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Introducing Your Committee Part ThreeHaving introduced you to six of your Committee members in the last two Newsletters we...
                            Chat from The Chair; Getting the tomorrow’s                           management in shape........
 CMI Norfolk on FacebookYour Norfolk Branch Facebook Page, which provides regular updates on events, local and national bu...
 In Praise of Widening the Gene PoolOne of our prime aims of the Branch Committee is to provide “edutainment;” branch even...
             The CMI is pleased to announce the launch of its new              smartphone app for iPhone and Google Androi...
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2011 04-05 cmi norfolk branch newsletter 03


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Newsletter 03/2011 of the Norfolk Branch of the Chatered Management Institute

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2011 04-05 cmi norfolk branch newsletter 03

  1. 1. April/May 2011  Norfolk Branch Newsletter 03Inspiration & Motivation Inside NewsDeskWe are all very excited about our next event, takingplace at the University of East Anglia on 21 June. Ian  The Tao of Everest Event – 21 June 2011Woodall has a highly motivational tale to tell and a  2011 Events Listcouple of our Committee members who have seenhim in action before cannot speak highly enough of  Anglia Community for Enterprise (ACE) – Updatehim.  The CMI Website  Introducing Your Committee – Part Three  Chat from the Chair – Your Chairman’s thoughts  Your Norfolk Branch on Social Media  In Praise of Widening the Gene Pool  New CMI smartphone Apps for iPhone and Android Before embarking on his Everest expeditions Ian worked as a school teacher, a catering manager, an internal auditor, as well as serving as an officer in the British Army. Ian Woodall (front right) with expedition patron Nelson Mandela Using his powers of emotional storytelling, Ian brings the triumphs and tragedies of climbing Mount EverestThis event promises to be an evening to remember. directly to his audience, showing how the insights gainedAttendees at previous presentations by Ian have come on the mountain can reinforce the principles of Personalaway in awe at Ian’s sheer determination, courage and Inspiration and Practical Leadership.motivational skills. A stirring and inspiring evening from which we can allIan was born in England, but then spent twenty-two learn is promised. You can book for this event via theyears in South Africa, before returning to the UK. following link: http://bit.ly/hHM1YT.Between 1996 and 2007 Ian conceived, planned and ledfive expeditions to Mount Everest, reaching the summit Further information is also available by contacting us aton two occasions. norfolk.branch@managers.org.uk.
  2. 2.   Management Institute and will present on the subject of continuity planning and how you can mitigate the2011 Events List damage to your business if it were to experience a disaster of any kind.Our Disaster/Continuity Planning event seems tohave become ever more relevant as days and weeks Bob Darts is a Counter Terrorism Security Advisorgo by. (CTSA) for Norfolk Constabulary. Bob will provide details on how you, as a manager or business owner, canWe have seen massive disruption due to natural reduce the risk of terrorist attack and how to minimisedisasters and public unrest around the world. As with the effects if the worse were to happen.many things, there is always a temptation to think, ‘itwon’t happen to me’, but many of those people caught This promises to be an event that could save yourup in these incidents would have said exactly the same business if you put into practice the advice you willthing. receive – one not to be missed. You can book for this event via the following link: http://bit.ly/dRRkwx.Your Branch Secretary’s company had staff working inLibya when the troubles first started and has offices inJapan and the Far East where the earthquake andsubsequent tsunami struck. An excellent emergencyplan swept into operation and everyone was accountedfor and their safety ensured in less than 24 hours.Would your business cope with a much smaller,localised disaster – perhaps a fire or flood in your office?Come along to our event and find out how a few simplemeasures can make all the difference to the survival ofyour business. 15 September 2011 Alternative Presentation Skills Speakers: Terry Kendrick & Richard Mills Venue: To be confirmed How many of us have sat through long boring PowerPoint presentations thinking that there must be a better way? Terry and Richard will provide us with some tips on how to enliven our presentations using14 July 2011 alternative methods. Learn how to capture yourDisaster/Continuity Planning audiences and keep them entertained throughout your presentations. You can book for this event via theSpeakers: Adrian Gaskell & Bob Darts following link: http://bit.ly/k1Zu2C.Venue: Thomas Paine Study Centre, UEADisasters, natural or man made are, unfortunately, Remember, you can book any of the above eventsbecoming more frequent (think of flooding, fire, adverse online at www.managers.org.uk/events or you canweather patterns and, yes, terrorism). Adi Gaskell is contact norfolk.branch@managers.org.uk for furtherContent and Communities Manager at the Chartered information.
