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#CMWorld Twitter Chat with Mitch Joel on Financial Content Marketing


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Join our #CMWorld twitter chats! Every Tuesday at noon Eastern, culminating at our big event, Content Marketing World, in Cleveland, Ohio. Still time to register - September 9-12, 2013. …

Join our #CMWorld twitter chats! Every Tuesday at noon Eastern, culminating at our big event, Content Marketing World, in Cleveland, Ohio. Still time to register - September 9-12, 2013.

This week's chat was with Mitch Joel of Twist Image, discussing financial content marketing, its limitations and how to succeed in this highly regulated industry.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. #CMWorld FINANCIAL CONTENT MARKETING TWITTER CHAT Featuring Twist Image’s Mitch Joel @MitchJoel and Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi #CMWorld •
  • 2. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q1: Let’s get started! What unique content marketing challenges do you think the financial industry has? #CMWorld
  • 3. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat They are regulated. They have hard time due to the recession and more. It’s a complex sale. #cmworld @mitchjoel A1: Lack of consumer faith/trust. #CMWorld @RickLiebling Talked to a Sr. Financial Marketer recently...said #financial much more regulated than healthcare #cmworld @JoePulizzi A1 the legal and compliance components can be uniquely onerous in financial services, especially when social media is involved #CMworld @SFerika
  • 4. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q2: Which financial institutions are using content marketing well? How? What is working? #CMWorld
  • 5. #CMWorld • Search & Social #CMWorld • Twitter Chat @mitchjoel TD Ameritrade’s ThinkMoney magazine one of the best corporate magazine’s out there...period. #cmworld @JoePulizzi A2 I am a fan of the #iShares blog and social media presences they’re doing it right #CMworld @SFerika @joepulizzi Ohh, I really like AMEXopenForum and they do really well in other aspects of using Social #CMWorld @lttlewys A2: Thrivent is good. And I like what Seeking Alpha is doing. #cmworld @SusynEliseDuris
  • 6. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q3: How do you bridge the gap between a traditionally conservative industry and innovative content marketing? #CMWorld
  • 7. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat @CMIContent A3. It isn’t about conservative industry. Gap is individuals that want to control broadcast message vs help. #cmworld @wittlake A3: Education, not only the consumer but also the companies themselves, train & encourage discussions. Take away the fear #CMWorld @lttlewys A3: Hire great storytellers. Financial services companies are notorious for creating “me-too” content. #cmworld @JoePulizzi A3 I am not a fan of little tests and skunkworks in this instance. Hard to prove and easy to shut down. Time to move :) #cmworld @mitchjoel
  • 8. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q4: With regulations and privacy, how do you generate content from clients, customers and employees? #CMWorld
  • 9. #CMWorld • Search & Social #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q4: with caution and care. The heart of the matter is actually finding the heart of the matter and not the PR spin. #cmworld @mitchjoel @CMIContent IMO regulation contributes, but it’s also a convenient screen. Look at Fidelity, iShares or USAA. #CMWorld @wittlake People have pain points and questions about finances. Answering those can help - as long it fits with rules/regs #cmworld @rschneiderSO @nenadsenic #CMWorld Bear in mind banks regulated differently in different countries. Therefore content must be able to be tailored. @heidicohen
  • 10. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q5: What is your goal of financial content marketing? Sales/acquisition, or reputation & trust? #CMWorld
  • 11. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat @mitchjoel Correct...historically, #financial content has focused on loyalty/retention. Now seeing more at top of funnel. #cmworld @JoePulizzi @CMIContent A5 Reputation & trust should be 1st priority. If you have that, you’ll get sales & customers. #CMworld @brassMedia @CMIContent A5. Does anyone believe you CAN focus on sales/acq in FI content without seeing education as key? #CMWorld @wittlake Not to disagree with @JoePulizzi, @wittlake but I think you can. If you know your consumer and it’s upsell, new products. Maybe. #cmworld @mitchjoel
  • 12. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q6: One thing financial services doesn’t lack is data. What are some great ways data is used for #contentmarketing? #CMWorld
