COCC Business Learning Spring/Summer Schedule
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COCC Business Learning Spring/Summer Schedule



Browse through this schedule and find the classes that interest you. These classes are great for business, employee, and professional development! Register today!

Browse through this schedule and find the classes that interest you. These classes are great for business, employee, and professional development! Register today!



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COCC Business Learning Spring/Summer Schedule Document Transcript

  • 1. SPRING/SUMMER 2012 Business, Employee & Professional Development Inside: Computer & Web 3 Business 10 COCC helps Professional Development 15 local businesses grow and thrive! See page 11
  • 2. ContentsComputer & Web PC Basics & Beyond pg 3 Mac Basics pg 4 Software pg 5 Web/Graphic Design/Photoshop pg 8Business Business Essentials pg 10 Small Business Advising pg 12 Marketing & Social Media pg 13 Nonprofit pg 14Professional Development Management pg 15 Health Care & Wellness pg 17 Massage & Nutrition pg 19 Building & Sustainability pg 20Important Information General Information pg 22 Registration pg 23 Registration Information - See Page 23 Cover photo: David Morris
  • 3. PC Basics & Beyond File It, Find It! Where did those files go that you downloaded? Why do documents keep disappearing? Where did those pictures go? Organize your files, save email attachments, access information downloaded from the Internet, and find those ‘lost’ items. Prerequisite: basic Windows and keyboard/mouse skills. Lars Cousineau 1:00pm-4:00 W 26348 05/16 to 05/23 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 Davis Barringer 9:00am-4:00 S 26344 06/09 Madras MDR 120 Cost $59.00 Lars Cousineau 1:00pm-4:00 MW 35724 06/25 to 06/27 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Improve your computer skills. Cost $59.00 Computer Essentials I Clean Up & Speed Up Your PCJoin the computer world. Come get comfortable with using Computer running slow? Think you need a technician? Thinkthe mouse, exploring the Internet, storing files and much again! Take this hands-on class to learn how to clean up,more. This class is for absolute beginners. Lars Cousineau 1:00pm-4:00 W 26353 troubleshoot and diagnose software and security problems 04/04 to 04/11 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER that slow down or may even damage your computer. A good Cost $55.00 follow-up class is Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC II. Lars Cousineau 1:00pm-4:00 M 26473 Stephanie Clymens 6:00pm-9:00 R 26396 05/14 to 05/21 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER COMPUTER & WEB 04/19 to 04/26 Prineville PRI 114 Cost $59.00 Cost $55.00 Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 S 26410 Davis Barringer 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26409 06/02 Redmond RDM1 114 05/15 to 05/17 Madras MDR 120 Cost $59.00 Cost $55.00 Lars Cousineau 1:00pm-4:00 M 35715 07/09 to 07/16 Bend SRCTR COMPUTERComputer Essentials II Cost $59.00 Continue getting comfortable with the computer by Davis Barringer 6:00pm-9:00 W 35690exploring the Start menu, Windows accessories, and creating 07/11 to 07/18 Madras MDR 120and filing documents. Prerequisite: minimal keyboarding Cost $59.00 skills & mouse familiarity. A good follow-up class would be File It,Find It or Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC. Lars Cousineau 1:00pm-4:00 W 26354 Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC II 04/25 to 05/02 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Take your computer repair skills to the next level. Learn how Cost $55.00 hardware affects computer performance, how to upgrade Stephanie Clymens 6:00pm-9:00 R 26397 RAM and hard drives, advanced management software tools 05/10 to 05/17 Prineville PRI 114 built into the Windows operating system and about third Cost $55.00 party software tools that can keep your computer running smoothly. Don’t be intimidated any more by terms like BIOS Davis Barringer 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26423 05/22 to 05/24 Madras MDR 120 and firmware updates, device drivers and MSConfig. Cost $55.00 Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 S 26413 06/16 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 Windows 7 EssentialsCome get comfortable with the basic elements of Windows Staying Safe on the Internet7, such as file management, system maintenance, timesaving Malware, phishing, smishing, viruses, rootkits, identity theft,techniques, and the wonderful new features of Windows 7. and the list goes on. All these and more are bad things Linda Fava 9:00am-4:00 F 26364 06/01 COCC Bend LIB 117 that can happen to your computer. Come learn easy ways Cost $59.00 to protect yourself, your data and your computer while enjoying all the internet has to offer. Patti Norris 6:00pm-9:00 T 35697 Davis Barringer 6:00pm-9:00 M 35693 07/10 to 07/17 Prineville PRI 114 07/16 Madras MDR 120 Cost $59.00 Cost $59.00 Register at or call (541) 383-7270 3
  • 4. Mac Basics Make Money Buying & Selling on eBay Macintosh Basics Everyone has heard of eBay, but not everyone knows how Get comfortable operating your Macintosh personal to list appealing auction ads that result in actual sales. You computer. Learn to use the Mac operating system and can make money, get rid of your stuff and ensure successful related software interfaces, how to create and manage transactions. folders, and how to access the Internet through the Safari Lars Cousineau 9:00am-4:00 S 26355 Browser. 04/28 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Michael Hansen 6:00pm-9:00 R 26404 Cost $59.00 04/12 to 04/19 Bend SVMS LIBRARY Cost $59.00 Lars Cousineau 9:00am-4:00 S 35725 07/21 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 Macintosh Beyond the Basics Take your use of the Mac to the next level by gaining an Managing Your Digital Photo Collection understanding of the more advanced functions. Customize Organize, edit and share photos from your digital camera. your Mac, access email from anywhere and learn to keep Master a few easy photo management tools in Windows so your Mac up-to-date, plus many other tips and tricks. you can stop stressing and start enjoying your photos. Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26412 Lars Cousineau 9:00am-noon M 26340 04/24 to 04/26 Bend SVMS LIBRARY 05/14 to 05/21 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 Cost $59.00 iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie Facebook & Twitter Basics Make the most of your Mac. Select your favorite music and Facebook and Twitter are all the rage. Find out how to set up organize songs and tunes to fit your mood. Save and share and secure your account, add friends, use the search feature your special photos and even create a short movie to help and more. Don’t get left behind. Whether you are interested everyone remember fun times. No class on 5/28.COMPUTER & WEB for your business or for pleasure, come get what you need to Annette Witzel 6:30pm-8:30 M 26411 start feeling comfortable on both. 05/14 to 06/04 Bend SVMS LIBRARY Cost $59.00 Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 T 26510 04/10 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $39.00 Get More from your iPhone Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 M 35699 Have an iPhone? Thinking about getting one? Come get tips 07/09 Bend CHLAB 207 and understanding about this smallest of computers that Cost $39.00 can run and change your life. Andrew Gorman 6:00pm-9:00 R 26406 05/24 to 05/31 Bend SVMS LIBRARY Cost $59.00 Andrew Gorman 6:00pm-9:00 R 35701 07/12 to 07/19 Prineville PRI 119 Cost $59.00 Google Advanced Get More out of Your iPad Get deeper into the plethora of applications Google offers to Now that you have your new iPad, get some help figuring aid you with innovation, communication, sharing, mobility out its many features. Set it up the way you want it for and productivity. Also, learn ways to search for video, business and beyond, add email accounts, take control of patents, trademarks and more using Google tools. Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 T 26419 your office computer, sync programs and documents, work 05/22 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER with video and more. Bring your own iPad to class. Cost $39.00 Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26472 05/08 to 05/10 Bend SVMS LIBRARY Cost $59.00 Macintosh Troubleshooting Macs are expensive to repair. Get the skills you need to do both software and hardware diagnostics, as well as some general repair and upgrade techniques that will save you money. Andrew Gorman 6:00pm-9:00 T 26405 05/15 to 05/22 Bend SVMS LIBRARY Cost $59.00 4 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 5. SoftwareAccess 2010, Beginning Manage Your Email with OutlookDiscover how to use this powerful database management Email overload? Wondering how to find an email amongprogram to store and automate access to information. the thousands of items? Make Outlook work for you. GetPrerequisite: Windows experience. Bring a flash drive to save your organized and be more productive by using its manywork. features and functions. Come see what’s new in Outlook Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 M 26408 2010. 