% 16% Disease Management Health Disparities Cancer, CVD, CPD Transfer to HCPF Grant Program Prevention, Early $2M Detection & Treatment Fund Breast and Grant Program Cervical Cancer Expansion Administration Up to $5M Up to 5% CCPD Competitive $1.2M Treatment Grants Program to Medicaid Remaining Funds
  • 4. A35 Tobacco Grant Program Funding History
  • 5. Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease CompetitiveFunded Projects Through June 30, 2012 Tobacco Education, Prevention & Cessation Grant Program 2011-2012 Total Funding: $5,196,358 $100,000 $100,000 TFCCI (20) Cessation & Cessation $1,985,200 Promotion (2) $3,011,158 Youth Cessation (1) Outcome Evaluation (1)
  • 6. Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease CompetitiveFunded Projects Through June 30, 2012 Tobacco Free Colorado Communities Initiatives 2011-2012 Total Funding: $3,011,158 (58%) $150,156 $300,000 Youth Access (10) Strengthening CCIAA (4) $431,265 $1,496,816 Multi-Unit Housing (4) Technical Assistance (1) $632,920 Public Relations Support (1)
  • 7. Tobacco Grant Program Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Financial Status Grant Program Current Year Financial Trend Report July - September 2011 (Q1 - FY12) % of Budget Year-to-Date % of Award Period EXPENDITURES Awarded Expended Expended Elapsed24 Grants $ 5,196,358 $ 639,311 12% 25% % of % of Budget Year-to-Date Projected PeriodREVENUES Projected Received Realized Elapsed $23,400,000 $ 6,679,613 29% 25%
  • 8. Typical Grant Program Planning Calendar JULY – SEPTEMBER OCTOBER – DECEMBER JANUARY – MARCH APRIL – JUNEACTIVITIES FOR CURRENT YEAR GRANT PROGRAM  Award kick-off meeting  Prior year actual  Mid Year Progress Reports (July) expenditures final; due (Jan)  Prior year actual revenues reversions known (Oct)  Financial Status Report to final (August)  Financial Status Report to Review Committees for  Fund balance statement Review Committees (Oct) any mid-year adjustments (September) Legislative Council Services Updates Revenue Projections Quarterly (March, June, September, December) ACTIVITIES FOR NEXT YEAR GRANT PROGRAM  Governor’s Office of  Financial Status Report to  General Assembly  General Assembly recesses Planning & Budgeting Review Committees for Convenes (Jan) (May) begins fund balance funding decisions (Oct)*  Applications Due (Feb)  BOH Review/Approval (April/ analysis (August)  RFA Planning (Oct-Nov)  Application Evaluation May)  Funding priorities/RFA  Governor publishes (Feb/March)  Awards/contracting for July 1 planning proposed budget (Nov)  Announcement of intent effective date  RFA Publication to award contingent upon announcing funds BOH approval & fund available (Nov-Dec) availability (March)*RFA publishes projected funding availability nine months prior to start of award period and fourteen months prior to when actual revenue isrealized for that grant period. Projected variables becoming actuals noted in red font.
  • 9. Projected Revenue Vs. Actual Revenue Retrospective$27,000,000$26,000,000 Projected Revenue @$25,000,000 Planning Actual Revenue$24,000,000 Realized @ Year End$23,000,000$22,000,000 Projected$21,000,000 Actual Revenue Revenue at Variance Realized at Year End Planning FY08-09 $26.7M $25.8 M $.9M FY09-10 $26.6M $24.1M $2.5M FY10-11 $24.3M $23.3M $1M FY11-12 $23.4M
  • 10. Tobacco Grant Program Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Financial Status •Due to revenues trending downward, a potential cash shortfall has been identified at fiscal year end (June 30, 2012). •CDPHE is identifying remedies through budget savings in the fund to avoid further reductions to grantees. •Savings have been identified in personnel, operating, indirect.
  • 11. FY2012-2013 Grant Program Planning Calendar Activity Oct-Dec 2011 Jan - Mar 2012 April-Jun 2012 July-Sept 2012 Oct-Dec 2012Strategic PlanningEstablish Funding PrioritiesFinalize Grant Program Budget $Issue Jul-Oct Award ExtensionsPublish RFA for Oct. 1 StartReview Grants & Present Funding RecommendationsBudget Adjustments & Contracting $Grant Program Kick-off Meeting
  • 12. Tobacco Education, Prevention & Cessation Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease CompetitiveProposed Continuation Funding July – Sept 2012 Grant Program 2011-2012 Total Funding: $5,196,358 $100,000 $100,000 TFCCI (20) Cessation & Cessation $1,985,200 Promotion (2) $3,011,158 Youth Cessation (1) Outcome Evaluation (1) PROPOSAL FOR NON-COMPETITIVE CONTINUATION FUNDING INTO FY2012-2013 • Continue all current grantees at current funding level prorated for three months: July 1 – September 30, 2012. • Total FY12-13 Budget Impact: $1,299,090