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Campaign Optimization in Real-Time
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Campaign Optimization in Real-Time


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Gian Fulgoni, comScore

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • For Frequency – Green is between 3-7, Yellow is below 3 and Red is above 7For % on Target – Green is above 60, Yellos is 30-60 and Red is below 30
  • Individual publisher vs. overlapping audiences between publishers. Impact of audience overlap.
  • Before the campaign begins; need to share media plans with comScore, tag and QA placements, with comScore verify tagging after launch.Media planners view reach and frequency numbers by publisher. Analysts to look for deeper insights. Publisher/network access can lead to network-level optimization.Add reach and frequency metrics into the contract goals. Terms that allow proper flexibility to adjust plan. Define what level of data access partners can have.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Growing Digital Branding Ad DollarsUsing Real-Time Measurement of Media Plan Delivery
      Gian Fulgoni, Chairman, comScore, Inc.
    • 2. Digital has historically lagged in capturing branding dollars ….
      But that is changing with display now growing 2X faster than search
      2010 U.S. Measured Media Spend
      $149 Billion
      2010 U.S. OnlineMedia Spend
      $26 Billion
      6% of branding dollars
      34% of direct response dollars
      Source: analysis based on Barclays Capital and DMA
    • 3. The Digital Challenge
      Branding advertisers on TV are accustomed to audience guarantees and expect the same in digital
      Accuracy of cookie-based digital plan delivery is problematic:
      30% of computers have their ad server cookies deleted 4+ times per month, causing over-delivery of frequency and under-delivery of reach
      Cookies don’t accurately identify who is on the computer at any point in time when ads are delivered causing inaccurate demo delivery
      The same person can access one site from two different computers (e.g. work and home) and be treated by the ad server cookie as two different people
    • 4. Not All GRPs Are Created Equal:Skewed Ad Server Delivery Results in Wasted GRP’s on Overly Saturated Consumers
      65% of
    • 5. Cookie-based demo targeting limits a campaign’s ability to selectively reach a targeted audience
      Target for this health & well being product was females age 35-54
      40% of exposed consumers outside of planned gender target
      Only 43% of females exposed to the campaign met the targeted age group
      Only 25% of all exposed consumers met planned targeting criteria
    • 6. How Kellogg’s solved the problem…
      • Each ad is tagged by the agency
      • 7. When an ad is delivered by the ad server to a browser the tag fires and comScore reads the impression in its panel
      • 8. comScore tracks the total number of impressions on a census basis based on the “real” traffic delivered to a browser
      • 9. Plan delivery information is provided to Kellogg’s and its agency on a real-time
      basis allowing for on-the-fly adjustments to plan
    • 10. What has Kellogg’s seen?
      Let’s take a look at a few of their biggest campaigns from 2011 so far…
      (Data provided is at an individual publisher, individual campaign level)
    • 11. There have been some clear top performances
      These publishers effectively delivered to our target and efficiently balanced the exposures
    • 12. There are some clear opportunities
      Conversely, this execution is generating a great deal of reach, but 75% is to someone other than our target audience
    • 13. Sometimes BIG opportunities
      And in this case Impressions are virtually being thrown away as the wrong audience is reached over and over again
    • 14. Some data lead to important questions
      Publisher is doing a nice job of finding our Target.
      Did we ask for Frequency capping with them?
    • 15. And some data reveal potential
      Incredible targeting results from a high reach portal …
      and opportunity to shift $ here to reach more of our target, at an increased frequency
    • 16. Optimizing in Real Time
      Get the Data: planning, tagging for panel measurement, QA
      Analyze the Data: access for the right resources
      Act on the Data: flexibility in media plans, properly structured contracts
      Value realized in improved effectiveness& improved efficiency