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Each year the Content Marketing Institute, in partnership with McMurry/TMG, finds the best content marketing practitioners and selects finalists and fetes the overall Content Marketer of the Year at Content Marketing World. This year this will take place September 10, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Marketers With A Story - Content Marketing Awards - Content Marketer of the Year

  2. 2. Each year we celebrate the content marketers who most inspire us. This year’s finalists are a diverse group, hailing from a historic New York City non- profit, to a massive global technology company. Dig in to see what they are doing so well.
  3. 3. BradWalters,directorofsocialmediaandemerging technologies,Lowe’sHomeImprovement VISUAL CONTENT Brad Walters and his social media team at Lowe’s have earned well-deserved praise over the last year for a series of brilliant ideas.
  4. 4. The company’s #lowesfixinsix series on Vine (6-second videos of easy DIY tips) received much-deserved attention this year for “getting” Vine even while many of us were still scratching our heads.
  5. 5. Lowe’s is also massively popular on Pinterest (nearly 3.5 million followers) in large part because the brand doesn’t use the channel as a digital catalogue. In fact, Lowe’s has among the most diverse collection of boards to match their audience-- from gardening tips to ultimate man caves.
  6. 6. But it’s clear Lowe’s isn’t finished yet. In a new twist, Lowe’s has recruited top designers and Mom bloggers to take over its Instagram account for a few days at a time. Popular design personalities like Grace Bonney from DesignSponge post inspirational images, and in doing so, introduce their fan base to Lowe’s.
  7. 7. CONTENT STRATEGY Bryan Rhoads, executive editor, Intel Digital Media Labs BryanRhoadsstandsoutasadeepthinkerinafieldmoreoften focusedonquickwins. Rhoadsbelievesthatbyteasingoutstorylines--andinparticular archetypalnarrativessuchasthehero’sjourney--companieslikeIntelcan createmuchmoremovingandmemorablecontentfortheiraudiences.
  8. 8. Calling himself a “long-time, early-stage builder of all things digital,” Bryan Rhoads explores the outer edge of new media and content consumption models for Intel. Rhoads is the founder and executive editor of Intel’s digital platform IQ, which allows employees to curate content from sites like Mashable, Wired and Spin. When we interviewed Rhoads in 2012, he explained, “IQ represents the zeitgeist of Intel. Our strategy is not to create a destination, but to feed the social graph.”
  9. 9. Rhoads also manages the partnership with VICE Media that produces the award- winning The Creators Project. A long favorite of ours, Creators Project captures the most beautiful examples of art and innovation made possible through technology.
  10. 10. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Jesse Desjardins, social media & advocacy manager, Tourism Australia Desjardinswonourvotebecauseofasimpleidea,brilliantly executed. He asked, “Can we build a platform that gets biggerovertime?”Ratherthanlaunchacampaign,givingit somesocialjuice,andthenlettingitfade,Desjardinsaimedtocreatea socially-fueledmovementthatincreasesinvalueandscaleovertime.
  11. 11. Tourism Australia receives 900 fan photos per day on its Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  12. 12. It outperforms every other tourism board in the world, and does so based on two primary ingredients: user-generated content, and community co-creation. Says Desjardins, “We aim to make our audience the hero. Consumers take us places much faster than we can go on our own.”
  13. 13. To be fair, Tourism Australia does launch campaigns, such as the group’s Best Job in the World contest (which promised seven lucky winners a six-month working holiday in roles such as a wildlife caretaker and lifestyle photographer) and its Food and Wine campaign (a partnership with restaurateurs and local growers to position Australia asafooddestination).Buteach campaignfeelslikeaniteration onacoremissiontolettheland andpeoplespeakforthemselves.
  14. 14. Renee Richardson, global brand marketing head, Caterpillar We salute Caterpillar for telling a great story and having fun with it, particularly given that it operates in such a compliance-heavy, traditional industry. STORYTELLING
  15. 15. Who said B2B has to be boring? Caterpillar surprised many this year with its bold “Built for It” campaign. The first video featured the company’s massive earth moving equipment moving 600-pound blocks in a giant game of Jenga--and earned over two million views.
