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  • SFO-AAA123-20081216-
  • Real project and real results.
  • Berkeley Student Cooperative – Marvin Room Big Ideas @ Berkeley – 4721 DELCo – 4724 Greater Good Science Center – 4847 Healthy Communities – 4801 Proof Points – 4734 Rubicon Programs – Marvin Room Swords to Plowshares – 4830 The Stride Center – Marvin Room Year Up – 4833  
  • Social Sector Solutions Kickoff Presentation

    1. 1. 2013 Clients: Social Sector Solutions (S3)Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Zagaya 1
    2. 2. Agenda Part 1 Projects and partners 3pm – 4pm – Welcome and introductions – Roles and responsibilities – Overview of all projects – Nonprofit clients present the goal of your consultation –1 minute eachClick to–edit Master text styles Calendar of key events – Q&A Second level Third level Part 2 Team work sessions Fourth level 4pm – 5pm – Introductions – team leads, clients, consultants, coaches Fifth level – Review and confirmation of project scope – Team expectations and roles – Project logistics – schedule dates for mid-term progress review, final report, status meetings, conference calls with coaches, key organizational events 2
    3. 3. The Participants InstructorsClick to edit Master text Team styles Second level •Lead Client Third level •Members Fourth level Fifth level McKinsey coaches 3
    4. 4. Real projects. Real results.Client Industry ProblemCA Hispanic Chambers of Business development Build revenue model to support Hispanic businesses in California through 65 local chambers in 4 regions.Commerce One project; 700,000 California businesses.Childrens Hospital of Oakland Health Improving children’s health while lowering costs, increasing access, sharing knowledge and tools. Work at the intersection of healthcare and technology innovation to create a health tele-presence strategy.City of Richmond, LBNL Campus Economic development Create a business plan to capture the economic benefits for Richmond from the new campus of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to be located in the city, focusing on supply chain to generate local employment and revenue.City of Richmond, Fair Trade Economic development Devise a business plan to energize the local economy and social enterprises by planning a first-of-its-kindMarketplace Fair Trade Marketplace in downtown Richmond. Click to edit Master text stylesCoalition for Compassionate Health Create a business plan for a new consulting arm to healthcare organizations to advance palliative medicine Second levelCare of California and end-of-life care in California.The Daily Californian Third levelJournalism Develop a business plan to engage business students in strengthening the business operations of the Daily Cal newspaper, a 141 year old publication.David and Lucile Packard Fourth level Education Guide the giving strategy of one of the nation’s largest foundations. Strategically move from pre-K educationFoundation: Preschool California Fifth level to long-term support of birth to 5, including transition to kindergarten.Five Keys Charter School Education and Create a Social Impact Bond in San Francisco based on an innovative juvenile education program to reduce Juvenile justice recidivism rates, a first-of-its kind bond on the west coast.Hispanic Foundation Silicon Philanthropy Create a 2-3 year strategic plan for a foundation serving the Hispanic community in Silicon Valley.ValleyNorthern California Community Economic development Conduct market research and create a marketing plan to attract new investors in the loan fund, to provideLoan Fund and Finance economic development for low income communities. Social Impact Investing with local returns.The Working Group - Not in Our Film/Multimedia Strengthen anti-hate crime initiatives by identifying diverse revenue opportunities, allowing for financialTown sustainability and program health.Zagaya Health Create plans for new plants in India and Africa to produce the active ingredient in ACT’s--the WHO- recommended treatment for malaria. 4
    5. 5. Happiness Cycle- Client View 8 6 4 2Click to edit Master text styles Second level Client 0 Third level -2 Fourth level Fifth level -4 -6 -8 t tg ar 3 7 d- R 13 m St W k W k M i k nal W Fi 5
    6. 6. Happiness CycleClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level t tg ar 3 7 d- R 13 m St W k W k M i k nal W Fi 6
    7. 7. Advice from Former Clients • Up front -- Appreciate the need to invest in the team • Every week -- Speak with the team (1 hour call) to assess progress and speed problem solvingClick to edit Master text styles Second level • Throughout -- Be a demanding client Third level Fourth level • After the mid-term review -- Revisit scope Fifth level to make sure you are getting what you need • At the end of the project -- Spend time to capture the full value of the team’s insights 7
    8. 8. Key Events January February March April 1/25 Kick-off Hard work Week of 3/18 Week of 5/6 @ McKinsey Mid-term FinalClick to edit Master text styles 3-5pm Progress Review Presentation Second level (all partners) (teams) (teams Third level Fourth level More Hard work 5/10 Finale— Fifth level report-outs & evaluation @ McKinsey 3-5pm 8
    9. 9. Today’s work with team • Introductions • Problem definition/constraintsClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level • Workplanning and deliverables Fourth level Fifth level • Arrangements for working together and timing of key meetings 9
    10. 10. Work Session Locations Team Room CA Hispanic Chambers of Commerce 4845 Childrens Hospital of Oakland 4734 City of Richmond, LBNL Campus Marvin’s conference room City of Richmond, Fair Trade Marvin’s conference roomClick to edit Master text styles Care of California Coalition for Compassionate 4721 The Daily Californian Second level 4724 David andlevel Packard Foundation: Preschool California Third Lucile 4730 Five KeysFourth level Charter School 4726 Fifth level Hispanic Foundation Silicon Valley 4811 Northern California Community Loan Fund 4833 The Working Group - Not in Our Town 4728 Zagaya 4732 10
    11. 11. Contact Information Nora Silver Director, Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership and Adjunct Professor, Haas School of Business 510.642.1625 Paul JansenClick to edit MasterEmeritus, McKinsey & Company Director text styles Second level Third level Andrik Cardenas Fourth level Director of Operations, Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership, Haas Fifth level School of Business 510.642.4884 Evin Guy Project Coordinator, Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership, Haas School of Business 510.643.1869 11
    12. 12. Thank you! The business of making a difference starts here.Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level 12