05/07 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Linda Fava 9:00am-4:00 F 26366 Cost $59.00 05/18 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $59.00 Excel 2010, BeginningCreate, edit, format and save a spreadsheet. Write formulas PowerPoint 2010and create charts, as well as make and use a list or database. Construct professional presentations with ease. UsePrerequisite: basic Windows experience. Bring a flash drive to class to shortcuts, build a presentation from scratch, customize ansave your work. installed template or theme, manipulate graphics as well Laura Boehme 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26415 as audio and video clips, and use the program’s new Office 04/17 to 04/19 COCC Bend LIB 117 Button, Ribbon and SmartArt. Bring a flash drive to save Cost $59.00 your work. Stephanie Clymens 6:00pm-9:00 T 26448 Miles Wilhelm 9:00am-4:00 F 26445 04/17 to 04/24 Prineville PRI 114 04/20 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $59.00 Cost $59.00 Patti Norris 9:00am-noon M 26440 04/30 to 05/07 Madras MDR 120 Word 2010, Beyond the Basics Cost $59.00 Get exposed to commonly used and more advanced features of Word 2010 and learn the tools to create documents for COMPUTER & WEB Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 S 26394 05/19 Redmond RDM1 114 a variety of projects. Apply the new file management, Cost $59.00 document editing and enhancement, and productivity tools to make your work smoother and faster. Pamela Burns 9:00am-noon W 26567 Linda Fava 9:00am-4:00 M 26365 05/23 to 05/30 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER 04/23 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 Cost $59.00 Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 F 35695 Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 W 26572 06/22 Redmond RDM1 114 05/16 to 05/23 Redmond RDM1 114 Cost $59.00 Cost $59.00 Paul Stennett 1:00pm-4:00 TR 35706 06/26 to 06/28 Cost $59.00 Bend CHLAB Mail Merge using Word, Outlook & Excel New Work with Outlook contacts and Excel recipient lists and learn how they merge with Word 2010 to create personalizedExcel 2010, Intermediate letters.Be more productive. Take your Excel knowledge to the Linda Fava 9:00am-noon F 26398next level by customizing the screen and toolbars, working 06/08 Bend PIO 112with advanced charts, and creating and using macros and Cost $59.00 templates. Also, work with functions and get more useout of the drawing toolbar and graphics. Learn to create a MS Project Basicsdatabase and pivot table. Manage tasks, timelines and resources. Work with tracking Patti Norris 9:00am-4:00 S 26417 and reporting features to accurately prepare professional 05/12 Prineville PRI 114 Cost $59.00 estimates and monitor your projects. Project management has become important in many professions and MS Project Pamela Burns 9:00am-4:00 M 26565 allows you to work more effectively. Workbook included. Bring 06/04 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 a flash drive. Meets 5/9, 5/11 and 5/16. This training can also be customized to meet your needs and delivered at your business or in Karen Demaris 6:00pm-9:00 MW 35722 one of our college computer labs. CEUs included. 07/16 to 07/18 CHLAB Arielle Ocel 8:00am-noon WF 26484 Cost $59.00 05/09 to 05/16 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $229.00 Annette Witzel 9:00am-noon F 35702 07/20 to 07/27 Redmond RDM1 114 Cost $59.00 Register at or call (541) 383-7270 5
  • 6. Excel preparation class leads Cyllene King to certification Through her work at a title and escrow company, Cyllene King learned that the software program Excel could be a powerful ally for organizing data and she wanted to learn more: “I had learned many Excel tricks, but wanted to be more efficient, effective and productive,” she explains. To pursue her goal, she enrolled in a four-week COCC Community Learning course that prepares participants to take Microsoft’s Certification Exam 77-882. “He (instructor Jerry She says that she found the 12 hours of curriculum to be very Schulz) helped us to relevant and useful. apply the things we “Excel is a great program. General knowledge and skills are great, but you really need to have practical application to get the most out were learning to real- of the course,” she advises. life situations.”COMPUTER & WEB The instructor, Jerry Schulz, is skilled in teaching the material, according to Cyllene. “Jerry was wonderful. He helped the students think outside of the box and helped us to apply the things we were learning to real-life situations. He definitely knew the material.” In addition, Cyllene was impressed by Jerry’s personal touch. “He connected with all the students in the class. He was always looking for ways that he could help us.” Cyllene felt that the course prepared her well for the certification exam. “My recommendation is that you take the exam as soon after the course as possible. If you don’t use all the features regularly, it’s harder to remember everything.” 6 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 7. SoftwareMicrosoft Certification Prep: Excel 2010 QuickBooks Pro, IntermediateCertification can lead to better jobs and increased pay. Explore the advanced features of QuickBooks. Use it forPrepare to take Microsoft’s Certification Exam 77-882 for payroll, inventory, job costing, budgets and financialExcel. Learn all the ins and outs of Excel and Microsoft’s statements. Prerequisite: some QuickBooks and accountingexpectations to get ready for the exam. Required text: Microsoft experience. Bring a flash drive to save your work.Excel 2010: 77-882. Testing fee is extra. Exam offered at COCC Testing Karen Demaris 9:00am-4:00 S 26356Center by appointment. 04/21 Bend PIO 112 Cost $59.00 Jerry Schulz 6:00pm-9:00 W 26451 04/18 to 05/09 Redmond RDM1 114 Karen Demaris 6:00pm-9:00 W 26357 Cost $149.00 05/16 to 05/23 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $59.00 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Karen Demaris 6:00pm-9:00 MW 35721 07/23 to 07/25 CHLABPrep Cost $59.00 Certification counts! It tells the world what you are capable ofand validates your skills. Certification in Windows 7 can opendoors and present opportunities for work in the IT field. This Bookkeeping for Businessclass prepares you for the Microsoft Certified Technology Do you want to add basic bookkeeping and accountingSpecialist Exam, 70-680. Expect to spend 6 hours between skills to your tool kit? This class will help you understandeach class with homework. Prerequisite: familiarity with Windows and apply entry-level accounting concepts to keep books7. Required text: MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam) 70-680. Testing fee electronically using QuickBooks Pro. For those with littleis extra. Exam offered at COCC Testing Center by appointment. or no bookkeeping experience who are looking to add Jerry Schulz 6:00pm-8:00 M 26337 employable skills in a relatively short period of time or small 04/09 to 05/21 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER business owners who need the accounting basics to keep Cost $289.00 accurate records. Prerequisite: keyboarding and basic computer COMPUTER & WEB skills using Windows. Required text: Bookkeepers’ Bootcamp, 2ndQuickBooks Pro, Beginning edition. No class 5/25. Must attend first session on 4/27. CEUs included.Do your own bookkeeping and make it manageable and Steve Westberg 9:00am-noon F 26542 04/27 to 06/22 Bend PIO 114efficient using QuickBooks. Set up new customer and vendor Cost $229.00 accounts, create invoices, record sales, and enter payments.Prerequisite: basic Windows experience. Bring a flash drive to saveyour work. Karen Demaris 04/14 Cost $59.00 9:00am-4:00 S Bend PIO 112 26339  Integrating Technology in the Classroom - Online In this professional development course for teachers, you’ll Kathryn Henderson 6:00pm-9:00 R 26414 learn the secrets of technology integration in the classroom, 04/26 to 05/03 COCC Bend LIB 117 gaining the skills educators need to use tools such as wikis, Cost $59.00 podcasts, and blogs effectively. For more information on this Evan Dickens 6:00pm-9:00 R 26574 course and to register see link below. 05/24 to 05/31 Redmond RDM1 114 Cost $89.00 Register at Cost $59.00 Stephanie Clymens 9:00am-4:00 S 26431 06/09 Prineville PRI 114 Cost $59.00 Patricia Olson 9:00am-4:00 S 35708 07/14 Bend PIO 112 Cost $59.00 Customized Software Training Our customized training classes can be tailored to help your employees gain the specific knowledge they need to efficiently utilize their software. Training can be delivered in our computer labs or at your location. Customized computer training helps students learn by doing the tasks they will perform on the job. Call us at (541) 383-7270 to discuss training on Excel, Word, Access, Photoshop, MS Project or other software products. Register at or call (541) 383-7270 7
