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#CMWorld Twitter Chat with Joe Chernov on Social & Content Marketing


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Join our #CMWorld twitter chats! Every Tuesday at noon Eastern, culminating at our big event, Content Marketing World, in Cleveland, Ohio. Still time to register - September 9-12, 2013. …

Join our #CMWorld twitter chats! Every Tuesday at noon Eastern, culminating at our big event, Content Marketing World, in Cleveland, Ohio. Still time to register - September 9-12, 2013.

This week's chat was with Joe Chernov from Kinvey, discussing social & content marketing, opportunities and some great best practices.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. #CMWorld SOCIAL & CONTENT MARKETING TWITTER CHAT Featuring Kinvey’s Joe Chernov @JChernov and Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi #CMWorld •
  • 2. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q1: Let’s get started! What comes first? Social media or content marketing? #CMWorld
  • 3. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A1: Let’s start w/ a bang: Not only does content come 1st, but w/o it, the only real use case for social is customer support #CMWorld @jchernov A1: Social is a comm channel. It should be a part of your CM strategy, (when relevant). They are not mutually exclusive #CMWorld @CMIContent @lucasmillerwsu @CMIContent At least social media listening and consumption first. Must research your audience/community before creating content. #cmworld @njh287 A1. Content. Social spreads the message and is integral in overall strategy, but you have to have something of value to say #cmworld @KaitlinSolomon3
  • 4. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q2: With so many social platforms available, how does someone decide which ones to use for their org? #CMWorld
  • 5. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A2: Start by placing bets (where do you think your prospects are). Then let the data inform future investments #CMWorld @jchernov A2. You pick social platforms based on where your audience is – not for the shiny toy value :) #CMWorld @ardath421 A2: Identify goals. Then find which social channels your customers are hanging out at. We don’t need to be using every channel. #cmworld @JoePulizzi A2- Go where your members are. Not all social platforms fit your target audience. Adapt the ones your members/customers prefer. #cmworld @KaitlinSolomon3
  • 6. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q3: Do you see orgs on too many social platforms (& using them poorly) or too few (& missing opportunity)? #CMWorld
  • 7. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A3: Both. However, the ones on too many, but doing so ineffectively is more con- cerning, as it can have an adverse affect. #cmworld @Bonini84 A3: Absolutely. When we do enterprise audits, recommendations are almost always that they need less channels, not more. #cmworld @JoePulizzi A3. I think difficulty is limiting to what you can do well. Trying to be everywhere is not a strategy that’s sustainable #cmworld @ardath421 @CMIContent A3. Too many. But # isn’t the issue. Challenge is view that a small consistent broadcast presence is ok. #CMWorld @wittlake
  • 8. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q4: Quality visuals are very shareable in social media. What are some ideas to create strong visuals? #CMWorld
  • 9. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat @CMIContent A4 Think value w/ visuals. Answer a question. Feeling should be less “Thats interesting,” more “I want to share this.” #cmworld @njh287 A4: I don’t want one visual story. I want 50 visual components that tell a story over a year. #cmworld @JoePulizzi @WOMMA @JoePulizzi Images can enhance the story & make it more human, but not when you’re using it just because it’s available #CMWorld @Soundboardit @CMIContent A4. Visuals should simplify communication. Too many visuals (infographics!) do the opposite. #CMWorld @wittlake
  • 10. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q5: Has your social media strategy changed in the last year? If so, how? #CMWorld
  • 11. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat @CMIContent A5 Still look to drive traffic/subs, but shifting a bit from establishing in- dustry cred to leveraging new contacts made #cmworld @njh287 A5. I think it’s changed in the last month. What people want to talk about changes all the time #cmworld @ardath421 Q5: While objectives have stayed the same, our strategy is ever-evolving. But we don’t sell out the brand for the latest channel. #CMWorld @MichaelMooneyy A5: A good social strategy can weather the change. Not that it doesn’t evolve, but it’s not forced to b/c of changing networks #CMWorld @Soundboardit
