Berkeley Board Fellows Project Summaries 2013


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  • Other Preliminary Findings:Most effective marketing pathwaysNeighbor recommendation (15%)FUF Email List (32%)Door Hanger (19%)FUF Tree Signs (15%) Top three reasons to plant treesMakes the neighborhood/my property look betterGood for the environmentFeel closer to nature  Not that active in their neighborhoodGo to the libraryOverwhelmingly techno-literateSupport local businessesEnvironmentally conscious Plans to stay in SF for a long-time… not transient.Very outdoorsy (parks, etc) 96% likely or very likely to recommend FUF to friends (83% very likely) 18-29 is 1% of the audience. Even split among other decades.Higher female58% married77% white, 14% Asian39% BA, 50% Master’s or higher81% live in SF for 10 years or more.
  • Berkeley Board Fellows Project Summaries 2013

    1. 1. Ryan HillMatt UdoujOrganizationBoardProjectMission• Advance nonprofits and volunteerism bystrengthening leadership, encouraging innovationand empowering individuals in the communityVision• A community engaged in positive change andtransformed by service.• Analyze the market for fiscal sponsorship (“FS”)• Develop a business plan for the FS programincorporating insights and recommendationsgathered through interviews and research• Build dynamic five-year projection modelCenter For Volunteer andNonprofit
    2. 2. Evan Wiener and AgungNugrohoOrganizationBoardProject• Provide pricing recommendations for an EarnedIncome Strategy based on and directly linked tothe planned service offerings, industrybenchmarking and the IDEX core valueproposition.• Mission: IDEX identifies, evaluates, and grows thebest ideas from local leaders and organizations toalleviate poverty and injustice around the world.• Vision: Foster robust civil societies in the globalsouth, with effective Community BasedOrganizations, systems & holding governments
    3. 3. Chaitan KanungoSimon MorfitOrganizationBoardProject• Root Division is a visual arts non-profit that connectscreativity and community through a dynamic ecosystem ofarts education, exhibitions and studios.• Root Division strives to be the premier ecosystem for artin the Bay Area. By acting as a catalyst for emerging artiststo engage underserved youth, audiences, and peers wewill amplify art’s positive impact on society. Thecombination of our programs will be a model of creativeexcellence, sustainability and collaboration.• Develop a financial model analyzing Root Division’sprincipal revenue streams. As a strategic planning tool, themodel will allow Root Division to understand theimplications of different operational decisions. Thisfinancial analysis complements broader strategic planningdiscussions the organization is currently undertaking.Root Divisionwww.rootdivision.orgI
    4. 4. John LandefeldJi-Hong BooOrganizationBoardProject• Org mission: Health Services for All Ages• Vision: LifeLong Medical Care provides high-quality healthand social services to underserved people of all ages;creates models of care for the elderly, people withdisabilities and families; and advocates for continuousimprovements in the health of our communities• Help LifeLong administrative departments moreeffectively support clinical sites to provide patientcare.• LifeLong would like to improve thequality, productivity, and efficiency of businesssupport activity of administrative departments.• We focused on the call center dynamics withinLifeLongLifeLong Medical
    5. 5. Allie O’BrienOrganizationBoardProjectBerkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP)• BFHP provides emergency food andshelter, transitional housing, permanenthousing, and housing placement with supportservices to homeless individuals and families.• To ease and end homelessness in the community• Develop a social media strategy for theorganization to increase engagement and donorattention. Compile the strategy, social media bestpractices, and internal content generation plan aspart of this work.Berkeley Food and Housing Projectwww.Bfhp.orgOrg logo
    6. 6. Joseph ChengCharu GuptaOrganizationBoardProjectSan Francisco Lesbian Gay Freedom BandSFLGFB provides for the education and musicaldevelopment of its members, promotes visibility oflesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities,and with its allies, fosters understanding amongdiverse communities through public performance.Create new marketing and fundraising strategies soas to expand the organization’s capability. Thisentailed capturing the vision of theorganization, interviewing and getting to understandthe board, and brainstorming ways to positionSFLGFB for long-term
