S3 for Social Enterprises Info Session 4-10-2013


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  • Good afternoon everyone. How is everyone doing?
  • S3 for Social Enterprises Info Session 4-10-2013

    1. 1. for Social EnterprisesClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
    2. 2. Instructors Nora Silver Director and Adjunct Professor Center for Nonprofit and Public LeadershipClick to edit Master text styles Second level Joe Dougherty Third level Associate Partner Fourth levelDalberg Global Development Advisors Fifth level Lalitha Vaidyanathan Managing Director FSG Social Impact Consultants
    3. 3. Course StructureClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Social Enterprise Impact
    4. 4. Course Objectives  To increase student skills in  preparing social enterprises for entrepreneurial success  real problem solvingClick to persuading decision makers edit Master text styles Second level Third level  Why students sign up for S3 Fourth level  to explore level Fifth consulting - process and mindsets  to experience working with social enterprises on critical issues  to have the opportunity to work with professional consultant coaches
    5. 5. Course Components  EW / MBA 292S-1 (for undergraduates, UGBA 199)  3 credits, Tuesdays 6-9:30 pm Required kick-off (August 30th) and finale (December 6th) @ FSG San Francisco offices, 3-5pmClick to edit Master text styles  Topics: Second level Consulting Skills • level Third Scope negotiation and work planning • Client management Fourth level • Storyline development Fifth level • Communication skills & planning • Charting  Topics: Social Enterprise Organizations • Social impact strategy • SE business strategy • Impact Assessment • Aligning business and social strategies
    6. 6. Jessica Felts, MBA 2013 “The class provided the frameworks we neededClickto edit Masterour client’s issue to solve text styles Second level and gave us the freedom Third level to try different Fourth level Fifth level approaches over the course of the semester.” Team Member Jewish Family and Children’s Services
    7. 7. Potential Fall 2013 Clients Clients selected in concert with & • Kiva.org • Fair Trade USA Global • Living Goods Footprint NetworkClick to•edit Master text styles Inveneo • Medicines360 Second level Matter • Minds • BioVentures for Global Health • Third level Foundation for Sustainable • Global Fund for Women Fourth level Development • Sustainable Apparel Coalition Fifth level • Microplace (a social enterprise • Mercy Corps subsidiary of PayPal) • Lumana Foundation • Wildlife Conservation Network • Lundin Foundation • WildAid Village Capital/ • LIGTT program at Berkeley Frontier Markets Scouts Labs • Khan Academy
    8. 8. Steve Janowsky, Wetherby Asset Management “I was an Ernst & Young consultant for four years. I would put [the students’] Click to edit Master text styles work up against the Second level Third level deliverables of the Fourth level professional consultants Fifth level any day. This is really good.” Client Team Lead Wetherby Asset Management
    9. 9. How to Enroll More details are available at http://bit.ly/S3SocialEnterprise A. For MBAs:Click to•edit Master S3 for Social Enterprises during your April class Bid for text styles Second level period 4/15 – 4/26 bidding • Third level MBAs who bid into the class will complete a short survey to indicate background and experience. Fourth level Fifth level B. For non-MBAs (incl. undergrads): • Complete the online application by EOD Friday April 26th • Available at http://bit.ly/S3SocialEnterprise
    10. 10. Making a Commitment  Please apply only if serious about making a commitment to the Social Enterprise client, your teammates and the instructors.Click to edit Master text styles Second level  Therelevel no drop/adds for Social Third are Sector Fourth level Solutions for Social Enterprises. Fifth level  We will endeavor to match your skills/experience to your project team.
    11. 11. Team Lead Responsibilities • Overall project delivery • Markets project among students and recruits team members • Commits at least 2 additional hours/week, on average, to project management (10‐14 hrs/week) • Works with individual team members to ensure that project tasks and assignmentsClick to edit Master text timely manner in accordance with project plan. are completed in a styles • Second level Communications status regularly with all project stakeholders • Gains credibility within the client organization and ensures timely access resources Third level • Responds promptly team’s questions and requests for information Fourth level • Helps create and maintain enthusiastic, “can do” spirit within the student consulting Fifth level team • Works with instructors and other team leads to develop and deliver instruction for • student consultants and to organize cross‐team learning • Works with faculty instructors and other team leads to capture lessons learned • Provides input to faculty instructors on team member contributions as requested
    12. 12. Team Lead Q&A • Kota Fukasawa, MBA 2013 – Team Lead, Impact at Scale (now Uprising) – kota_fukasawa@mba.berkeley.eduClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level • Christine Tringale, MBA 2014 Fourth level Fifth level – Team Lead, Packard Foundation/Preschool California – christine_tringale@mba.berkeley.edu
    13. 13. Contact Information Team Leads: Nora Silver, silver@haas.berkeley.edu Course Website: http://bit.ly/S3SocialEnterpriseClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Other questions: Fourth level socialimpact@haas.berkeley.edu Fifth level 13