  • 12. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q6: What is the social channel(s) your business uses most often? #CMWorld
  • 13. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A6: At @Kinvey we market to developers, CIO, CTO. We assumed Facebook would be inefficient, yet data says we were wrong #CMWorld @jchernov A6 Ran a test for workshop at Confab - Slideshare brought 2.5X views & shares than blog post on same subject #cmworld @ardath421 Has anyone noticed how much people are sharing on @LinkedIn these days? YOY change is amazing. #cmworld @JoePulizzi A6: We use Twitter & LinkedIn most. Why? Flexibility, measurability & most important: chance to engage with new real people easily #CMWorld @Consected
  • 14. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q7: What do you think is the most undervalued social channel out there? #CMWorld
  • 15. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Call me crazy, but I still think there is something to Google+. Over 350 million active us- ers as of July. #cmworld @JoePulizzi You must build OWNED platforms (blog, website, email list, etc) since you control them. What would happen if banned from Google? #cmworld @heidicohen A7: The most undervalued channel is the one you haven’t tested. The channel may vary by co.; but the need to test doesn’t #CMWorld @jchernov A7- Seeing a lot of slideshare, google +, and blogs #cmworld @KaitlinSolomon3
  • 16. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q8: Do you modify content for various social channels or do you simply distribute it? #CMWorld
  • 17. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A8. Content must be modified for different channels – different context, different purposes #cmworld @ardath421 A8: Yes! Striving for virtuous cycle: summarizing our eBooks into ungated Slide- Shares that link back to the gated eBook #CMWorld @jchernov A8: you have to modify your content to match the messaging for the respective channel. #CMWorld @CMIContent @KevinDMcGinnis A8- Absolutely modify! Each platform has requires different format and delivery to fit the purpose, tone, and overall parameters #cmworld @KaitlinSolomon3
  • 18. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q9: Does your company have a separate social media person/team vs. a content marketing person/team? #CMWorld
  • 19. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A9: Everyone is *responsible* for content, but one person needs to be *accountable* for it! #CMWorld @jchernov A9: social and content marketing are together at #xerox. #CMWorld @Kenericson A9. Companies that separate content marketing and social media teams have disconnects - saying so practically :) #cmworld @ardath421 A9: Social media and online groups fall under the channel team, which works closely with the content team. #CMWorld @HiPhaedra
  • 20. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Q10: What is the top thing content marketers need to improve on or learn when it comes to social media? #CMWorld
  • 21. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat A10: If your content is about you, regardless of how polished it is, ain’t nobody gonna share it. #CMWorld @jchernov A10: Considering the “reason to click.” There’s content overload out there. It’s all about how you present the content that matters #cmworld @Bonini84 A10. How to initiate a conversation their audience cares about – and then keep it going #cmworld @ardath421 A10- That there MUST be an integrated strategy to be effective. Also find your influencers and recognize their value #cmworld @KaitlinSolomon3
  • 22. #CMWorld • Social & Content Marketing #CMWorld • Twitter Chat Want to learn more? Want to discuss the latest trends in content marketing and get advice from some of the experts you will see at Content Marketing World? Each week join Joe Pulizzi (@joepulizzi) and a guest as we discuss both key content marketing topics and event tracks for Content Marketing World, as well as our industry marketing summits. Simply follow #cmworld on twitter to join the conversation. • July 2: Content Strategy with Michael Brenner @brennermichael • July 9: Search and Social with Lee Odden @leeodden • July 16: Financial Content Marketing with Mitch Joel @mitchjoel • July 23: Social Media Marketing with Joe Chernov @jchernov • July 30: B2B Content Marketing with Ardath Albee @ardath421 • August 6: Small Business Content Marketing with Brian Clark @copyblogger • August 13: Multi-Channel Marketing with Andrew Davis @tpldrew • August 20: Technology Content Marketing with Rohit Bhargava @rohitbhargava Get transcripts from all #CMWorld Twitter chats and see the upcoming schedule: Click Here to Read 58 Social Media Tips for Content Marketing