    7. 7. Louis Caditz-PeckNivani GovinderOrganizationBoardProject• Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation• Mission: TNDC provides affordable housing and servicesfor low-income people in San Francisco, to promoteequitable access to opportunity and resources• Vision: Diverse communities where people with lowincome can fulfil their potential and meet their basicneeds, while feeling safe and supported by theircommunity• Our project was to assist the Committee on Directors toidentify, prioritize and develop recommendations forvarious initiatives to improve board performance• We developed a list of initiatives that the board is nowreviewing before commencing implementationTenderloin NeighborhoodDevelopment Corporationwww.tndc.orgFaces of TNDC
    8. 8. Erica Butow& Fanzi MaoOrganizationBoardProjectNOCCS (North Oakland Community Charter School)Org mission: The North Oakland Community CharterSchool is a public school dedicated to helpingchildren become thoughtful, informed, andinquisitive citizens.• Project objective: Contribute to sustainablefundraising and long term financial stability.• Results: Electronic database with more than 60grants available in CA and presentation withdetailed information on the top local Bay Area grantfoundations for NOCCS, with next steps for creatinga grant application templateNorth Oakland CommunityCharter
    9. 9. Abigail TinkerMikhail HaramatiOrganizationBoardProjectMission: To facilitate the preservation, restoration andinterpretation of historical and natural resources on AngelIsland, with the goal of enhancing the visitors’ experiencesand building a community to support Angel Island State Park.Vision: To work in partnership with Angel Island to raisefunds and develop programs for a local treasure thathas something for everyone.• Support Angel Island State Park by creating andexecuting a merchandising process to drive neededrevenue.• Benchmarking of products and sales to other parks;Identification of three new key products fordevelopment; and creation of a process for productselection and retirement.Angel Island
    10. 10. Laura BrandnerJosh PolsinelliOrganizationBoardProjectBerkeley Youth Living with Disabilities (BUILD)strives to provide a model home for youth who havesignificant developmental disabilities in anenvironment that fosters the opportunity for growthwith the continued involvement of family and friendsin a community-based setting.• Define a sustainable fundraising strategy to meetBUILD’s fundraising goals• Explore possibility of attracting and identifyingmajor/corporate donors• Present creative ideas to increase andmaintain the circle of potential donorsBerkeley Youth Living with
    11. 11. Anita RajanMina YuOrganizationBoardProjectSouth of Market Child Care, Inc. (SOMACC)• SOMACC Mission: To provide quality early childhoodeducation programs and comprehensive family supportservices in a safe and nurturing environment to families in SanFrancisco’s South of Market neighborhood• SOMACC Vision: To provide childcare designed around play-based approach that fosters autonomy and collaboration aschildren develop self-esteem and respect for one another• The Board Project focused on devising a marketing plan toincrease enrollment of tuition-paying families at theJudith Baker Development Center, one of SOMACC’schildcare centers.South of Market Child Care,
    12. 12. Andrew RiosRebecca SpitzerOrganizationBoardProject• Mission: Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) is an art jobs trainingprogram located in Berkeley, California which is committedto empowering and bettering the lives of homeless andlow-income young people.• Vision: To use art jobs and jobs training to empower andtransform the lives of youth, giving young people theskills, experience, and self-confidence needed to meettheir potential.• Help the board transition life-stage by educating theboard on board governance best practices, including:• Size and Structure: Committees• Leadership: Board Chair and Executive Director• Composition: Needs Assessment, Systematic Process• Process: Efficient Meetings, Board Self AssessmentYouth Spirit