  3. 3.  Anglia Community for The CMI website at www.managers.org.uk/forum has a number of discussion groups that can help YOU toEnterprise (ACE) – update develop as a manager.In our last Newsletter we introduced ACE, a new forum Many different subjects are covered including Managingthat has been established to communicate the thoughts in the Workplace, Management News and Managementand concerns of business to the New Anglia Local Development.Enterprise Partnership (NALEP). While still in anembryonic stage ACE recently met with Chris Starkie, Current hot topics include:Chief Executive of Shaping Norfolks Future, to discusshow ACE could provide input into NALEP. How can I overcome fear of talking to a group? http://bit.ly/igTvfyThe Board of NALEP has now been announced anddetails of those appointed can be found in the 16 May How can employee morale be improved?2011 NALEP press release here: http://bit.ly/k2inwd. http://bit.ly/m0kkdBNALEP’s structure provides for a LEP Forum which is Tattoos and management dont mixintended to act as a ‘Critical Friend’ to NALEP and to http://bit.ly/lrLYorhold the Board to account. At present, this Forum has nofixed form and NALEP will have no significant input as to Not to forget, of course, your local branch pages. Herewho runs it or how it should be run. you can create discussions of local interest or put questions to your local branch Team. You can find us at:ACE considers that it can potentially form the basis of http://www.managers.org.uk/forum/cmi-eastern/norfolk-the LEP Forum and is in active discussions with branch.businesses and business groups in Norfolk and Suffolkto try to gain a mandate to take this forward. We would encourage you to try out the pages and use them to your advantage!It is intended that the LEP Forum be up and running bySeptember 2011.The Norfolk Branch of the CMI is actively involved in thedevelopment of ACE and is providing input to its statedmission and objectives. We believe that it is imperativethat the opinions of our members are heard and that theNALEP should be held accountable to local businessesfor any decisions made going forward.Further details can be found on the ACE website athttp://ace-space.org.---------------------------------------------------------------------------The CMI WebsiteAre you making the most of your CMI Network? Do youhave a problem at work you’d like some help with? Doyou want to engage in lively and topical discussion withyour peers across many widely varying sectors?
  4. 4. Introducing Your Committee Part ThreeHaving introduced you to six of your Committee members in the last two Newsletters we introduce below theremaining three members: John Gallen Committee Member John has both a military and civil aviation engineering background and is experienced at all levels of aviation management. Having practised as a CAA Licensed Engineer he also holds an MBA and is knowledgeable in the practical, planning and financial aspects of aircraft engineering. Nick Haverson Committee Member Nick has a background in Civil Engineering and Highway Maintenance. After working on major contacts across the UK, Nick returned to work for Norfolk County Council as a Construction Manager for what was then, the in-house highways maintenance contractor. Nick now works as the Planning, Performance and Partnerships Manager for Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service and the Environment, Transport and Development Department at Norfolk County Council. This role includes interpreting Government policies and initiatives in respect of Norfolk services and providing analysis and advice relating to the performance of his designated services; helping to drive improvements of key partnerships and services across the organisation. Dr Lilian Hodgson Committee Member A PhD Chemist at United Closures and Plastics Limited since 1978, managing Total Quality Management (TQM). Lilian has a worldwide brief and is responsible for all aspects relating to customer quality. A fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOMMM), Member of the Chartered Management Institute, founding member of Women in Management (WiM) in Norwich and Norfolk and involved in Norfolk Networking Links.
