Fully Automated and Accurate Tumblr to WordPress Switch


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Find out all the necessary information on hoe the Automated Tumblr to WordPress Migration plugin works.

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Fully Automated and Accurate Tumblr to WordPress Switch

  1. 1. CMS2CMS: Automated Tumblr to WordPress Migration
  2. 2. Tumblr to WordPress
  3. 3.       Automated Tumblr to WordPress  Migration Plugin: How It Works  [Tutorial]        
  4. 4. If you are running a blog or have the intention to, then you have                            probably heard about WordPress and Tumblr platforms. Although                both of them pursue the same aim, they are very different. So, let’s                          have a comprehensive overview of these two CMSs in order to                      understand which one can fully suits your needs.  Tumblr is a great solution for those who want to share their list of                            ideas, photos and videos with the world. It is easy to use and has a                              great user interface on the back end. Moreover, the photos which                      have been posted within Tumblr community can be watched really                    frequently. This blog publishing platform comes not only with the                    advantages but also with the drawbacks. The most notable of them                      is the fact that Tumblr platform is used for ‘micro blogging’ and it is                            not the best place for long posts.  WordPress has started as a blogging system but later it has                      evolved to be a full CMS. It has lots of advantages, for instance it                            provides its users with numerous plugins, widgets and themes                  which are used to add more functionality to the website. WordPress                      is considered to be the most user­friendly CMS.  So, in case you have already started a blog on Tumblr but now you                            would like to have it on WordPress, then you should know that                        there is the possibility to change one for another. With CMS2CMS:                      Automated Tumblr to WordPress Migration Plugin it is possible to                    perform the switch easily and fast. It should be also mentioned that                        the process of conversion will be fully automated and accurate                    using this tool. In case you don’t know how to convert your content                          properly, then here is the step­by­step instruction which will help                    you with this. 
  5. 5. 1. To start, you need to visit the official WordPress plugin                      repository and find ‘CMS2CMS: Automated Tumblr to WordPress                Migration’ plugin. After that, download it to your PC.                 
  6. 6. 2. The next step is to go to WP admin panel → Plugins → Add New                                and upload the zip file to the WordPress plugin directory.                   
  7. 7. 3. Now it is time to activate the uploaded plugin.                         
  8. 8. 4. Now you will be asked to register the new CMS2CMS account.                             
  9. 9. 5. After that provide your Tumblr website URL into the                    corresponding field and press ‘Continue’ button. Now you will be                    automatedly redirected to the CMS2CMS website to complete your                  migration.  
  10. 10. 6. Now you need to provide the Current and New website URLs into                          the following fields.     
  11. 11. 7. The next step is to provide your Tumblr website access details                        which are the login and password.                 
  12. 12. 8. The next step would be to download the connection bridge to                        your computer. It is a special file which will establish the data                        transfer from one site to another. You should extract it from zip file                          and upload to to Tumblr root directory.                   
  13. 13. 9. Now you will have to choose the additional options. They are the                          following:  ● Migrate Media – to have images moved;  ● Make URLs SEO friendly – to have internal links formed                    according to SEO URL structure on WordPress website;  ● Clear Target website data – delete the test content from                    WordPress site.         
  14. 14. 10. After that you can try a free Demo Migration. In a few minutes,                            you will receive the message that your migration is complete with                      the link to your new WordPress site. You will be able to estimate the                            new look of your web project and the results of the migration.                             
  15. 15. 11. The last step is the Full Migration. After running it, you will be                            able to evaluate the real results and enjoy your newly backed                      WordPress site.    Now, you know how the Automated Tumblr to WordPress Migration                    plugin works. So, make your decision and enjoy the results.