  16. 16. Renee Richardson describes the new campaign as an important step for a historically risk-averse brand. In an interview with Fast Company she explained, “We wanted to be more brand promoters than brand police. Instead of focusing primarily on enforcing compliance on brand and identity standards, we wanted to facilitate more consumer interaction and use it to contribute to the growth of the brand.”
  17. 17. Susan Helstab, executive VP of marketing, Four Seasons We applaud Helstab for her leadership pushing Four Seasons to be among the few omnimedia brands. OMNICHANNEL
  18. 18. Hoteliers have a leg up on other industries when it comes to captivating storytelling, but the challenge is doing it in an effective and engaging way that supports the brand. Four Seasons leads the luxury hospitality pack with a beautiful and hardworking portfolio of content delivered through various channels focused on engaging existing and prospec- tive guests. It includes the brand’s premier digital property, Four Seasons Magazine, as well as a host of special interest micro-sites and social media platforms.
  19. 19. Four Seasons has a host of other niche digital sites such as Have Family Will Travel, Taste, and micro-sites targeting Brazilian, Russian, and Spanish- language travelers.
  20. 20. And Four Seasons’ Pin.Pack.Go program on Pinterest, an industry first, invites guests to co-curate a custom itinerary via a Pinterest board with the Four Seasons hotel or resort of their choice.
  21. 21. MARKETING WITH A PURPOSE Karen Girty, senior director of marketing and media, New York City Ballet TheNewYorkCityBalletisaquietbrand,sowedugdeeptouncover KarenGirtyasoneofourtopcontentmarketersof2014.Herportfolio ofworkatthestorieddancecompanyisatestamenttohowbeautiful purpose-drivenmarketingcanbe.
  22. 22. We’ve seen too many brands decide to publish videos, then fizzle out after producing a half dozen. Under the leadership of Karen Girty, the New York City Ballet committed to video six years ago, and publishes a new video almost weekly-- each with many thousands of views. The videos offer behind- the-scenes peeks at upcoming productions, screen tests with dancers, and interviews with choreographers.
  23. 23. But most moving of the ballet company’s videos: the 9/11 tribute titled New Beginnings, in which two dancers share a moving sunrise performance atop Four World Trade Center.
  24. 24. Girty also led the launch of the City Ballet’s Art Series, an ambitious program to introduce new viewers to the ballet by inviting collaboration with visual artists. In January the nonprofit invited JR, a French street artist known for his massive public photo installations across the globe, to install a photo mural spanning the entire floor of the Koch Theater’s grand center hall. Girty says 70 percent of attendees at special Art Series performances described themselves as new to City Ballet, and seven percent of those visited the ballet again. JR’s floor mural, which featured life-sized photos of dancers, spawned an always-on stream of social media coverage as attendees snapped pictures of themselves on the floor next to the dancers.
  25. 25. The Content Marketer of the Year will be recognized at Content Marketing World in September. Join us in Cleveland, Sept 8-11, 2014. Register today! Use CMWSOCIAL to save $100. Now in its 11th year, the Content Marketing Awards is the leading awards program for people who create content for organizations. Categories cover every element of every medium and strategic purpose. Start creating and saving your work for Content Marketing Awards 2015. Call for entries take place in February 2015. See what you can learn from this year’s winners:
  26. 26. About Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Content Marketing Institute is the leading global content marketing education and training organization. CMI teaches enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling. CMI’s Content Marketing World event, the largest content marketing-focused event, is held every September, and Content Marketing World Sydney, every March. CMI also produces the quarterly magazine Chief Content Officer, and provides strategic consulting and content marketing research for some of the best-known brands in the world. CMI is a 2012, 2013 and 2014 Inc. 500 company. About McMURRY/TMG McMURRY/TMG is a leading content marketing agency in the U.S., dedicated to delivering strategic, transformative brand experiences that engage customers and drive measurable results. Its 270 staff members are located in five offices in New York, Arizona and Washington, D.C., and they work together to help clients extend brands, boost engagement, build communities and deliver revenue through powerful, meaningful content. Clients include industry leaders such as WebMD, Amtrak, CBS Television, The Ritz-Carlton, CDW, Reed Exhibitions, 21st Century Insurance, Verizon, HP and Baylor Health Care System.