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CV - Careers Guidance/media/communications/promotions

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Mellissa Wade CV

  1. 1. Mellissa Wade, MAMC Tonbridge, Kent Email: Overview: I am retraining from international work in communication of products and services through multi-channel media delivery, to working with young people to help them achieve. Education: • Currently studying the MA Careers Guidance incorporating the Qualification in Careers Guidance (QCG) - Centre for Career and Personal Development, Canterbury Christchurch University, Salomons, Southborough, Kent. • MA, Marketing Communications from Westminster Business School, London. Relevant work experience: • Connexions Tonbridge, ten days – shadowing guidance Personal Advisors at Hillview, St. Gregory’s, Bennett Memorial, Hugh Christie, Weald of Kent Grammar School, The Wildernesse School, Angley School, The New School at West Heath, as well as visiting community centres in the Tunbridge Wells area. • Seven additional days at Hugh Christie, observing the careers provision. • Visit to YWCA Tonbridge Young Women’s Centre in regard to project on Equality & Social Justice. To follow: five days placement in FE/HE, five additional days placement in a youth centre, and time within adult careers guidance. 1
  2. 2. Mellissa Wade Curriculum Vitae September 2009-present Current study - MA Careers Guidance/QCG – awarded bursary to study at Canterbury Christchurch, Kent, Centre for Personal and Career Development. Member of the Institute for Careers Guidance (ICG) Modules of QCG include: Careers Education Training and Work, Career Guidance Practice, Career Guidance Theory, Equality and Social Justice, Partnership Working, Reflective Professional Development. 2004-2009 Homemaker, Brighton, East Sussex In between my MAMC and this course currently, I took five years to stay at home as full time for my two young children. 2002-2005 – study of two areas – marcomms and journalism: Study for MA Marketing Communications, Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, London - awarded with merit, student representative Modules include: Marketing and Media Research, Analysis and Strategy for Marketing Communications, Advertising Management and Brand Delivery, Buyer Behaviour, Managing Marketing Communications, Sales Promotion and Management, Direct and Interactive Marketing Management, Public Relations and Reputation Management, Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Planning Project (industry: health & fitness/ leisure industry). 2004 Study for PG Cert, Fashion & Lifestyle Journalism, London College of Fashion, London. - Story idea generation, interviewing, magazine/publishing, InDesign publishing software. 2002-2004 Estee Lauder Companies, Aramis & Designer Fragrances - Aramis, LAB Series For Men, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Kate Spade Communications Coordinator, international press office, London Worked in a team to produce national product launches Aramis Life, Andre Agassi and Beyonce True Star, Tommy Hilfiger, co-ordinated national press information open days for new products, product press mailouts, stock ordering, and creation of promotional and presentation materials. 2000-2002 2
  3. 3. Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd (Viacom), Uxbridge, Middlesex, New Media, Europe Content Manager and Mobile Internet and Partnerships Sourcing content for the online offering and working in mobile internet context to create WAP (wireless application protocol) platform for consumers to review and reserve product. At early stages of wireless protocol; researched market growth and created alliances with all major mobile phone networks (Vodafone, Orange, T Mobile, Virgin, 3) to allow content and product offerings to be distributed via their networks. 1995-2000 Temporary employee, via various temporary employment agencies, US, London West End and City. Whilst continuing work on cosmetics promotions and launches (London Fashion Week and Max Factor for Procter & Gamble). Used this opportunity to try out roles such as reception/conference in the City for various banking and insurance firms, as well as the West End media/communications industry in areas such as online divisions of major newspapers, web development companies, advertising agencies, cosmetics companies. 1996-1999 Estee Lauder Companies - Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Promotions Associate Trained by top artists under brand creator, mobile promotional artist for product events and workshops in the Seattle, USA and London at department stores. 1990-1995 Fashion model, self employed – represented by agents in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Hamburg, Brussels, Athens, and Taipei. Aspects included: catalogue, fit, show/runway, hair, for international fashion designers, hair products companies, clothing catalogue companies, fashion publications. I wanted to travel, see different cultures, in addition to enjoying the process of image creation, editing and compiling as part of a team. Earlier education: 1986-1989 - Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA, USA - General BA level study, worked as an assistant in the office of the Vice President of the university. 1986 - Richland High School, Richland, WA, USA - A grade subjects: high school yearbook, leadership and English Other information: Dual citizen: Italian/American. In UK since 1997. Full driving license and car. Trained in customer service by Dan Nordstrom, original family member of the Nordstrom department store, unrivalled in reputation for excellence in customer service (refer to title ‘The Nordstrom Way’). Microsoft Office and Apple Mac Iwork proficient. Interests: psychology, biographies, fashion, leisure, health & fitness, photography. 3