  • 8. Web & Graphic Design InDesign, Beginning InDesign is the “in” software for graphic design. Adobe InDesign is an easy-to-use design and layout program that allows you to create documents of many types, from single page advertisements and flyers, to complex multi-page color publications. Bring a flash drive to save your work. Terri Grimm 9:00am-noon F 26504 Set up your own business website. 04/27 to 05/11 Bend PIO 200B Cost $89.00 Build a Professional Website for Your Business Do you want a professional website for your business, but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to a professional web designer? If so, this class is for you. Go through the process of setting up a website and customizing it without needing to do any difficult computer programming! Set up your own web hosting account with your own domain name, just the way a professional web designer would do it. Use the industry-standard Wordpress to create a customized website that looks professional, is easy to update, and ranks higher in search engines. Bring a flash drive to save your work. Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 T 26418 04/10 to 05/15 Bend PIO 200B Write your way to a more effective website. Cost $149.00 COMPUTER & WEB Dreamweaver, Beginning Writing a Website that $ell$ How well does your website sell? Learn to write effectively Discover how fun and easy it is to create a website using using a 5-point proven formula, frame-of-mind marketing, Dreamweaver. Learn the do’s and don’ts from an experienced the unique rules and language of the Web, psychological webmaster. Prerequisite: working knowledge of Windows. triggers, and persuasion and involvement devices. Other classes that complement this one are: Photoshop or Elin Bullmann 6:00pm-9:00 R 26470 Photoshop Elements. Bring a flash drive to save your work. 05/24 to 05/31 Bend PIO 200B Linda Fava 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26368 Cost $69.00 04/24 to 05/01 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $89.00 JavaScript for App Building New This is the third in a series of phone app building classes. Flash Animation, Beginning This course provides a solid foundation of the JavaScript Make your website interactive and language, the Document Object Model and event handling. engaging by creating simple, basic By the end of the course, you will understand how JavaScript animations in Flash. Examine and evaluate and XHTML interact and how to use development tools to existing Flash projects, and gain hands- add scripts from online libraries to their website. Course on experience by building an animation concepts are reinforced through practical hands-on from start to finish. See how to insert your exercises. This is a necessary skill for cell phone app building. animation into a web page using Dreamweaver. Bring a flash Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 W 26488 drive to save your work. 04/18 to 05/02 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 S 26463 Cost $79.00 05/12 Bend PIO 112 Cost $59.00 Building Phone Apps with BuzzTouch New Build useful iPhone or Android phone apps with this series of classes. This is the last of four classes. In this class get the last thing you need to build apps for phones. Using BuzzTouch create that application that will get you started building Dont forget to bring a flash drive to class! apps that you want to use and share with others. Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 R 26486 05/24 to 06/07 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $79.00 8 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 9. Photoshop Photoshop for Web & Print New Know Photoshop? Get what you need to know in order to prepare photos and digitized illustrations/logos for print or for the web. Understand the print process, review color descriptions, and identify common errors. Become knowledgeable about resources such as stock photos, the web and how to access answers to questions after class is over. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Photoshop. Toni Schulke 6:00pm-9:00 T 26564 05/15 to 05/22 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $89.00 Photoshop Elements, Beginning Organize, edit and enhance your photos, and show off your creativity. Learn the picture formats, proper printing techniques and discover more ways to save your photos. Use the power of Photoshop to enhance your favorite photos. Prerequisite: working knowledge of Windows. Other classes that complement this one are: Photography I & II.Photoshop, Beginning Annette Witzel 9:00am-4:00 S 26462Transform ordinary photographs into extraordinary pictures 04/21 Redmond RDM1 114with Photoshop CS4, the industry standard for manipulating Cost $59.00 digital photographs for web production and for print. Ralph Delamarter 6:00pm-9:00 W 26493Hands-on exercises will give you a solid understanding of 05/09 to 05/16 Bend SRCTR COMPUTERthe basic tools and concepts such as layer manipulation and Cost $59.00 COMPUTER & WEBeffects. Prerequisite: working knowledge of Windows. Other classes Annette Witzel 6:00pm-9:00 M 35710that complement this one are: Photography I & II. 06/25 to 07/02 CHLAB Randy Johnson 6:00pm-9:00 W 26506 Cost $59.00 05/02 to 05/09 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $65.00 Photoshop Elements, Intermediate Go beyond the basics and perfect your photos withPhotoshop, Intermediate - Masking & sophisticated editing options. Enhance your photographsCompositing using tools and techniques that enable you to create whatCreate realistic composites by combining multiple images. you imagine. Find out how special layer effects and filtersMaster the essential skills of masking and compositing can transform your photographs. Prerequisite: Beginningand learn how to isolate objects in your photos using CS4. Photoshop Elements or equivalent.Prerequisite: working knowledge of Photoshop. Ralph Delamarter 6:00pm-9:00 W 26497 Randy Johnson 6:00pm-9:00 T 26505 05/30 to 06/06 COCC Bend LIB 117 05/29 to 06/05 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $59.00 Cost $75.00 Ralph Delamarter 6:00pm-9:00 R 35709 07/19 to 07/26 Bend CHLAB 207 Cost $59.00 Dont forget to bring a flash drive to class! Register at or call (541) 383-7270 9
  • 10. Business Essentials Small Business Development Center Launch Your Business Local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs find Are you about to or did you just recently open the doors support, solutions and resources through one-on-one to your own company? Avoid costly mistakes and position professional advising and practical education at the Small yourself for success in this class covering essential details for Business Development Center (SBDC) at COCC. anyone getting ready for business. Class combines four one-on- one daytime business advising sessions (starting the week of 4/23) with three Wednesday evening workshop presentations (5/2, 5/16 & How to Start a Business 5/30) plus peer support. Includes $20 workbook. Do you have a great idea you think could be a successful Maureen Quinn 6:00pm-9:00 W 26424 business but just don’t know how to get started? Cover the 05/02 to 05/30 Bend BEC 151 basics in this two-hour class and decide if running a business Cost $79.00 is for you. Cost $15.00. Maureen Quinn 04/18 6:00pm-8:00 W Bend BEC 151 26425 Small Business Management Program 2013 It’s not too early to get on the list for this popular annual Maureen Quinn 11:00am-1:00 F 26427 program that focuses on business success. Get long- 05/11 Redmond RDM3 306 term, hands-on business assistance through a unique Maureen Quinn 6:00pm-8:00 W 26426 combination of  monthly one-one-one business advising 06/06 Bend BEC 151 at your place of business along with practical peer group instruction in business management techniques. Open to a Maureen Quinn 11:00am-1:00 F 35692 limited number of businesses. Start now with one-on-one 07/13 Redmond RDM3 306 advising and be ready for the Small Business Management Maureen Quinn 6:00pm-8:00 W 35691 Program of 2013. 08/15 Bend BEC BDRM Cost $595 Starts January 2013 How to Develop a Business Plan How to Select the Right Franchise - Free Discover the tools you need to successfully plan, build and Thinking about owning a franchise? Learn if franchiseBUSINESS manage your business. Take an invaluable, two-evening ownership is right for you. This free class will help you workshop for people developing a business. This hands- make the best decisions to ensure your success. If business on class is full of practical advice and information for those ownership is a dream of yours, narrow down the many ready to start on their business plan. possibilities to a handful that might be just right for you. No Jim Wilcox 6:00pm-9:00 T 26385 charge; preregistration required. 