Content Marketing & Bacon - See What They Have In Common!


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How can you compare content marketing to bacon? The CMI team did just that. They have more in common than you think, and we deliciously show you those commonalities. What have we missed?

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Content Marketing & Bacon - See What They Have In Common!

  1. Content Marketing & Bacon See what they have in ommon! c
  2. Don’t Let Either Cook Too Long. No one likes burnt bacon. Don’t overthink your content! (but make sure you strive for usefulness, not quantity.)
  3. They Both Benefit From Creativity. Bacon ice cream, bacon doughnuts, bacon mints . . . should we continue? There is never just one way to create or produce your content. Commit to experimentation.
  4. They Can Be Consumed Anytime, Anywhere. Bacon can be enjoyed during any meal of the day, even snacks and desserts. Content marketers need to think about when and how people are consuming their content. Speaking of, how’s your mobile strategy?
  5. Both Have Been Around Longer Than You Think. The first usage of bacon dates back to the 1600s! John Deere’s magazine, The Furrow, John Deere’s magazine for farmers, dates back to 1895.
  6. 2013 Was A Spotlight Year For Both. Last year was the year of the bacon meme. Google Trends shows the term “content marketing” was at its highest search volume to date.
  7. You Can Repurpose Both. Leftover bacon (is this a thing?) can be made into bacon bits for salad, for example. You can, and should, repurpose your content for various channels, audiences, and stages in the buying cycle.
  8. They’re Both Part Of Something Bigger. There is more to a pig then just bacon, though many may argue it is the best part! The best content is part of an organization’s larger overall mission.
  9. Both Are Used All Over The World. Bacon has an international appeal! Some of the best content marketing we have seen has come from international brands and agencies.
  10. Their Appeal Crosses Geographies, But Variations Exist. Different countries use different cuts of pork that constitute as bacon in their culture. (Did you know Japan primarily sells precooked bacon?) Many countries use content marketing channels very differently, with varying successes, evidenced by our 2014 Content Marketing: Budgets, Benchmarks and Trends.
  11. Both Can Be Addictive Did you know there are quizzes you can take to see if you are addicted to bacon? Good content marketing should leave your customers wanting more. How are you nurturing those relationships?
  12. Both Make Everything Better. Who can eat a baked potato without bacon? A spinach salad? Great content marketing makes your SEO better, your channel plan better, and your customers happier.
  13. You Can Wrap It Around Things. Water chestnuts, scallops, dates and asparagus all are delicious wrapped in bacon! You can wrap great content around your event marketing and other programs to make them align.
  14. Have More To Add? Be part of our Content Marketing Institute LinkedIn group! Join the conversation as our community works to fuel each others’ content marketing efforts.