  5. 5.   Chat from The Chair; Getting the tomorrow’s management in shape......today! As part of my Branch Chair role, I get together with other regional Branch Chairs once a quarter to discuss Regional business (I can just imagine you thinking, “lucky old him....”) . For 6 months, this mainly revolves around the annual Regional Conference. More of that elsewhere or in another Newsletter.At our recent meeting, however, we listened to quite an interesting development from our Northampton head office. Ithought I’d take the opportunity to give you an executive summary. CMI Campus is an initiative designed to engage youngpeople in the 14-21 age bracket, about managing in the world of work. The initiative arose from a survey of our membersconcerning the future of the profession. The resultant report, “Tomorrow’s Leaders” is on the main CMI website. We arenow succession planning as a profession! “The economic & social challenges we face, demand we go further to support all young people to build their skills, to secure greater productivity & economic growth. Within 10 years, the UK will need to fill nearly 1 million new management & leadership roles, & school leavers will need to be much better prepared. CMI’s vision is to create an employer-led Campus to inspire young people, create confidence in their abilities & give much earlier recognition for their management & leadership skills.” Ruth Spellman OBE, chief executive, CMIA pilot CMI Campus scheme has been run, delivering 1,500 Level 2 (Team Leader) and 3 (First Line Management) CMIqualifications in 115 schools across England. This is expected to double during 2011 as the scheme rolls out. Quite animpressive start. I must admit, I’m looking forward to seeing how this rolls out nationally. With a 14-year old daughter, I’llbe beating a path to her Head Teacher’s door with this one. If you want to read a full press release, clickhttp://bit.ly/klEIum.Lastly, another pleasure of the Chair’s duties. CMI have organised a conference in July for Branch Teams. The aim is tohelp us deliver better value for our Branch members, principally through providing excellent local events. Certainly, I’m notan event organiser by profession, so any help is always welcome. However, in Norfolk we have recently compiledresearch (with the help of UEA under-graduates) on what the membership wants from Branch events, and we’re usingthis feedback to help us in our efforts. We can, of course, always do better, and it will soon be time to put together our2012 programme. How time flies.Please, please, please come along and support the Branch events and help Norfolk shine as a Branch. The next event,“The Tao of Everest” will be inspirational. Tell your friends and colleagues.Richard Mills, Norfolk Branch Chair.
  6. 6.  CMI Norfolk on FacebookYour Norfolk Branch Facebook Page, which provides regular updates on events, local and national business news andgeneral discussions, can be found by clicking on the link below:‘Like’ us at: http://www.facebook.com/CMINorfolk CMI Norfolk on LinkedInYour Branch also has a LinkedIn Group which provides regular updates on events, local and national business news andgeneral discussions.Join the Norfolk Branch LinkedIn Group by clicking http://linkd.in/hf3y6R. Advertisement You’re worried about the impact of   climate change on your business …    Q:  do you…   turn a blind eye?     do different?    A:  do different ‐ do our MBA Strategic Carbon Management    The business school runs a one year full‐time MBA Strategic Carbon Management (SCM) course in  Norwich and a two year part‐time MBA SCM course from UEA London.    Part‐time MBA Strategic Carbon Management ‐ UEA London     Central London teaching near Liverpool Street Station     Two‐year modular programme starting March 2011 and January 2012     Intensive 4‐day lecture blocks to minimise disruption to your work       Organisation‐based consultancy projects   Bursaries still available for 2011 as well as scholarships for 2012    To find out more about our Open Day, book a place or meet us in Norwich to discuss any aspect of our  MBA programme, including scholarships, fees and payment plans, contact:    Jane English    MBA Co‐ordinator  Norwich Business School University of East Anglia  Norwich  Norfolk  NR4 7TJ  Call +44(0)1603 591753 or    email mbateam@uea.ac.uk   www.carbonmba.com  