05/22 to 05/29 Bend BEC BDRM Mike Sipe 6:00pm-9:00 R 26367 Cost $59.00 05/10 Bend BEC BDRM Mike Sipe 6:00pm-9:00 R 35685 07/19 Bend BEC 151 Free SBA Loan Briefing Are you looking for financing to start or grow a business? Learn about the SBA Guarantee Program, how to approach It’s Business Advising a lender and where to find loan proposal assistance. Free seminar conducted by an SBA Representative. Preregistration required. (541) 383-7290 Free! Russ Hooker noon-1:00 R 26386 05/24 Redmond RDM3 306 The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers the one-on-one business Russ Hooker 6:00pm-7:00 R 26387 05/24 Bend BEC BDRM advising you need to be more successful in your business. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, our team of experts can help you find the right path to success. The SBDC at COCC has helped more successful Central Oregon businesses than any other business advisory service. If you would like to talk to one of our business advisors, call (541) 383-7290 Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the to schedule an appointment. All advising is confidential U.S. Small Business Administration. and free of charge. 10 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 11. Repeat Performance Sports teams with the Small Business Development Center About a week after starting his part-time job at Repeat Performance Sports in 2008, Josh Sims knew he wanted to buy the sporting goods consignment shop. Six months later he was in the process of buying the business and realized that he needed some help with valuation, financing, transfer of ownership and taxes. Online research led him to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at COCC, where free advising sessions not only provided the information he needed, but also helped him prioritize his ideas. Last year Josh took the ‘Launch Your Business’ course through the SBDC and worked on a business plan, goals for the company, and marketing. The course provided one-one-one business advising, workshops about good management practices, and peer support from other participants. Josh recently relocated the store to Century Drive. Now, in addition Repeat Performance owner Josh Sims with to second-hand outdoor gear, Repeat Performance Sports offers BUSINESS just a portion of his consignment merchandise. a full-service ski shop, snowshoe rentals, and will include a bike repair shop, clinics and weekly group trips by this summer. Being “(My goal is) to create a a resource for the community is also a significant part of Josh’ssustainable business model business plan. that will allow me to serve “Our goal is to make sure people have what they need to get out my community, my there—nothing more, nothing less—regardless of the bottom customers and my staff line,” says Josh. “Every member of my staff knows that we are not salespeople.” in the best way I can.” He is now enrolled in COCC’s year-long Small Business Management program with the SBDC to help him implement his long-term goals: “to create a sustainable business model that will allow me to serve my community, my customers and my staff in the best way I can.” Repeat Performance Sports offers a donation program that supports such organizations as Oregon Adaptive Sports, Special Olympics and Mt Bachelor Ski Education Foundation. These organizations receive 100 percent of the proceeds from gear donations designated for them. Register at or call (541) 383-7270 11
  • 12. Workshops FREE Government Contracting Workshops Experts from the Government Contract Assistance Program Free Workshops in Redmond (GCAP), part of a nationwide network of Procurement Technical Thursday April 26 Assistance Centers (PTAC), will guide you through the process Redmond Business Expo of competing for Government Contracts. 1pm-6pm » Basics of Doing Business with the Federal Government Cover the initial steps to becoming a contractor with the R U Bankable Join finance expert Rick Stone and get the answers to these questions: What is the current Access to Capital? federal government. Learn more about the Government What are some Sources of Capital? Which Banks are Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) and find out what your Lending? What are Lenders really looking for? What are business can do to compete successfully in this market. Free the steps to getting a Loan? Am I Bankable? What do I class; preregistration required. need to know? What if I’m Not Bankable? How can I get Dee Edwards 8:00am-11:00 R 26492 05/03 Redmond RDM3 306                       Bankable? What if I get denied? » Simplifying Government Procurement through the GSA FSS Program Find out how the General Services Administration’s (GSA) The Power of Email Marketing Join Dana Pethia, marketing expert from Constant Contact, and learn how to master email marketing Federal Supply Schedules Program can initiate your sales communications. Take a comprehensive look at best to federal, state and local agencies. Explore the process practices and winning strategies for getting and involved in obtaining a GSA Schedule contract for your keeping quality subscribers, increasing deliverability business. Note: GSA FSS contract program is not utilized for and open rates, writing good headlines and content, government construction projects. Free class; preregistration saving time, and getting readers to take action. Learn required. to create an email campaign that gets results.BUSINESS Steven Spilker               noon-3:00 R                     26494 » 05/03                         Redmond RDM3 306                       See full schedule at Introductions to Special Programs or call (541) 923-5191 8:00am-9:00am: Introduction to GCAP’s Government Contract Opportunities Match (GCOM) Find out about GCAP’s daily computer matching of federal and state contracting opportunities that show you exactly what the federal, state and local government is buying or planning to buy. 9:30am-10:30am: Introduction to a Capabilities Statement What is a Capabilities Statement and why do you need one? This marketing tool will help your business gain attention from Federal Agencies & Prime Contractors . Free sessions; attend one or both; preregistration required. Dee Edwards                  8:00am-10:30 F 26495 05/04                        Redmond RDM3 306 » Major Steps in Preparation of a GSA FSS/ MAS Proposal Learn how to develop a proposal checklist. Explore digital certificates, ‘E-offer’ and how to post GSA proposal submittal milestones. Prerequisite: CRN 26494 on 5/3: ‘Simplifying Government Procurement through the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Josh Sims understands the value of great customer service. Federal Supply Schedules Program.’ Free class; preregistration required. Read his story on page 11. Steven Spilker              noon-3:00 F 26498 05/04                         Redmond RDM3 306                 12 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 13. Marketing | Social MediaMarketing Series Getting the Word OutOnline is the hottest place around. Take this series of three Learn how to write effective email blasts, newsletters,classes and get what you need to know to market online. press releases, flyers and more. Attract the customers youLearn how you can find your target market and use social want and express more clearly what your business can donetworking to reel them in. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all; for them. Especially set up for those businesses withoutlearn to manage your presence online without losing your dedicated marketing personnel.head. Take the whole series and save money (no refunds after 4/5) or Cameron Davis 6:30pm-8:30 M 26343the classes can be taken individually. Please call Community Learning 04/16 to 04/30 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $69.00 to register for the series at 541-383-7270. Staff 6:00pm-9:00 TR 26586 04/12 to 05/17 Cost $155.00 Bend TBA The Name Game Business success relies on verbal branding as much as visual branding. A business or product name can carry the Marketing to Your Best Customers your Blanket marketing is very expensive. Targeting power to differentiate you among your competition and connect you to your target audience. This class will provide audience can attract the business you want and also a condensed overview on what it takes to develop unique, save you money. Discover ways to target the buyers effective and enduring business and product names. you need to grow your business. This is the first of three Pamela Trow-Johnson 9:00am-noon T 26441 classes in the Marketing Online Series. 05/22 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $59.00 Sam Handelman 6:00pm-9:00 R 26580 04/12 to 04/19 Bend MAZ 120 Cost $59.00 Facebook & Twitter Basics Facebook and Twitter are all the rage. Find out how to set up Online Marketing with Facebook & and secure your account, add friends, use the search feature Twitter and more. Don’t get left behind. Whether you are interested Explore how to effectively use Facebook and Twitter to for business or pleasure, come get what you need to start BUSINESS market and advertise your small to medium business. feeling comfortable on both. Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 T 26510 Find out how to create an online brand presence on 04/10 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER both social media sites. Taught in a computer lab to Cost $39.00 give you valuable hands-on training. Prerequisite: must have Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is the second of Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 M 35699 07/09 Bend CHLAB 207 three classes in the Marketing Online Series. Cost $39.00 Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 T 26581 04/24 to 05/01 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $69.00 Leveraging Facebook for Business Gain an understanding of the basic strategy behind Social Media: Managing Your Sites You are busy but need to keep up with what is publishing, owning and leveraging a Facebook Business page. Interactive lecture and discussion will cover the happening on social sites for your business. What is the landscape of Facebook, from integrating the channel into best way to balance this with getting your work done? the marketing mix, to engaging your target audience How do you keep up with your online marketing and through the consumer experience, to advertising on not lose the day doing it? Learn how to take care of Facebook and leveraging available insights. Those with a business while staying in touch with clients. This is the business Facebook page will gain the most from this class third of three classes in the Marketing Online Series. by taking you to the next level of audience engagement in Matthew Hand 6:00pm-9:00 T 26582 the largest social networking platform on the web. 05/15 to 05/17 6:00pm-9:00 R John Dempsey 6:00pm-9:00 T 26528 Cost $59.00 Bend MAZ 224 05/29 to 06/05 Bend PIO 200B Cost $89.00 Register at or call (541) 383-7270 13
  • 14. Business | Nonprofit Bookkeeping for Business Do you want to add basic bookkeeping and accounting skills to your tool kit? This class will help you understand and apply entry-level accounting concepts to keep books electronically using QuickBooks Pro. For those with little or no bookkeeping experience who are looking to add employable skills in a relatively short period of time or small business owners who need the accounting basics to keep accurate records. Prerequisite: keyboarding and basic computer skills using Windows. Required text: Bookkeepers’ Bootcamp, 2nd edition. No class 5/25. Must attend first session on 4/27. CEUs included. Steve Westberg 9:00am-noon F 26542 04/27 to 06/22 Bend PIO 114 Cost $229.00 Andre Jensen guides students in the latest search engine strategies. Be a Tax Preparer Do you want to become a licensed tax preparer, expand Successful Search Engine Strategies your tax knowledge to help you in your business, or just Website not attracting much online business? Keep up with add skills to your resume? This accelerated 80-hour basic the latest changes and optimize your site for the major search course (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings) includes engines as part of your marketing strategy. Get hands-on the fundamentals of income tax law in preparation for experience for optimizing your site to improve ranking in the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners preparer exam. The search engine results. Instructor uses students’ websites as content is presented at a fast pace; plan on spending 10-15 examples and provides a site audit. Learn about keyword hours each week outside of class (potentially more if you research, site content best practices, internal links, Pay-for- have little or no experience with this topic) on homework Placement (such as Google AdWords) and get free tools. and studying for the exams given throughout the course.BUSINESS Computer and Internet experience strongly recommended; Required textbook: Quickfinder 1040 Edition for 2011 Tax Year (available those with a website will benefit most. for purchase at first class). CEUs included. Andre Jensen 6:30pm-9:00 T 26575 Donna Hines 6:00pm-10:00 TBA 35723 05/01 to 05/15 Bend MAZ 120 09/04 to 11/13 Bend TBA Cost $79.00 Cost $389.00 Blogging Ain’t Just for Moms Nonprofit Grant Writing Think blogging is just for moms? Think again. Blogging Become skilled at selecting grant opportunities for for business can drastically help your website’s SEO, build nonprofit organizations and writing successful applications. credibility, drive traffic to your site, connect you with Identify funding sources, especially in Oregon. Discover tips customers, and increase your business for free! Even if you’ve on research, effective writing, board involvement, grant never written an article in your life, you can successfully management and reporting. Students are encouraged to blog for business. This course will teach you how to set up a bring a current grant project. Basic computer skills helpful. Wordpress blog, integrate your blog with other social media, Laura Pinckney 9:00am-4:00 F 26407 engage with your audience and other bloggers, and create 04/20 Sisters DPL-SI Cost $59.00 original content on the fly. Amber Blount 6:00pm-9:00 M 26573 Laura Pinckney 9:00am-noon F 26503 05/14 to 05/21 COCC Bend LIB 117 05/18 to 05/25 Bend MAZ 122 Cost $59.00 Cost $59.00 Building a Successful YouTube Channel How do you get your videos to stand out in the crowd? Uploading a video on YouTube isn’t enough. Over 2 billion online videos are viewed every day, 23% are making a  Marketing Your Nonprofit - Online Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit by learning to compete more effectively for members, media buying decision. Come get hands-on experience to build attention, donors, clients, and volunteers. For more information your own YouTube channel. Discover the secrets to getting on this course and to register see link below. found on YouTube by optimizing your channel and videos Cost $89.00 Register at and techniques to drive traffic your site. Michelle Alvarado 6:00pm-8:00 W 26360 04/11 to 04/25 COCC Bend LIB 117 Cost $69.00 14 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 15. Management Practical Project Management Learn how to manage projects from initiation to close-out. This practical course teaches you how to successfully initiate, plan, execute, control and close out projects applying industry accepted project management best practices. Includes project management concepts, helpful standard terminology, efficient process development, application of effective tools, and established methods based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Approved for 12 hours of PDUs for current PMPs and 12 hours of required education for those planning Learn management tips from Marge Cieri. to take the PMP exam. Lynn Jesus-Olhausen 9:00am-4:00 F 26541Team Building for Greater Productivity 04/27 to 05/04 Bend PON 103Teamwork can increase commitment to a common goal. Cost $349.00 Achieve company and departmental objectives through acollaborative team approach MS Project Basics Marge Cieri 8:00am-noon R 26318 Manage tasks, timelines and resources. Work with tracking 04/05 Bend BEC BDRM and reporting features to accurately prepare professional Cost $85.00 estimates and monitor your projects. Project management has become important in many professions and MS Project PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTGiving Directions, Delegating & Motivating allows you to work more effectively. Workbook included. BringUse supervisory power positively to direct and motivate a flash drive. Meets 5/9, 5/11 and 5/16. This training can also beothers on your team and delegate effectively to influence customized to meet your needs and delivered at your business or inorganizational goals. one of our college computer labs. CEUs included. Marge Cieri 8:00am-noon R 26319 Arielle Ocel 8:00am-noon WF 26484 05/03 Bend BEC BDRM 05/09 to 05/16 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER Cost $85.00 Cost $229.00 Decision Making & Problem Solving PMP Exam PrepThere is no longer ‘one best way’ to address issues being Are you working toward becoming a Project Managementfaced in today’s organizations. Explore the difference Professional? COCC offers classes to help prepare for thebetween creative and rational problem solving and make PMP exam. See for prerequisites needed toeffective decisions take the PMP certification exam. Call COCC to add your name to our Marge Cieri 8:00am-noon R 26320 PMP Exam Prep mailing list: 541-383-7270 or 06/07 Bend BEC BDRM Cost $85.00 SharePoint for Collaboration SharePoint is an industry leader as a collaboration portal Achieving Success with Difficult People - OnlineLearn how to have more successful relationships with platform, encompassing document management, content management, and team collaboration tools. Discover what SharePoint is and how to design, create and customizedifficult bosses, co-workers, students, neighbors, or relatives. sites to collaborate, share documents, communicate andFor more information on this course and to register see link below. coordinate activities and projects. Approved for 7 hours of Cost $89.00 Register at PDUs for current PMPs. Lynn Jesus-Olhausen 8:00am-4:00 F 26539 Individual Excellence - Online 05/18 Bend PIO 112 Cost $285.00 Master twelve career-enhancing skills including goal setting,time management, personal organization, and creativity. For moreinformation on this course and to register see link below. What Can SharePoint Do for Your Business? Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for teams to collaborate. Cost $89.00 Register at Using SharePoint 2010, your people can set up sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and create a central hub of information to help everyone make better decisions. Let COCC help you make it easier for your team to work together. Call 541-383-7270 or email to schedule a consultation. Register at or call (541) 383-7270 15