    13. 13. Eddie MedinaChristine TringaleOrganizationBoardProject• Mission: to provide an extraordinary publiceducation for every child• Project goal: summarize the ‘competitive’landscape of other funding sources for Berkeleyschools and determine areas in which BPEF canincrease their impact• Findings will be referenced by the board whenmaking key decisions regarding allocation of grantsand partnership opportunitiesBerkeley Public
    14. 14. Emma Cuevas,Tom PryorOrganizationBoardProjectBrighter Beginnings• Org mission: Support healthy births and successfuldevelopment of children by partnering with parentsand helping to build strong communities• Vision: Every family matters, and every childdeserves a happy, healthy future.”• Develop the first plan for a new, multi-million-dollarBrighter Beginnings Health Clinic and built-to-suitbuilding in West Oakland, including:• Operating plan• Financial plan• Communications packetBrighter
    15. 15. Stephanie CurranBri TreeceOrganizationBoardProject• Mission: Destiny Arts Center exists to end isolation, prejudice, andviolence in the lives of young people.• Vision: Move young people to peace. Success means young peoplevalue themselves and others. They are successful when youngpeople are mindful of the ways their words, actions and attitudesaffect their communities and world. They respond rather thanreact to situations; teach and practice love rather than violence;honor people from different backgrounds and experiences equally;and are active participants in their communities.• Destiny Arts is seeking to productize a professionaldevelopment program around their “Youth on theMove” curriculum. We were tasked with figuringout a target market and a go-to-market strategy forthis professional development program.Destiny Arts
    16. 16. Arata Goto andAna RasquizaOrganizationBoardProjectCOLAGE unites people withlesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queerparents into a network of peers and supports themas they nurture and empower each other to beskilled, self-confident, and just leaders in ourcollective communities.We conducted a communications audit and bestpractices review and strategic communicationsrecommendations to help the organization betterconnect to its base, attract new donors, andmaintain current
    17. 17. Lotus Bloom Child and FamilyResource Centerwww.lotusbloomfamily.orgAlexandra ClarkeTim MorrisonOrganizationBoardProject• Lotus Bloom’s mission is to empower individuals torealize their full potential and transcend theirdreams into reality.• We provide arts, crafts, music, and literacy activitiesto students and families from diverse backgroundsin order to help promote language developmentand early learning experiences.• Assess programming and budget to compile anannual report for Lotus Bloom to use in order toattract funders.
    18. 18. Sujit ThapaPrithi TrivediOrganizationBoardProjectGirls Inc of the Island City• Encourages girls to be strong, smart, and bold• Empowered girls and an equitable society• Designed and developed a baseline brandawareness study, to help the marketing team• Analyzed the results, and provided next steps forthe organizationGirls Inc of the Island
    19. 19. Jorge Zapata BarbaraMatt RoehlOrganizationBoardProjectMission: Mobilize teams of volunteers to revitalizeneighborhoods by repairing homes and renovatingnonprofit facilities and schools.Vision: San Francisco is a safe and diverse place forall residents, regardless of age, income or disabilityExplore the feasibility of rehabilitating and re-sellingREO properties in San Francisco in order to diversifyrevenue streams. Provide a feasibility study todetermine the costs in terms of dollars and stafftime, to rehab an REO home in the city and Countyof San Francisco.Rebuilding Together
    20. 20. Scott Bailey andJonathan KrangelOrganizationBoardProjectThe Sunset Neighbourhood Beacon Center (SNBC)Mission: to provide supports and opportunities toensure the healthy development ofchildren, youth, and adults.Purpose: connect people to theirpassion, potential, and community.SNBCs operating budget is predominantly sourcedfrom public/government sources, which arebecoming increasingly at-risk. We investigated newsustainable fundraising strategies and weinterviewed seven non-profit practitioners fromorganizations of all sizes to determine best practicesand identify relevant recommendations for SNBC.Sunset Neighbourhood BeaconCenter (SNBC)
