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18 Content Marketing Strategies We Learned From CMI Authors


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Video, Transparency, SlideShare + 15 More Ideas!

Video, Transparency, SlideShare + 15 More Ideas!

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Video, Transparency, SlideShare, +15 More Ideas!18ContentMarketingStrategiesWe Learned fromCMI Authors
  • 2. MEET THE AUTHORSRobert Rose MichaelSilvermanJosh MilesBrian Massey Andrew Davis ToddWheatland
  • 3. It’s spring!Time for rebirth, growth, and fresh new thoughts! This sameconcept can be applied to your content marketing strategies.In 2012, Content Marketing Institute published 6 amazing titlesfrom thought leaders in their industries. From those titles, we havecompiled 18 exciting marketing approaches that you can startusing right now.
  • 4. Managing Content Marketing“Believing is a powerful tool. And making sure yourcontent marketing stays true to your conviction is thekey ingredient necessary to make sure success doesn’tpass you buy…”“The process of content marketingis like a new muscle that mostorganizations are just beginningto strengthen.”“Good content marketing is alive! It isyour story. It is conscious. It is aboutemotion.”Robert Rose@Robert_Rose
  • 5. Capturing Community“Rich in benefits, the creation of a community offers a worldof potential to those who can grasp it. But to reap thosebenefits, you must develop a brand and an environment withwhich your target audience can identify.”“Industry leaders look to market theirpersonal brands, and a captive audience(your community) is a great place forthem to contribute and build morecredibility for themselves.”“Consider this: wherever you fit in yourindustry, hundreds of conversations thatyou could be a part of are taking place.In fact, your competition may alreadybe involved and making a name forthemselves as leaders in the field.”MichaelSilverman@MSilvermanDuo
  • 6. Bold Brand“The reality is, a brand that fails to live up to itspromise is a lie.”“Content marketing forces a companyto have a content-producing mindset.When you’re developing content on aregular basis, your voice is going tobe heard.”“Sharing your expertise is notnarcissistic. People are looking forexperts, so don’t be afraid to sharewhat you know.”Josh Miles@joshmiles
  • 7. Your Customer Creation Equation“We no longer have to send our messages out andpray that they’re persuasive. We can measure theireffectiveness, learn from the results, and get betterat giving our online prospects what they need.”“Business equations don’t have tobe complex, but they have to becomplete. They must take into accountstrategies that get more people to thebusiness, as well as tactics that getthem to buy, return, and tell others.”“Conversion is about providing theright information at the right time. Anirrelevant page will never convert, nomatter how much you optimize it.”Brian Massey@bmassey
  • 8. Brandscaping“Thinking like a television executive and branding yourcontent opens up terrific possibilities to extend the reachof what you create by adding traditional media partners toyour brandscape.”Look, if you want to raise awareness foryour brand, buy advertising – lots of it.But realize this: the space you buy isn’tpermanent, and the time you buy isfleeting.”“In a brandscaper’s world, you forgecontent relationships, pool your financialand media resources, and shareyour audience with those who havesomething to offer. In return, you getaccess to their audiences too.”Andrew Davis@TPLDrew
  • 9. The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare“Content is king, but the best content in the worldmeans nothing if people can’t easily find and share it.SlideShare gives you this capability.”“SlideShare gets over 60 millionunique visits every month. - Yourwebsite does not.”“SlideShare lets you bring your contentto people where they are – not justwhere you wish they were.”ToddWheatland@toddwheatland
  • 10. Check out CMI’s Growing Library!Learn how toput contentmarketing towork for you.There’snever beena SlideShareguidebookfor businessuse – untilnow!Optimizeyour websiteto maximizeconversions.Discover howto partnerwith othersto createcontent thatgets results.Learn abouta processthat anyprofessionalservices firmcan follow todifferentiateitself in theEverythingyou needto knowto launchand run asuccessfulonlinecommunity.Coming soon from Content Marketing Institute…Look for “Brands in Glass Houses” by co-authors Debbie Williams andDechay Watts, co-founders of Sprout Content, and international brandmarketing consultant Said Baaghil.
  • 11. Register today for the Content Marketing event of the year!Like our Facebook page for info on speakers, our agenda and great things to do in Cleveland!Follow us on twitter @CMIContent to get well-versed onContent Marketing before September!Are you receiving our daily and weekly emails?Join now to maximize your CMWorld experience!