  7. 7.  In Praise of Widening the Gene PoolOne of our prime aims of the Branch Committee is to provide “edutainment;” branch events that are educational as wellas enjoyable. Life is too short, as they say, and so is our spare time.Another aspect is of course networking.So, in search of edutainment and networking I made the short trip to Ipswich to attend the Suffolk Branch event,‘edutaining’ me on “Making The Transition from Public to Private Sector”. The reasons for attending this event were two-fold; I have made this transition myself, but I am drawing a new employee into my micro-business from the public sector. Iwanted him to know what he is letting himself in for. Secondly, to meet some new people myself and continue my newcolleague’s initiation into the 21st Century world of networking.So, did it meet my aims? Well, the speaker told it like it is, warts and all, in the private sector. I almost ended up bycommitting to move back into the public sector. My new colleague is obviously made of sterner stuff and wasn’t put off.Aim number one met.I also put on my networking head and introduced myself to a few new people. Business cards were exchanged, LinkedInlinks were promised, and my new colleague seems to be taking to this like a duck to water (indeed, as I write this he’sgoing solo tomorrow.....no stopping him now....). Aim number two met. So far so good.My story doesn’t stop here; there are a couple of other things I got out of this meeting.As the co-owner of a micro-business, a few home truths were rammed home to me about the nature of my business. Adebate with a panel of obviously highly experienced managers was quite stimulating. Brain cells were stimulated, and itallowed me to reflect on a few things about my business and how I run it. I am cogitating on these golden nuggets andformulating my response, which will of course be improvements to my business. The lesson here; with some qualityspeakers, a short evening event can still be informative, and something new can be learned. I would encourage allmembers to come along to Branch events, even if it’s just once or twice a year. You never know, you might learnsomething.Secondly, yes we all belong to the Norfolk Branch. However, the Earth is not flat and when you go over the border intoSuffolk you don’t fall off the edge of the world, contrary to popular belief in Norfolk. In the 21st Century, Countyboundaries are an invisible, administrative line on a map. My business doesn’t stop doing business with other people justbecause they’re on the other side of an invisible barrier that just exists in my head. The lesson here; business is business,and edutainment is edutainment, regardless of where it is. Norfolk Branch members; you’ll be warmly welcomed at otherBranch events. Equally, managers of Suffolk; here in Norfolk, we don’t eat our offspring, and we also put on excellentBranch events. Please come along. We are, after all, one management community. To that end, the upcoming annualRegional Conferences deserve your support. It’s a two-parter this year; episode 1 in Luton, for those in the south of ourregion, and episode 2 in Norwich, later in the year. Watch this space for details of our Episode 2 re-run.Lastly, watch this space, as I reflect on my networking skills as New Colleague learns the ropes.Richard Mills, Norfolk Branch Chairman.
  8. 8.   The CMI is pleased to announce the launch of its new smartphone app for iPhone and Google Android.Now available to download FREE from the iPhone Appsstore or Android market (just search for "CMI"), CMIManagement Essentials provides a comprehensiveintroduction to the wealth of resources and servicesavailable from to help individuals become better managersand to help organisations develop and increase theirmanagement talent.CMI Management Essentials includes:  Answers to common management problems and free CMI resources to support your understanding of the issues involved  A self–assessment test that enables you to understand how good a leader and manager you are and to identify resources to support your professional development  A self-assessment test that enables you to understand how well your organisation is managed and to identify ways in which CMI can help develop your management and leadership talent  Opportunities to network via an up to date link to the CMI’s online community  Up to date Management news direct from CMI’s websiteThe app also contains a special discounted membershipoffer available as a “thank you” for downloading it. iPhone users download here: Android users download here: iPhone App Store: http://bit.ly/iyhQp3 Android Market: http://bit.ly/kr2B4a