  • 16. Management Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) Courses at COCC Beginning fall 2012, COCC and the Portland Chapter of APICS (Association for Operations Management) will offer the first of a five course series to prepare you for the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) certification exams. For operations managers in manufacturing and service industries including materials management, information services, purchasing and quality, you will increase your functional knowledge of production Online Classes –  and inventory management while earning the CPIM industry certification that is highly recognized and valued by employers. For more information about the CPIM courses, go to Convenience is Everything!  Add your name to our mailing list by calling 541-383-7270 or email us at The online classroom is a convenient option to help you acquire skills for in-demand occupations—or to take a class just for fun. Our courses are designed Microsoft Certification Prep: Excel 2010 by a team of professionals who provide the most Certification can lead to better jobs and increased pay. Prepare to take Microsoft’s Certification Exam 77-882 for effective web-based learning experience available. Excel. Learn all the ins and outs of Excel and Microsoft’sPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • 300+ class options expectations to get ready for the exam. Required text: Microsoft Excel 2010: 77-882. Testing fee is extra. Exam offered at COCC Testing • Instructors actively involved to motivate Center by appointment. and encourage you Jerry Schulz 6:00pm-9:00 W 26451 04/18 to 05/09 Redmond RDM1 114 • Classes start monthly Cost $149.00 • 6 weeks, 2 lessons per week, 24 hours total Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist • Reasonably priced at $89 Prep Certification counts! It tells the world what you are capable of Browse our Online Instruction Center at and validates your skills. Certification in Windows 7 can open to view all course doors and present opportunities for work in the IT field. This descriptions, detailed syllabus, instructor information class prepares you for the Microsoft Certified Technology and student reviews. Topic areas include: Specialist Exam, 70-680. Expect to spend 6 hours between each class with homework. Prerequisite: familiarity with Windows • Accounting, Business and Finance 7. Required text: MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam) 70-680. Testing fee is extra. Exam offered at COCC Testing Center by appointment. • College Readiness Jerry Schulz 6:00pm-8:00 M 26337 04/09 to 05/21 Bend SRCTR COMPUTER • Computer Applications and Technology Cost $289.00 • Design and Composition • Health Care and Medical Customized Training The right employee training at the right time provides • Language and Arts big payoffs for employers in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty and contribution. Let COCC assist • Law and Legal you in design and delivery that can help to maximize • Personal Development your training investment. Topics include: • Software Skills • Teaching and Education • Management Skills • Writing and Publishing • Workplace Spanish • Project Management Browse through all of our convenient online classes at • Workplace Wellness 16 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 17. Health Care | Wellness Spanish Health Care Interpreter Training COCC and Oregon Area Health Education Center (AHEC) together offer the Spanish Health Care Interpreter training to prepare bilingual individuals to serve as Health Care Interpreters in medical settings. We are building our mailing list for the next training, which is a combination of classroom, online instruction plus practicum in a health care setting. If you are fluent in English and Spanish written and spoken language and have a desire to serve in this role, please call or email us to add your name to our interest list 541-383- 7270 or For details, go to http://noncredit.cocc. edu/spanishhci. Community Health Workers are important community resources.Community Health WorkerA Community Health Worker (CHW) is an outreach personwho coordinates access and care to help bridge the gapsand eliminate barriers between health care, social services, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTand the needs of at-risk members of our community.CHWs work with clients to assess risks, match individualsto needed services such as primary care providers, healthinsurance coverage, dental care, housing and food sources.The course consists of 36 hours of classroom instructionwith a strong focus on communication, interpersonal andassessment skills. Another 20 hours will include a student-directed project focusing on resource development withapplication to the CHW role. More information: http:// Earn Nursing Assistant Level 2 Course is designed for those withlittle or no related education or professional experience as Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2 (CNA2)a CHW who would like to gain entry-level skills in a non- CNA2 is an 80-hour noncredit course including lecture,clinical health care role. Offered in partnership with Health skills lab and clinical practicum for those holding a currentMatters of Central Oregon. unencumbered Oregon CNA1 license. The next course will Terry Chianello 9:00am-4:00 F 26328 start in May or October, based on demand. If you would like 04/06 to 05/11 Bend BEC 140 Cost $475.00 to add your name to the mailing list, please call 541-383- 7270 or email RadiologyDesigned for dental assistants and other dental office staffto learn the fundamentals of oral radiography. Classroomsessions: Friday, 8/3 (8:30-2pm) Thursdays, 8/7, 8/14 & 8/21 (5:30-  Human Anatomy and Physiology - Online Gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the marvelous complexity of the human body. For more8:00pm), plus 12 hours of online course work. Labs: Friday/Saturday information on this course and to register see link below.August 17, 18, 24, 25 (8:30 am-3:30 pm). For course details, go to http:// Cost $89.00 Register at Registration/refund deadline 7/12/12. Deborah Davies 8:30am-2:00 F 35711 08/03 to 08/25 5:30pm-8:00 R Cost $649.00 8:30am-3:30 FS Bend PIO 114  Spanish for Medical Professionals - Online Learn medical Spanish quickly and easily, honing your basic conversational skills and mastering key healthcare words and phrases. For more information on this course and to register see link below. Cost $89.00 Register at Register at or call (541) 383-7270 17
  • 18. Health Care | Wellness Kinesio Taping® Method 1 & 2 This two-day course introduces health care practitioners to the Kinesio Taping® Method. Saturday’s KT1 includes Kinesio Taping concepts, theory and history and discusses the four major physiological effects - skin, muscle, circulatory/ lymphatic and joint. During lab sessions, you’ll practice assessment tests approved for the enhancement of your KT skills and muscle applications for both the upper and lower body. Sunday’s KT2 course covers advanced concepts and corrective techniques building on material learned in KT1. Includes an introduction to Improve your medical office administration skills. the six corrective techniques (mechanical, functional, space, Medical Office Courses – Coming Fall 2012 fascia, ligament/tendon, and Employment opportunities are growing in the health care lymphatic) and discussion of administration field. Are you interested in starting a career their application in a varietyPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT working in a medical office or increasing your knowledge to of clinical conditions. During move into billing and insurance processing? COCC plans to lab sessions, practice applying offer noncredit training in fall 2012 to introduce and expand these techniques to a variety real world working knowledge of administrative positions of upper and lower body in ambulatory health care settings. For information on these conditions. Designed for courses go to Add your name to The Kinesio Taping® Method health care professionals in an our mailing list: 541-383-7270 or advanced health care setting including Physical Therapists and licensed health professionals with significant study Heart of the Cascades in anatomy and physiology. CEUs included; 16 contact hours. Registration/refund deadline 4/23. Yoga Teacher Training James Wallis 8:00am-5:00 S 26331 The 200-hour Heart of the Cascades Yoga Teacher Training 05/05 to 05/06 8:00am-5:00 U is open to students from all traditions and styles. Designed Cost $549.00 Bend BEC 151 for those who wish to deepen their practice and/or become teachers themselves, this training will provide you with Kinesio Taping® 3 Certification an opportunity to experience the many For those who have completed Kinesio Taping 1 and 2, this benefits of yoga through intensive study is the third course in the Kinesio Taping Method instruction and practice. An in-depth curriculum series and includes discussion and hands-on labs with including yoga philosophy, anatomy and clinical applications of orthopedic/sports medicine physiology,  detailed postural alignment, conditions. Advanced Kinesio Taping concepts such as and the art of teaching yoga will prepare manual fascial glide, basket weave and scar management you to manage a class of various abilities are included. Upon completion, you will be eligible to apply and conditions. Graduates are eligible for the practitioner examination offered by the Kinesio to become Registered Yoga Teachers Taping Association. Must show proof of completing Kinesio Taping with Yoga Alliance. 