  4. 4. References, recommendations, and comments for Mellissa Wade “All staff who had contact with Mellissa have all spoken very highly of her. She is a great reflector and asked insightful questions. Mellissa used her time effectively to find out as much information as possible. When on placements, she integrated well in the group works she observed and respected the interaction between student and Personal Advisor within one to one observations. Many staff appreciated the courtesy and respect she showed them and appreciated the professional compliments she gave. She always acted in a professional manner and was aware of confidentiality. When invited to offer any advice her knowledge and performance added to a positive experience for the student. Mellissa was very well organised. Her time keeping was excellent. I felt she was always willing to stay to the end of the day and really appreciated the fact Mellissa organised child care to get the best out of the experience and not to disrupt the plans organised for her. She represented the organisation extremely well and was well liked within the team. It was a pleasure to have Mellissa with us at the Tonbridge CAP, she had a very professional attitude and presence. She has excellent listening and questioning skills, her attitude to the placement was nothing but professional and this showed through her willingness to listen, help, ask questions, and her sensitivity to the issues personal advisors have within their roles.” Bridget Elinson, Guidance Personal Advisor and Learning & Development Coach, Tonbridge Connexions Access Point, Tonbridge, Kent “Mellissa is a capable and informed parent of two small children and regularly attends our pre-school. I feel that Mellissa is ready to take on the task of supporting a student in terms of advice and guidance. Mellissa is an organised person and I sense she could use these skills for the benefit of a student at City College. She has demonstrated careful care and support towards her family. Mellissa has been interested in all we have planned with the children and has maintained a high degree of organisational skill in managing a busy and demanding family schedule. The staff are always informed and prepared for changes to her son’s daily routines which demonstrate to us that Mellissa is an able communicator. She has been a keen supporter of our group. Mellissa has worked with a staff member in a recent activity about healthy eating. She was able to give written feedback which we found so useful in terms of progressing our plans for the children. I sense that Mellissa is a people person and has engaged with a variety of other families whilst at pre-school. I think she will be able to understand the needs of the student and the content of the coursework as well as offering advice and support as appropriate. I feel I can recommend Mellissa as a potential mentor and feel this is a role that she will take seriously and enjoy.” Jan Chisnall, Manager and teacher, Circus pre-school, Brighton East Sussex 4
  5. 5. “I have found Mellissa to be responsible, creative, a quick learner, a good salesperson, and well liked and respected by her customers as well as by her peers. It is my professional recommendation to employee Mellissa and any sales capacity.” Pam Home, Account Executive, Bobbi Brown Essentials, Seattle, WA, USA “I have known Mellissa Wade for many years. Mellissa is a very talented and highly motivated individual. She has lent her talent and support to start capital, Inc. on many occasions. Based on this experience, I would like to address the following points in support of her application for your program. Mellissa has a strong command of the vocabulary and is an exceptional writer. She is highly effective in the areas of technical writing, promotion, presentations, or events such as trade shows. Communication is a critical factor in business and she can execute it in both a professional and personal manner. Undoubtedly she is well trained. Based on my experience, however I consider her talent to be natural. Mellissa is an active user of the latest technology of electronic communications. Mellissa is well aware of the significance of these new and powerful means of communication and its impact on our society. Above all, she has a genuine enthusiasm and learning. Mellissa is goal oriented individual who knows the way to achieve goals and start with open-minded learning, who is always eager to access "first-hand account". I believe this to be an essential quality in the context of international programs.” Morio Okatsu, Founder and CEO, Star Capital, Seattle, WA, USA “As an employee of the greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, I hope to be a solid reference on behalf of Mellissa Wade whom I know for her participation in our events in conjunction with Star Capital Inc. In particular, Mellissa has participated the last three years in the Greater Seattle Business Expo an annual trade show sponsored by the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. The Expo is the largest of its kind in this region. During our most recent show, I witnessed Mellissa taking the initiative to attend the optional seminar panel discussions and making contact with our technology division. Mellissa certainly demonstrates business ambition along with strong social and communication skills. She keeps current on computer skill development and issues regarding the Internet.” Sheila Ellison, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Membership Development, Seattle, WA, USA “Mellissa and women's fragrance was very knowledgeable and helpful with our questions about different types of perfume. She made personal recommendations and spoke with us regarding different elements of perfume. I found her to be pleasant and warm -- very informative -- I think she should be commended for her sales approach and her abilities.” Customer comment, Nordstrom, Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA, USA 5
  6. 6. “I have known Mellissa for two years through work on the design of House of Fraser’s beauty and accessories departments. Her Communications role at Estee Lauder has brought us into frequent contact. Additionally, we frequently meet through overlapping acquaintances in the design field. From my awareness of how Mellissa works, I would say that she possesses in abundance, many of the qualities required for a career in journalism: First and foremost, she is an extremely skilled communicator, adept at understanding, analysing, discussing and presenting information in both verbal and written contexts. Secondly, I know when she has a real passion for the subject –which extends to an impressive awareness of the industry. This passion has led to her making a broad range of contacts at industry level, from journalism, to PR, to designers, and to her developing an impressive knowledge of her subject field. Additionally, I have found her to be a highly motivated personality, who works extremely hard and has an excellent ability at maintaining focus and directing energy towards her end goals. All of these attributes extend into her written output. I have read a range of her press releases/ marketing documents. The most recent of which has been for the launch of the Aramis Life fragrance endorsed by Andre Agassi, for which I am aware she had dealings with a wide range of international journalists. In all