    21. 21. Aaron PerezJess FeltsOrganizationBoardProjectJewish Family and Children’s Services of the East BayInspired by enduring Jewish values, the mission ofJFCS-East Bay is to promote and strengthen the socialand emotional well-being of diverse individuals andfamilies throughout the entire East Bay community.The project goal is to create a marketing strategy forthe organization that conveys a consistentmessage, incorporating the positive aspects of beingan organization rooted in Jewish values but alsoemphasizing the fact that JFCS/EB serves abroad, diverse range of clientsJewish Family & Children’sServices of the East
    22. 22. Neelam SabooRiddhiman GhoshOrganizationBoardProjectCenter for Digital StorytellingMission & Vision: Surface authentic voices aroundthe world through group process and participatorymedia creation.We reviewed the current board profile andperformed a gap analysis in terms of boardstructure, membership and processes. Werecommended a new board structure to increaseengagement, defined board recruitment andonboarding process, and helped the board arrive atclearer definitions of members roles andresponsibilities that support CDS’ new strategy.Center for Digital
    23. 23. Sarah KitsonSarah WalkerOrganizationBoardProjectBuchanan YMCA• Mission: To build strong kids, strong families and strongcommunities by enriching the lives of all the people inspirit, mind and body.• Vision: To be known as a community asset, recognized forquality programs that are responsive to our diversecommunity needs.• Project focus: governance, board recruiting and retention• Board recruitment• Analyse current practices• Identify ongoing strategy recruiting a larger andmore diversified board• Board member retention• Analyze current board experience and tenure• Finding implementable solutions to improvethe board experience and engagement, whichthe goal of increasing retentionBuchanan
    24. 24. Tamara PattersonKyle RudzinskiOrganizationBoardProjectFriends of the Urban Forest (FUF)Mission: To promote a larger, healthier urban forestas part of San Francisco’s green infrastructurethrough community planting, tree care, educationand advocacy.Marketing and customer segmentation projectGoal:To understand who plants trees and why to targetoutreach and messaging, thereby increasing treeplantings while reducing marketing costsPreliminary Findings:- Most effective marketing channels: emaillist, door hangers, tree signs- Planters are typically educated, married, supportlocal businesses, eco-conscious, and 30 or olderFriends of the Urban
    25. 25. Chao LiTyler GarveyOrganizationBoardProjectSan Francisco Architectural Heritage• Heritage aims to help manage change overtime, advocating for smart growth through the protectionand reuse of historic structures and landscapes.• Heritage collaborates with local, state, and nationalpartners on education, neighborhood outreach, and publictestimony to help preserve the built environment thatdefines San Francisco.We are trying to solve issues regarding member retentionon all membership levels. There are three audiences that SFHeritage has identified as a target audience for our project:• young professionals, ranging from ages 20 to 40• passionate preservationists• policy makers and business community membersSan Francisco
    26. 26. Alma RicoSkyler SotoOrganizationBoardProjectMissionThe mission of Leadership High School is to cultivate qualities suchas critical thinking, initiative, creativity, tolerance, and cooperation.VisionTechnologically fluent, self-motivated and committed to lifelonglearning, Leadership High School students will benefit San Franciscoby working to improve themselves and their communities. They willhave both a healthy sense of self and empathy for others.3 projects:• Facebook strategic plan – Develop a strategic plan that outlinesobjectives, defines target audience, and recommends animplementation plan that incorporates best practices• Board Evaluation Tool—Research and recommend survey forBoard to evaluate its strengths and opportunities• Board Recruitment Marketing Materials—Updated and createdmarketing materials to recruit members at BoardMatchLeadership High
    27. 27. Caroline BaşOrganizationBoardProjectThe Stride Center• A non-profit social enterprise working to empowereconomic self-sufficiency for individuals byharnessing the power of technology and the digitaleconomy to help men, women and families on theroad to self-sufficiency and independence.I worked with the treasurerof the board to refine afinancial model for theorganization to moredynamically track andupdate cash flowprojectionsThe Stride