1 & 2 courses by May 18 (fax to 541-383-7503 or email as attachment to CEUs included; 8 contact hours. Registration/ Call 541-383-7270 for more information or to be added to the Cascades Heart of our interest Yoga Teacher Training refund deadline 5/18. list. Visit for additional James Wallis 8:00am-5:00 U 26330 information. 06/03 Bend BEC 154 Cost $275.00 18 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 19. Wellness Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Training This unique 14-Module course presented by The Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc., is taught over 8 months (fall, winter and spring quarter) and trains students to analyze nutritional deficiencies, balance body chemistry, and help others achieve vibrant health and wellness. Graduates of the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program participate in a rigorous course covering such topics as Anatomy, Physiology, basic chemistry concepts and the science of foods and their nutritional components. They also learn how to identify and address imbalances in the body and how to intervene with nutrition to improve overall health and wellness. Classes start in September and are held over an 8 month period. Students will meet for a total of 10 days. In addition to classroom instruction, comprehensive instructionalMassage Therapy materials including student workbooks, reference materials,Continuing Education Classes the lecture series on DVD and the nutritional assessmentTake your Massage Therapy business and education software are all included in the cost of the next level! In conjunction with the exceptional PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTCOCC Licensed Massage Therapy Department, Students will participate in Instructor-led pre-recordedCommunity Learning offers advanced level massage online training as well as live online question and answertherapy courses in special topics that satisfy continuing sessions that review the video lecture series material. Theyeducation requirements for licensed massage will have the opportunity to ask questions and join in on classtherapists. These in-depth courses are taught by discussions that complement the curriculum. In addition,COCC’s professional teaching staff who have advanced students may schedule individual phone conferences totrainings in their area of specialty. clarify any questions. The course requirements include attendance, module based homework, book reviewsSpring Term classes will include: on all required reading, a community project, outside client/practitioner exercises, workshops, online training• Spa Treatments (70 contact hours) sessions and successful completion of written and practical• Neuromuscular Extremities (60 contact hours) examinations.• Thai Foot Massage and Herbal Compress (20 contact hours) Qualifying students will be certified by the Nutritional Therapy• Pregnancy Massage (15 contact hours) Association. For more information, questions please visit or contact NTA at (800) 918-9798.All Spring classes begin the week of April 2, 2012. Please check ourwebsite for the most current information and how to register. Free informational session: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 5:30-7:00 pm CRN 26457 COCC BEC BDRM Preregistration for this free informational meeting is highly recommended. Call 541 383-7270 to register. Visit http://noncredit. for additional information.Customized Workplace WellnessEmployee Wellness Programs are essential to the long-term viability of all businesses. Let us tailor a wellnessprogram to your unique business.  COCC can work with your HR department or staff to deliver workplace wellnessoptions that cover topics including: nutrition, activity/movement/exercise, healthy lifestyles, preventative healthand emotional well-being.  Invest in your most valuable business asset, your people, with wellness options that fityour team and goals. Register at or call (541) 383-7270 19
  • 20. Building | Sustainability Contractors CCB Test Prep Contractors must take a 16-hour state-approved course to satisfy the educational requirement for Oregon construction contractor licensing. Take this live class to prepare for the state-mandated test (not included) to become a licensed contractor. ML Vidas 6:00pm-9:00 R 26475 04/19 to 04/21 8:30am-5:00 FS Cost $299.00 Bend BEC BDRM Cost $254.00 no book provided 26476 ML Vidas 6:00pm-9:00 R 26477 06/14 to 06/16 8:30am-5:00 FS Cost $299.00 Redmond RDM3 306 Cost $254.00 no book provided 26478 Contractors CCB Test Prep, Online Contractors must take a 16-hour state-approved course to Learn the basics of solar photovoltaic design. satisfy the educational requirement for Oregon construction contractor licensing. Take this online class to prepare for the Solar PV Basics-NABCEP Entry Level Prep state-mandated test (not included) to become a licensed This intensive 3-day class covers solar photovoltaic design contractor. Register at any time; students have five months from their and installation basics and will help to prepare you for thePROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT start date to complete the course. Required textbook not included. North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Dennis Sargent April - June 26054 (NABCEP) Entry Level Knowledge exam. This is not a course Cost $99.00 July - September 35472 to train as a PV installer; it is an introductory course in solar PV. Class meets all day April 25, 26, 27; review session from 8am- 10am on Apr. 28, followed by NABCEP Entry Level PV Exam (10:30am- 12:30pm); exam fee not included in class fee. Registration/refund deadline 4/17. Recommended book: Photovoltaic Systems, 2nd Ed. (Dunlop/NAJTC). Approved for 8 hours of code related continuing education for licensed electricians. Richard Smith 8:00am-5:00 WRF 26545 04/25 to 04/28 8:00am-10:00 S Cost $299.00 Bend BEC BDRM NABCEP Entry Level PV Knowledge Exam Exam fee for those who have completed a NABCEP approved solar PV course. 04/28 10:30am-12:30 S 26588 Cost $85.00 BEC 140 Prepare for LEED Accredited Professional qualification. Electrician Continuing Ed – Code Change COCC will offer an 8-hour class this spring covering the 2011 LEED Exam Prep & Green Building Strategies code change requirements necessary to renew your license. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Call 541-383-7270 or email for more information. system is the most credible tool for measuring and verifying the green attributes of a building. The LEED Accredited  12 Steps to -aOnline Successful Professional qualification will increase your value in the job market. This course provides a comprehensive and detailed introduction to green building and the implementation of Job Search World-renowned author and career advisor shows you LEED on new construction projects. Qualifies for LEED Green how to get the job you want quickly and easily and in any Associate Exam and approved for AIA CEUs. For more information see economy. For more information on this course and to register see link below. Mary Louise Vidas 6:00pm-9:00 T 26329 04/03 to 05/01 Bend LIB 23 Cost $89.00 Register at Cost $295.00 20 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 21. Building Workzone Flagger Prepare to be a flagger for work zone traffic control. Learn the basics of flagging and traffic safety. Participants take an open-book test at the end of class. Upon successful completion, receive Oregon Department of Transportation Credential for flaggers, valid for three years in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Dennis Morris 9:00am-2:00 F 26508 05/11 Bend BEC 151 Cost $79.00 Irrigation systems are an important part of landsape design.Irrigation BasicsLearn to design, construct, repair and troubleshootresidential irrigation systems. This class covers basic PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENThydraulic theory, how to obtain site information, determineirrigation requirements and water