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Social networking for educators mcmanus

  1. 1. Building aPersonal Learning Network
  2. 2. My Personal FavoritesTwitter - cmc413• Following 187 people, most of whom are writing/posting about Education Technology• Was just an inactive follower until recently, when I began to Tweet more and even to reply to others Tweets• Felt a sense of pride and accomplishment the first time one of my "tweets" was retweeted!• One of the most useful tools for connecting with people and staying current on topics that impact my job
  3. 3. My Personal FavoritesDelicious - conmyc o Have been using Delicious for several years now o Use it in combination with Twitter. If I see an article that someone posted on Twitter but I dont have time to sit and read it, Ill save it to Delicious for when I do have time. o Ive been frustrated at some of the changes as the tool transitioned through owners, but I am pleased with the direction they are going o Like the idea of "Stacks" as a way to organize and share
  4. 4. My Personal FavoritesBlogger - o Have used Blogger in the past as part of the class that I teach, but havent written that much myself. o Recently, it has become the primary tool for sharing with my colleagues as part of our Technology Learning & Sharing Group o I find it very challenging to put my thoughts together in a blog post. I feel pressure to make it perfect and that prevents me from allowing my thoughts to flow freely.
  5. 5. My Personal FavoritesWikispaces- o Created by me as a resource for teachers at St. Joes Prep o It can be challenging to keep it updated as there are so many new tools, but Im proud of what I have created thus far and will continue to use it and add to it
  6. 6. Modeling for Teachers"Technology Learning & Sharing"• A professional development group formed by me and my colleague, Sonia Nelson, the Librarian here at St. Joes Prep.• Twitter - sjptechsharing o Introduced teachers in the group to Twitter as a tool for building their own PLN as well as for communicating with their students. o Use both my Twitter account (cmc413) and the group one to share interesting articles with them• Blogger - o Used as a forum for the group to discuss topics relevant to technology in our school o All members of the group are contributing authors to the blog and are encouraged to post, but are still somewhat shy. Sonia and I try to model. o Entire Prep faculty and staff have been invited to join our blog conversation
  7. 7. Modeling for Students"Digital Learning & Information Literacy"• Semester class taught by me and school Librarian to a small group of 9th grade students• Goals for the class are for the students to: o Create a positive online presence through the use of Twitter, Blogger and Delicious o Learn to search online using directories, search engines and databases o Identify and use new Web2.0 tools o Demonstrate ethical use of information they find online o Learn to evaluate information critically and efficiently• Moodle is used as our primary communication tool o Students each use Twitter and are graded on their participation, much like we are in this class o Students each chose a research topic and are blogging about it o Students are also blogging about articles relating to different ways technology/web2.0 has impacted our society
  8. 8. Other Tools Ive TriedNING -• Used NING for my Digital Learning class...but then they started charging :o(• Do belong to NINGs as part of my PLN o Classroom2.0 - o ADVIS - Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools  -• Began using it as a personal tool and find it useful, but Im not seeing its usefulness yet as an educational tool.Tumblr -• We had our students use Tumblr as their blogging forum last semester, but switched back to Blogger
  9. 9. Using Moodle for Online Learning• Moodle is used here at St. Joes Prep by many teachers as a vehicle for posting class information• It is very useful for adult online learning experiences, such as this class• My Digital Learning class is structured in such a way that students are given the goals and expectations via Moodle and they work at their own pace. We do meet regularly though. o My co-teacher and I are finding that they are very unaccustomed to this and need constant guidance on managing their time• Online learning is effective for adult learners, but I dont believe it would be very challenging for most young learners. Any student in an online class must be self-motivated and highly organized.