  • 13. #CMWorld • Search & Social #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A6: FI has been historically great at data. And they continue to be. Everything you see is/should be data driven. #cmworld @mitchjoel A6: My favourite, Infographics ;-) Case studies, white papers. Don’t think financial services even use a 1/4 of their data, tho #CMWorld @lttlewys A6: Infographics, eBooks leveraging data, Expert Blogs, Research Reports, Podcasts, etc. #cmworld @JoePulizzi @cmicontent In finance data in apps/simulators work well if personalized - loans students, insurances parents, etc. #cmworld @conversionation
  • 14. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q7: In content marketing, we often focus on digital, but do you think print can be particularly effective in financial services? #CMWorld
  • 15. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A7: It’s not digital only. All marketing requires a proper mix based on strategy that can be optimized. Period. #cmworld @mitchjoel @CMIContent People still often get print statements, reports, etc. That’s an opportunity to include additional content. #cmworld @rschneiderSO A7: We use digital because of the overwhelming benefits, like trackability and reach over print. Not because print doesnt work #CMworld @ThatsNickQ @cmicontent Q7: print effective anywhere, not about the media/channels, about how you connect the dots right #cmworld @conversionation
  • 16. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q8: Do traditional social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) work to distribute content for the financial industry? #CMWorld
  • 17. #CMWorld • Search & Social #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A8: Social Doesn’t work well when robotic which is what I see most w/Banks in SoMe - Need to learn to converse #cmworld @ardath421 A8 social works for distributing short financial content + driving folks to online tools & for social motivation (savings goals) #CMworld @SFerika @CMIContent Holy heck, YES. Facebook & Twitter are the most used #socialmedia platforms for FIs. #cmworld @brassMedia A8: Where are your customers hanging out on the web? That’s where we need to be. #cmworld @JoePulizzi
  • 18. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q9: How can the financial industry use mobile or podcasts for content marketing efforts? #CMWorld
  • 19. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A9: I think the key is thinking about “consistent” content, not campaigns for #financial #contentmarketing #cmworld @JoePulizzi A9 - I would suggest poll to see how many first, then try mobile site before going mobile app. Seems mktrs want mobile app first. #cmworld @SusynEliseDuris A9: Mobile content for the financial industry should be more than optimizing for mobile. Must be tailored, personal, relevant #CMWorld @SamBrennand #Education really undervalued as a part of financial #marketing. Huge opportunity to gain customer trust thru education. #cmworld @brassMedia
  • 20. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q10: Last question: How can financial institutions repurpose research and published material for content marketing efforts? #CMWorld
  • 21. #CMWorld • Search & Social #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A10: Think about how to tell stories in different ways UP FRONT...not repurposing content after the fact. #cmworld @JoePulizzi A10: Turn it from 2D content into 3D content by embracing digital, social and mobile for all that it can do : #cmworld @mitchjoel A10: I’m getting a whiff of #infographics #CMWorld @SamBrennand @CMIContent Like @littlewys said, MORE INFOGRAPHS! Repurpose research into other types of content for customers to consume. #cmworld @brassMedia
  • 22. #CMWorld • Financial Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Want to learn more? Want to discuss the latest trends in content marketing and get advice from some of the experts you will see at Content Marketing World? Each week join Joe Pulizzi (@joepulizzi) and a guest as we discuss both key content marketing topics and event tracks for Content Marketing World, as well as our industry marketing summits. Simply follow #cmworld on twitter to join the conversation. • July 2: Content Strategy with Michael Brenner @brennermichael (Click here for the full transcript) • July 9: Search and Social with Lee Odden @leeodden (Click here for the full transcript) • July 16: Financial Content Marketing with Mitch Joel @mitchjoel • July 23: Social Media Marketing with Joe Chernov @jchernov • July 30: B2B Content Marketing with Ardath Albee @ardath421 • August 6: Small Business Content Marketing with Brian Clark @copyblogger • August 13: Multi-Channel Marketing with Andrew Davis @tpldrew • August 20: Technology Content Marketing with Rohit Bhargava @rohitbhargava To read the full transcript of this chat, visit Learn more about content marketing for financial institutions at the Content Marketing World Financial Summit in Cleveland, Ohio on September 12. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!