WiX to Joomla. An Automated Solution

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The migration process of your website from WiX to WordPress is much easier with CMS2CMS. This automated migration tool will convert your website from one CMS to another easy and …

The migration process of your website from WiX to WordPress is much easier with CMS2CMS. This automated migration tool will convert your website from one CMS to another easy and swift.

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  • 1. WiX to Joomla With CMS2CMS
  • 2. Wix to Joomla:   Automated CMS2CMS Solution    Summary: Realizing that the migration from one CMS to another is not a                          simple one­click affair at all, CMS2CMS has developed its most recent update ­                          migration from Wix to Joomla. CMS2CMS team proudly announces that from now on                          all Wix owners have an opportunity to migrate their content to Joomla completely                          hands off.  Ternopil, Ukraine ­ 04/07/2014 ­ CMS2CMS, automated CMS and forum                    migration service, presents its long­expected and ­wanted migration update. From                    this time on, Wix content can be imported to Joomla with ease and free of hassles,                                and what is more, with no special skills required.   Following its best tradition to be miles ahead than other services, CMS2CMS                        can more than help to make the conversion process as seamless and error­free as                            possible. Currently supported entities that can be transferred from Wix to Joomla                        are ahead of you:  ● Pages (static website content, e.g. About us page)  ● Content Images (images, corresponding to all posts and pages in the                      source site)  ● Internal Links (links contained in the posts body and those connecting                      categories and posts belonging to them, as well as links to external                        resources)  The proclaimed benefits of CMS2CMS migration service are:  ● Intuitive Interface ­ designed both for developers and non­techies, this                    automated utility can handle the conversion easily and fast with no efforts                       
  • 3. at all.  ● Speedy Performance ­ the automated migration procedure with                CMS2CMS can be characterised as fast and hassle­free one.   ● Free Preview ­ the service provides you with a possibility to try free demo                            migration and estimate it in progress.  ● Availability ­ the service is web based, that means that it can be                          accessed from any spot on the Earth with the Internet connection. Plus,                        there’s no need to install additional software.  To conclude with another good news, CMS2CMS automated migration service                    eliminates the need to start a website building from scratch and makes the migration                            process plain and accessible for everyone. Constantly improving and updating its                      importing process, CMS2CMS is currently listed as well­operated substitution of                    manual website content migration.  About CMS2CMS   CMS2CMS is the automated migration service that allows the website owners to                        migrate content from one CMS platform to another with no extra installations and                          coding skills. The process of conversion is reduced to a few straightforward steps                          that do not expect any technical skills.   Media contact  CMS2CMS  support@cms2cms.com  Ternopil, Ukraine  www.cms2cms.com