S3 info session 2010 10 04


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S3 info session 2010 10 04

  1. 1. Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  2. 2. Course Objectives To increase student skills in real problem solving persuading decision makers, and preparing an organization for success To explore consulting- process and mindsets Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level To experience working with entrepreneurial Fourth level Fifth level nonprofit organizations on critical issues To offer the opportunity to work with McKinsey consultants and explore management consulting http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  3. 3. Course Components MBA 292N-1/EWMBA 292N-1, Spring 2011 (for undergraduates, UGBA 199) 3 credits, Tuesdays 6-9:30 pm Required kick-off and finale @ McKinsey SF HQ One Friday in January and April, 3-5pm Topics: Consulting Skills T i C lti Skill Click to edit Master text styles • Scope negotiation and work planning Second level Client management • • Storyline development Third level • Presentation skills & planning Fourth level to know about clients • 10 things Fifth level Topics: Nonprofit Organizations •Overview of the NP Sector Overview •Theory of change •Governance and decision-making •Nonprofit strategy and capacity building •Financial models and ffundraising http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  4. 4. Video of 2010 Finale Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Video at http://nonprofit.haas.berkeley.edu/S3%202010.html http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  5. 5. High-quality learning experience Roles & Responsibilities •Client Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level •Student teams Fourth level Fifth level •S3 Instructors •McKinsey Coach http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  6. 6. Selection of Nonprofit Clients Interesting  problem Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level S3  Fourth level Fifth level Project  Do‐able  Selection Committed  project client team  http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  7. 7. Real projects. Real results. Nonprofit Clients  Industry  Problem Deliverable Team Leads 1 Berkeley Student  Housing Although BSC makes money during the school year, it loses money  Business plan Dan Pay Cooperative, Inc. during the summer months and needs a new summer model 2 Big Ideas @ Berkeley Education Restart a successful program that funds innovative real‐world social  Strategy and  Kate Zimmerman impact projects by Berkeley students  Market  Research 3 Donor Education  Philanthropy Work with an alliance of top donor education advisors to build the field  Business Plan Gordon Chan Leadership Collaborative   of donor education nationwide  4 Greater Good Science  Health/Science Get creative about new product lines that help translate science on  New Product  Miranda Dietz Click to edit Master text styles Center (at UCB) healthy communities and happiness to practical actions for children,  Development adults, families and communities 5 Second level Healthy Communities Inc.  Health Successful health and safety clinic steps up to an overall organizational  Strategic  Plan Subarna Mitra Third level strategy 6 Proof Points Fourth level Social Enterprise‐ Education‐ Help promising new education leader influence public opinion on  education reform by supporting cutting‐edge states and new projects   Marketing and  Business  Chris Grapes Fifth level Planning 7 Rubicon Social Enterprise‐ A social enterprise seeks to develop measures and a dashboard on  Metrics Moritz Plishke Employment social impact 8 Stride Center   Stride Center Social Enterprise ‐ Social Enterprise Following rapid growth in training 18 24 year olds for tech jobs, Stride  Following rapid growth in training 18‐24 year olds for tech jobs Stride Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Mariya  Mariya Employment needs a strategy for the  future Nomanbhoy 9 Swords to Plowshares  Health and Human  Develop a business model for the Combat to Community program that  Business Plan Bernie Murphy Services helps first responders (police, fire, hospitals, mental health) provide  critical help for veterans  10 Year Up  Social Enterprise ‐ New White House Social Innovation Fund supports start‐up in  Business Plan Tarek Hosny Employment SF/Silicon Valley that brings low‐income young adults into professional  SF/Sili V ll h bi l i d l i f i l positions  http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  8. 8. 2010 Clients Proof Points Click to edit Master text styles Second level DELCo Third level Fourth level Fifth level http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  9. 9. Student Panel • Mariya Nomanbhoy, MBA 2011 Team Lead 2011, The Stride Center; Team Member 2010, 2010 National Indian Justice Center Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level • KateFourth level Zimmerman MBA 2011 Zimmerman, Team Lead 2011, Big Ideas @ Berkeley; Fifth level Team Member 2010, East Bay Community Foundation http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  10. 10. Key Questions 1) Why is this worth your time? 2) What’s so tough? What s Click to edit Master text styles Second level 3)Third level will you What experience? Fourth level Fifth level http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  11. 11. Application Packet A. Review Project Descriptions -at http://bit.ly/social solutions B. B Complete Application – two parts required Click to edit Master text styles 1. Online application – http://bit.ly/socialsolutions Second level 2. Resume to silver@haas.berkeley.edu Third level Fourth level Fifth level C. Course enrollment form - If selected, non-MBA and Undergraduates require separate enrollment forms Applications due by EOD pp y Monday, October 11th http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  12. 12. Making a Commitment Please apply only if serious about making a commitment to the S3 client and t it t t th li t d team When you accept your offer your name will offer, Click to edit Master text styles Second level to the Haas enrollment office, McKinsey be sent and your nonprofit client y Third level p Fourth level other students will be declined Fifth level team lead and team counting on you Center, McKinsey, and client counting on you http://bit.ly/socialsolutions
  13. 13. Key Dates 10/29: Student  9/29: Applications at  Acceptance Deadline Click to edit Master text styles bit.ly/socialsolutions Second level 10/11 EOD:  Third level application deadline Fourth level Fifth level 10/25: Accepted  Students Notified http://bit.ly/socialsolutions