of these instances, I find her writing to be clear, focused, and compelling.” John Michael O’Sullivan, Senior Designer at Kinnersley Kent Design Consultancy in Fitzroy Square, London “Working as a consultant for Blockbuster Entertainment during 1999 to 2000 on a long term Internet development project, I was responsible for recommending Mellissa to the company after competitive interview process, for a position in the Internet and new media department. I worked closely with Mellissa during the year that followed and was also responsible for shaping her area of work and the associated workload that she managed. I was involved in many of the core activities that defined Mellissa's role. Her general performance at work was excellent. She was able to manage a steadily growing workload the also changed in profile within a short period of her commencing a Blockbuster. Specifically, this involved Mellissa focusing on developing the new WAP delivery channel for the company. Mellissa was very proactive in this role and managed the project with professionalism and tact. Mellissa managed this task well and was sensitive to the needs of the business in what is still a very new media channel. Over this Mellissa developed an in-depth knowledge of the expected dynamics of the channel through her own interest in the subject. This involved attending many meetings events and seminars out of work hours -- a demonstration of Mellissa self motivation and determination to perform well at the delivery element of the role. Mellissa was an exceptionally enthusiastic networker, a vital trait in the emerging new economy particularly and she gained respect from a number of senior players in industry. In conjunction with this, she managed to build strong relationships quickly with the many third parties involved in bringing the various aspects of the project to conclusion. This enthusiasm was a trademark of Mellissa's for which she is known in Blockbuster's head office. As a project manager, Mellissa was able to manage a number of tasks in parallel, whilst maintaining attention to meeting 6
  7. 7. timelines. Many of these tasks involved in depth analysis and the need to communicate complex concepts clearly at meetings, which she managed to do well. Mellissa was an excellent team player who realize the importance of working with the resources that were available to her. She is particularly good at finding resources at short notice and shaping these to oversee needs one required. However, Mellissa also managed to focus well on her work during the time she was required to work independently. I was also aware that Mellissa valued a balanced approach to her work and was careful to take regular breaks during the day whilst working appropriate hours. This was a challenge as she worked some way out of central London where she lives. At times Mellissa would take on too much responsibility and place herself under a great deal of the degree of pressure. This was through her and sheer is enthusiasm to learn about the subject, being a new employee and maintaining a tough set of deliverables of the role -- this was a small development issue that was attended to with a small amount of mentoring to which she responded well. In my position as an independent professional advisor, I would have no hesitation in recommending Mellissa for a degree course and MA level and would feel she would be particularly suitable for the subject matter for choice including media, marketing and broadcasting sectors. She has determination, drive and self motivation to complete such a course of study to a high standard and with an originality of approach that is often missing. Mellissa will also bring her valuable experience of working within these sectors and a depth of first-hand knowledge that will benefit others in the course as well as her. Having completed an international M.A. in European leisure studies and recently an MBA with Open University, I understand the dedication, self-discipline and sense of humour that is needed to rise to such challenges. I feel that Mellissa demonstrates these qualities and would be an asset to any course of study.” David W. Hicks, Independent Consultant, London “Mellissa is a very tenacious person and that tenacity has reaped some good rewards for Blockbuster on the development of our presence on the mobile technology front. Mellissa has adapted her role within the company very well, as we required her to change mid-stream. She is creative and vivacious, breaking ideas and conceptual opportunities feature regularly in Mellissa’s thinking and discussions. Relationship skills with third parties are good in initiating and encouraging opportunities. Mellissa spends productive time networking and meeting with contacts from within the industry, this keeps her well informed of potential new developments and opportunities. Preparation, depth and quality of documents provided are excellent. Preparation, research, and documentation all very thorough, is flexible to changing business requirements.” Paul Aram, Commercial Manager, New Media Blockbuster Entertainment, Uxbridge, Middlesex 7
  8. 8. “Dear Mellissa, Thank you for your hard work in supporting Kris on the launch of Aramis Life. I really do appreciate your energy and attention to detail. The successful smooth operation was due to an amazing amount of behind-the-scenes work. Congratulations on a job well done!” Tony Measom, General Manager, Aramis and Designer Fragrances, Estée Lauder companies, London, UK “Born and educated in the United States and more recently in the UK Mellissa has a sound marketing and communications background combined with a wealth of experience gained from a variety of roles with companies such as MSN Microsoft, and projects within Flextech, Procter & Gamble and Associated New Media. Her skill base stretches to include work in the e-commerce and fulfillment arena and utilizing new platforms such as interactive TV and WAP for the distribution of various entertainment products. Being exposed to multimedia channelling, using some of the earliest broadband models will ensure that Mellissa is ideally placed to develop and progress Blockbuster's future plans. Commenting on Mellissa's appointment, Steve Middleton, European Director Technology/Internet said, "we are all delighted to welcome Mellissa to Blockbuster and look forward to working with her in one of the most exciting and fascinating areas of our business." Official press release for Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd. Composed by Consolidated Communications public relations firm, New Media Age magazine, London 8