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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Conall Murray
  2. 2. As a group we set up a questionnaire consisting of 14 questions about the Beatbullying organisation, and also about the issue of bullying. We asked 40 students aged 16-18 to complete the questionaire. From our results we were able to see whether people had heard of the ‘beatbullying’ organisation, and also whether that had used any of their services. Also we were able to find out what they would define bullying as, and what they believe are the reasons that people get bullied.
  3. 3. How old are you? 16 17 18 19
  4. 4. Gender Male Females
  5. 5. What town do you live in? Dunstable Houghton Regis Luton Other
  6. 6. -‘Constant abuse whether physically, verbally or mentally (through the internet)’. -‘Constant physical/mental abuse’. -‘Constantly picking on a specific person’. -‘Behaviour which directly effects someone negatively.’ -‘Hurting people physically or mentally over a long time’. -‘Constantly picking on others for no reason.’
  7. 7. ‘I was bullied for four years through the internet and verbally in middle school’. ‘People were racist.’ ‘They were picked on because of their size.’ ‘I got called names due to my race’. ‘A friend was criticised for her appearance and weight so much that she wanted to kill herself.’
  8. 8. -’A friend was criticised for her appearance and weight so much that she wanted to kill herself.’ -’They were picked on because of their size’. -’People being racist’. -’I was bullied for four years through the internet and verbally during middle school’.
  9. 9. -‘Home’ -‘Friends’ -‘Family’ -‘Teachers’ -‘School’
  10. 10. What are some of the reasons you think people get bullied? Sexual orientation Appearance Race Religion All of the above
  11. 11. What is your media preference? TV Internet Magazines Newspaper
  12. 12. Have you seen any anti-bullying adverts? Yes No
  13. 13. ‘Emotional Message’ ‘Very effective’ ‘More serious than I thought and happens to lots of people’ ‘They stand out when you see how the person has been effected.’ ‘Person stories’. ‘Strong and graphic.’
  14. 14. ‘Show clips of different aspects of bullying’. ‘Helplines, advice, support group.’ ‘All the ways that someone getting bullied could find help’. ‘Real life victims instead of actors all the time’. ‘A definition of bullying so that people can realise what it is’. ‘A reconstruction of someone being bullied’. ‘Shock value (more convincing)’. ‘What it can lead people to do’. ‘Personal stories’.
  15. 15. Have you ever heard of the beatbullying organisation? Yes No Out of everybody we asked nobody who had said yes had used the ‘Beatbullying’ website.
  16. 16.  From the results we have found out that they age group is between 16-19 and we asked more male than female and the majority of the people lived in Dunstable. They would say that the definition of bullying would be constantly picking on someone and hurting them mentally and physically. From some stories we have heard that people bully because others are different whether that be race, weight looks mainly because someone standout from the crowd. The main media preference is internet which is were cyber-bullying happens and some people said they have been bullied or know someone that has been bullied online. About ¾ have seen a bullying advert and people said the more serious and real the advert is the more effective it can be because it is an emotional message. The majority of the people have not heard of beatbullying and the five people that said yes have never used the website. For an advert people would want to see real stories with people getting bullied and people seeing the consequences of what bulling can do to someone over time.