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SMF to phpBB Migration with no Hassle
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SMF to phpBB Migration with no Hassle


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Automated migration service CMS2CMS allows you to migrate your website content from SMF to phpBB accurately and flawlessly. …

Automated migration service CMS2CMS allows you to migrate your website content from SMF to phpBB accurately and flawlessly.

Published in: Internet, Technology, Design

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  • 1. SMF to phpBB
  • 2. Supreme Opportunities of CMS2CMS Automated SMF  to phpBB Migration      Summary: CMS2CMS, an automated forum and CMS migration service,                  happily presents the new opportunities of forum migration ­ improved and                      advanced SMF to phpBB forum conversion. Both the quality of data                      transfer and the speed of migration procedure have been accomplished                    completely.     Ternopil, Ukraine ­ 0/03/2014 ­ CMS2CMS, the well­known migration                  service, is pleased to announce the unique opportunity for the forum                      owners to migrate their content from SMF to phpBB bulletin board. With                        this tool the switch will be fully automated, accurate and flawless. There’s                        no need to be a professional coder or hire an expensive programmer,                        from now on all the actions are reduced to a few mouse clicks and almost                              no time.     CMS2CMS Team has been working constantly and hard to provide the                      forum owners with advanced migration opportunities. As the result, those                    who have the intention to perform SMF to phpBB migration, now are                        provided with such possibility. Moreover, using CMS2CMS, there is no                    need to worry about losing any part of the content due to the fact that the                                process of migration is automated and accurate. Plus, the forum owners                      will save their time and efforts while using this service.     Migrated Items from SMF to phpBB    ● Forum/Categories ­ the hierarchy and the relation between the                  items are preserved;   ● Posts/Replies ­ post data is converted: author, content, subject, etc; 
  • 3. ● Topics/Threads ­ topics and attached information are moved to                  phpBB: title, content, author, publishing date;  ● Users ­ the user data is migrated as well;  ● Forum Attachments ­ files attached to forum posts;  ● Polls ­ forum polls are converted automatedly from SMF to phpBB.    Extra Possibilities    ● Support Service Packages  It is possible to get All­in­One migration Service if the forum owners don’t                          have time or don’t want to perform the switch by themselves. In this case                            the conversion will be carried out by the CMS2CMS technicians.   ● Migration Setup Assistance  CMS2CMS techs will install the connection bridge on both SMF and                      phpBB forum platforms at no cost at all to make your migration even more                            effortless and smooth.     CMS2CMS Service: Essential Features    ● No Coding Skills  CMS2CMS migration service provides its clients with an easy­to­use                  wizard, with the help of which there is no need to have any coding skills or                                knowledge.   ● No Installation  Due to the fact that CMS2CMS tool is web based, there is no need to                              install any software. Moreover, this saves lots of users’ time and efforts.   ● Free Demo Available  The board owners have the opportunity to run a free Demo Migration                        before the Full SMF to phpBB Migration. This fact gives them a possibility                          to see how the service works and check up the Demo results.     For more information on how to migrate SMF to vBulletin follow this link:                ­cms/simple­machines­forum­to­phpb
  • 4. b­migration/     About CMS2CMS  CMS2CMS is the automated migration tool that allows its users to migrate                        their website content from one CMS platform to another as well as                        supports migration of data between forum platforms. The main goal of this                        online service is make the migration process fast and flawless for any                        user, whether they are experts or non technically savvy.     Media contact  CMS2CMS  Ternopil, Ukraine