MyBB to phpBB Forum Migration with CMS2CMS


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his tool moves your site content items smoothly and saves you from the migration hassle!

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MyBB to phpBB Forum Migration with CMS2CMS

  1. 1. MyBB to phpBB
  2. 2. MyBB to phpBB: Conver Forum Automatedly With  CMS2CMS      Summary: CMS2CMS, automated migration service performs the              ultimate and accomplished MyBB to phpBB forum switch. Service                  allows to convert endless number of post, pages threads and other data                        types from one platform to another.      Ternopil, Ukraine ­ 18/02/2014 ­ Automated migration service CMS2CMS                  has a pleasure to introduce MyBB to phpBB forum migration. With this                        converting tool it is possible to make a transfer in 15 minutes on average                            with no additional coding skills required and no software to install.      As a unique migration service, CMS2CMS provides an exclusive way to                      convert a forum from MyBB to phpBB with plenty of additional privileges.                        The developers worked hard enough to satisfy the demands of any user.                        As the result, a bunch of requirements has been added to eliminate any                          risks or fears. Therefore, clients have a chance to try out proficient form of                            forum conversion.     Possibilities of Automated Forum Data Migration  ● No Coding Skills Necessary  CMS2CMS is designed in a special way, so there is no need to have                            some extra coding knowledge or programing skills in order to setup the                        transfer from MyBB to phpBB forum.  ● Swift Migration Procedure  Process time depends on the amount of pages, threads and other data,                        but on average it takes only 15 minutes to migrate all the content from                            MyBB to phpBB.    ● Free Demo Trial  Free Demo Migration helps to test CMS2CMS service in action by moving                       
  3. 3. limited number of pages from one platform to another.   ● All­in­One Migration Service   With the supporting package the technicians take care of the switch. There                        are 4 different types of packages: Basic, Extended, Premium and Ultimate                      to provide the support on each step of converting process.   ● Migration Setup Assistance   The assistance is Free and its purpose is to help with setting the                          connection, necessary modules or  target site installation.   Items Migrated from MyBB to phpBB    CMS2CMS provides the migration of the following entities:   ● Forums/Categories    The hierarchy and forum relations will be persisted on the new forum                        board after the migration process.   ● Forum Posts  Author, reply content, subject, attachment, date will be switched directly to                      the new phpBB board.   ● Topics/Threads  Transfer topic items including title, content, author, publishing date.  ● Forum Users  Users can be migrated including username, email, personal details,                  registration date, signature, etc from one forum to another.   ● Forum attachments  All the files attached to posts, comment or replies can be transferred                        automatically.   ● Polls  Forum polls can be migrated as well.     For more details on your MyBB to phpBB migration, please, visit this page:­cms/mybb­to­phpbb­migration/    
  4. 4.   About CMS2CMS  CMS2CMS is an innovative migration service which gives an opportunity to                      transfer automatedly a website to the new CMS or forum platform. The                        main purpose of this service is to make the migration procedure maximum                        accurate and simple. The setup is quite easy and has a couple of steps                            with instructions to follow, which is why advanced skills or coding                      knowledge aren’t required.     Media contact  CMS2CMS  Ternopil, Ukraine