Converting MyBB to phpBB: All the Whys and Hows


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Get all the necesary information on how to convert your forum data from MyBB to phpBB in just a few mouse clicks. You will be able to convert all your threads, posts, comments, user data from MyBB to phpBB in 15 minutes.

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Converting MyBB to phpBB: All the Whys and Hows

  1. 1. Generally, MyBB and phpBB may be considered as the longtimers of the forum platforms. Being on the waterhead of the first bulletin boards, both of them were developed at the beginning of 2000 and now many use them as the reliable basis for their forum creation and management. But, when you are just on your way of choosing one of these tools, you would like to know them to the very detail. So, let’s start. MyBB Initially, having been launched as an amateur discussion board (the developers of MyBB worked on their project first release during their pastime), MyBB is a user friendly forum platform that includes multiple features for smooth and straightforward forum management and usage. phpBB Contrary to MyBB, phpBB is a more complicated forum platform. It requires more technical skills to manage it, however the installation is a breeze. Generally, this bulletin board takes more time to get used to to modifying and customizing. But, on the other hand as a set-off against, phpBB offers more advanced and powerful functionality, providing its users with the ability to create their own MODs (additional modifications for more robust forum performance). Features MyBB phpBB Language Support 20 43 Installation Simple, but takes some time Simple and fast Operating System GNU/Linux, BSD Unix, Microsoft, GNU/Linux, BSD Unix, Microsoft, Windows, Apple Mac OS Windows, Apple Mac OS Databases (programmes that store your forum data) MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite, Topic tags Plugin Installation Required Plugin Installation Required Duplicate Threads Detection No Plugin Installation Available CMS Installation No Drupal, Joomla Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
  2. 2. Possibility Message Posting Format WYSIWYG editor (visual) Rich Text Editor New User Limitation Plugin Installation Required Yes All in all, the choice of your future bulletin board mostly depends on your coding skills and experience. With phpBB, you are able to create an extended forum that will be suitable for you to manage and your forum users to communicate. If you currently run your website on MyBB forum platform, but want to give a try to phpBB, there’s an automated solution – CMS2CMS forum migration service. So, in order to migrate all your MyBB forum content quickly and accurately, all you need to do is follow the instruction below.
  3. 3. Migrating MyBB to phpBB Accurately and Quickly To get started with your forum content migration from MyBB to phpBB, you have to do the following: ● create new phpBB forum ● backup your current forum data ● find out your FTP access details to your MyBB and phpBB forums. Now, you may start your automated forum migration with CMS2CMS. 1. Registration Go to and register their your account or login via Google+ or Facebook account.
  4. 4. 2. Specify the URLs of Your Websites In the provided fields in the migration wizard type the URLs of your MyBB and phpBB sites. And select your forum platforms types – in this case choose MyBB and phpBB. If you haven’t installed your new phpBB forum yet, you may still give a try to the migration. Just check the corresponding box and choose forum platform you want to migrate to. Then, CMS2CMS will transfer a part of your MyBB forum content to the test site. You will be able to check up the front- and backend of your future website and decide on your further actions.
  5. 5. 3. Establish the Connection Between Your Sites Next step is, to create the connection between your forums. You have to proceed with the following steps: ● download the bridge file to your local computer. It will be saved as ‘cms2cms’ zip. ● extract zip file to the folder on your computer and remember the location ● connect to your FTP client software (you have to provide your host name, username, and password) ● copy ‘cms2cms’ folder you’ve extracted from the zip and paste it to the root directories of your MyBB and phpBB separately. If you’ve done this, it means your sites are connected.
  6. 6. 4. Select Additional Options You are welcome to choose the additional options for your forum migration: ● Migrate Media Files ● Make URLs SEO Friendly ● Clear Target Site Data (check this option if you have any unnecessary test data to phpBB)
  7. 7. 5. Start Demo Migration Now, to test your MyBB to phpBB migration, just press ‘Start Demo Migration’ button. You’ll be able to track your data conversion right in your browser window. In a few minutes you’ll get the notification and be able to check up the results of your demo.
  8. 8. 6. Final Action – Full Migration If you are happy with the demo migration, you may easily launch your full forum migration. CMS2CMS will convert your MyBB forum items to phpBB and very soon you’ll be able to manage and improve your new forum site.
  9. 9. Check up all the items that are moved from MyBB to phpBB: So, migrate your forum from MyBB to phpBB fast and flawlessly with CMS2CMS, just start your free Demo Migration and you’ll see that’s possible to get a new site in a few clicks.