supply, select sprinklersand spacing ranges, and calculate pressure requirements.Approved for 8 hours of continuing education for landscapecontractors through the Oregon LCB. John Low 6:30pm-8:30 W 26429 04/11 to 05/02 Bend PON 101 Cost $69.00 Learn to safely operate a forklift.Native Plant Landscaping New Forklift Operation & SafetyNative vegetation can contribute to a low maintenance Learn how to operate a forklift safely. Includes videolandscape. Explore native plant possibilities and develop a instruction and hands-on experience maneuvering a forkliftlist of plants that are suitable for your yard. Your instructor is a in practice drills. Upon satisfactory completion, forkliftlicensed landscape contractor with an extensive background operator certification cards will be mailed. Must bring a validin environmental research/management and native plant state driver’s license or state ID card to class and be 18 years old. Thishabitat restoration. Approved for 8 hours of continuing education training can also be delivered at your business and customized tofor landscape contractors through the Oregon LCB. meet your needs. Richard Martinson 4:00pm-6:00 F 26540 Floyd Mergel 8:00am-1:00 S 26481 04/13 to 04/14 9:00am-4:00 S 04/28 Redmond RDM3 306 Cost $59.00 Bend BEC 155 Cost $69.00  Introduction to Interior Design - Online Explore a career in interior design as you learn how to transform any room into a beautiful and functional space. For more information on this course and to register see link below. Cost $89.00 Register at Register at or call (541) 383-7270 21
  • 22. General Information Pre-registration required for all classes Consent for Information Register through Community Learning prior to the class beginning. OAR 581-41-460 authorizes Central Oregon Community College to ask Payment is required at the time of registration. you to provide your social security number. The number will be used by the college for reporting, research and record keeping, extending credit Enrollment and processing debts. Your number will also be provided by the college Please register as early as possible, especially since most of our classes to the Oregon Community College Unified Reporting System (OCCURS), require a minimum number of participants. Community Learning which is a group made up of all community colleges in Oregon, the classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If COCC has to State Office of Community College Services and the Oregon Community cancel a class for any reason, a full refund is issued automatically in College Association. OCCURS gathers information about students and the form of a check. programs to meet state and federal reporting requirements. It also helps colleges plan, research and develop programs. This information helps the colleges to support the progress of students and their success in the Registered Students workplace and other education programs. OCCURS and/or the College Unless you hear from us, go to class. The only time you will hear from may also match your social security number with such systems as: us is: • State and private universities, colleges and vocational schools, to find • If class is cancelled out how many community college students go on with their education • If there is a change in time or day and to find out whether community college courses are a good basis • If the class is full for further education; You are responsible for obtaining your materials lists and liability • The Shared Information System, which gathers information to help state waivers from the web ( and local agencies plan education and training services to help Oregon citizens get the best jobs available; Wait List Students are encouraged to put their name on the wait list for full • The Office of Professional Technical Education Management Information classes. DO NOT ATTEND the class unless you have received a call System, to provide reports to the state and federal governments. The IMPORTANT INFORMATION letting you know that you may now register.IMPORTANT INFORMATION information is used to learn about education, training and job market trends for planning, research and program improvement. Funding for Payments/Refunds community colleges is based on this information. Make checks payable to COCC. We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover. Students are eligible for a refund if they drop a class seven days prior • The American College Testing Service, if you take the Asset placement to the class start date. Refunds are sent by check within two weeks test, for educational research purposes; of request date. No refunds are available if request is made less than seven days prior to the class start date. • National Loan Clearinghouse. Your number will be used only for the purposes listed above. State and federal law protects the privacy of your Policies records. Anyone age 16 or older may attend Community Learning classes or workshops. Additional policies are online at Non-Discrimination Policy Confirmation It is the policy of the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the Those registering online receive immediate confirmation. Those basis of age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, color, registering by phone or in person receive confirmation by mail after race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status in any educational payment is processed. programs, activities or employment. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and non-discrimination should contact the Equal CEUs Employment Officer, c/o COCC’s Human Resources office, (541) 383-7216. COCC offers Continuing Education Units for successful completion of certain job-related courses. Check with your professional organization Faculty, staff and students are protected from discrimination and to see if a COCC CEU will satisfy your profession’s requirement. Call harassment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the (541) 383-7500 for transcript order information. Education Amendments of 1972. Further inquiries may be directed to the Affirmative Action Officer, c/o COCC’s Human Resources office, (541) 383-7216. Grant Fund Partial grants are available for short term non-credit training in workforce skill areas such as computer training. For more information COCC is an Equal Opportunity recreation provider under Special Use about the Community Opportunity Fund call (541) 383-7270. Permit from the Deschutes National Forest. Accessibility In advance of College events, persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability, contact Joe Viola: (541) 383-7775. For accommodation because of other disability such as hearing impairment, contact Anne Walker: (541) 383-7743. Inclement Weather Listen to the local radio for announcements and closures, check www., or call (541) 383-7700 for a recorded message. 22 Register at or call (541) 383-7270
  • 23. REGISTRATIONIt’s easy to sign up. We have three convenient options to choose from. ONLINE Additional Materials for your class Use our new shopping cart. Go to and follow There are several ways to receive a list of required or recom- the instructions below. mended materials for your class: 1. Send email to Include the 5-digit class BY PHONE number or class title and start date and we will send you Call (541) 383-7270. Please have your the information by return email. Emails are processed dur- credit card information ready. We take ing regular business hours. Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. 2. Use our online registration system at http://noncredit. IN PERSON Registrations accepted Monday • Click on Register Now! through Friday, 9am - 5pm. • Enter the 5-digit class number in the search bar. Bend COCC Campus Press Enter. IMPORTANT INFORMATION (2600 NW College Way) IMPORTANT INFORMATION • Click on your class. Choose to see class Redmond COCC Campus details; click on More Information to display any (2030 SE College Lp.) additional materials or requirements for your class. Madras COCC Campus 3. Call us at 541-383-7270, Mon.–Fri., 9:00am to 5:00pm. (1170 E Ashwood Rd.) Detailed instructions for our online registration system may be Prineville - COCC Crook Co. Open found on page 2. Campus (510 SE Lynn Blvd.)Registration FormName ________________________________________ COCC ID ________________________ DOB ______________ (required)Mailing Address _________________________________________ City/State/Zip ____________________________________Day Phone _______________________________ Email Address __________________________________________________Visa/MC/Discover # ____________________________________________ Exp date _______________ VCode _______ CRN Class Title Fee $ Do you identify yourself as Hispanic/Latino? Yes No In addition, select one or more of the following: Black or African American¹ American Indian or Alaska Native² White⁵ Asian⁷ Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander⁸ Other⁶ Register at or call (541) 383-7270 23
  • 24. Central Oregon Community CollegeBusiness, Employee and Professional Development2600 NW College WayBend OR 97701 3 11 19 21