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Using Supply Side Platforms, Real-Time Bidding, and Private Exchanges to Reach the Independent Web at Scale
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Using Supply Side Platforms, Real-Time Bidding, and Private Exchanges to Reach the Independent Web at Scale


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Speaker: Todd Vernon, CEO, Lijit Networks

Speaker: Todd Vernon, CEO, Lijit Networks

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Using SSP’s, RTB, and Private Exchanges to Reach the Independent Web at Scale
    Todd Vernon / Founder and CEO, Lijit Networks / @toddvernon
  • 2. When looking for the best restaurant…
    Mama’s Fish House – North Shore of Maui
    Is the number of people eating there the leading indicator of success ? Sometimes…
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
  • 3. But, I think we can all agree…
    Country Buffet – North Shore of Chicago
    Traffic is probably not the only indicator….
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
  • 4. Often it’s the small place…
    That serves the best experience
    Keeps your interest longer
    Exudes the greatest influence
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
    Frasca – Boulder, Colorado
    Grace Boyle – Boulder, Colorado
  • 5. But… It’s hard to get to the Independent Web
    • Ad Networks could get you there - and probably a few other places you didn’t want to go.
    • 6. Vertical Networks could get you there - but really only in a few high value segments.
    • 7. DSP’s could get you there - but likely only through unsold inventory channels without guarantee of delivery.
    But – technology is starting to opens doors not previously available.
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
  • 8. A convergence of innovation vectors
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
    Efficiently create media buying mechanism that can compete with an established TV ecosystem with better economics and less waste.
    Enable publishers, often small publishers, to better engage, understand, and grow their audience without devaluing their highly specific content verticals.
  • 9. Along the way, a huge amount of data was captured
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
    Big Data around specific reader interactions and situational data.
    Big Data around reader directional interests or buying behavior.
  • 10. Enhanced SSP’s Data Set
    Publisher Data Plane
    Reader Data Plane
    Access to all readers
    Content Indexes
    Content Vertical
    Site Interconnectivity
    Page Views
    Unique Readers
    Associated Demographics
    Contextual Reader Engagement
    Other Content Sources
    Historical Site Visits
    Referring Search Terms
    Onsite Search Terms
    Household Income
    Marital Status
    Comment History
    Content Interest
    Social Media Bias
    Time of Day
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
  • 11. The connection point is private exchange technology
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
    On female lifestyle sites
    With a high number of commenters
    With highly tweeted content
    Adjacent to food related articles
    Brand is targeting a 24 year old mother
    With a household income of >$100K year
    Across named media, social media, and conversational media.
  • 12. Key benefit, huge niche inventory expansion
    There isn’t a glut of inventory, there's a glut of good inventory.
    Big data around niche sites allows good inventory to be purchased at a fair price at scale.
    Private exchange technology keeps the advertiser/publisher relationship healthy.
    Real-time bidding keeps media at mark-to-market.
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
  • 13. Great, how do I leverage the small and interesting?
    Work with your Agency DSP to include social signals, situational data, and hyper-contextual information in your audience target profiles.
    Ask your DSP to work with the more progressive SSP’s to include these signals in the RTB bidding process.
    Select only the appropriate inventory – and buy it when you need it without being surprised by what else you get.
    Get access to the some of the most engaged conversations, in the Independent Web.
    Lijit Networks, Inc.
  • 14. Thanks