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Presentation by Dr Lea-Anne Henry at the 2nd Annual Science Meeting of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland.

Presentation by Dr Lea-Anne Henry at the 2nd Annual Science Meeting of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland.

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  • 1. An offshore resource of biologicaldiversity, ecosystem processes and servicesLea-Anne Henry, Heriot-Watt UniversityPeter Chaniotis, Joint Nature Conservation CommitteeJ. Murray Roberts, Heriot-Watt University
  • 2.  OSPAR list of threatened and/or declining species and habitats Rosemary Bank Anton Dohrn Rockall Hebrides Trough Terrace
  • 3. Biophysical Fish Marine mammals Benthos1. Do components support Priority Marine Features (PMFs)?2. Does one component enhance another?
  • 4. Roberts et al. 1974; Xing & Davies 1998; Burrows & Thorpe 1999; New & Smythe-Wright 2001; Hall & Davies 2005; Neat et al.2008  Topography & internal waves ↑ surface circulation (AD, HT)  Anti-cyclonic circulation (AD) could ‘focus’ food at the summit  Internal waves and Taylor columns ↑ vertical mixing downstream (AD)  Eddies (AD, RB)  Downwelling (AD)  Current-shaped sedimentary patterns (all)
  • 5. accelerated current speeds JNCC retention mechanisms Orange roughy (all) Coral gardens (AD/all?) hydrodynamic control of food CRRUJNCCEmbling 2007; ICES 2007 Atlantic white-sided dolphin (RB)
  • 6. High diversity/lack of endemism JNCC/JC073 Jacobs et al. 2006; Howell et al. 2010
  • 7. Cold-water coral reefs JNCC/JC073
  • 8. Deep-sea sponge aggregationsJNCC/JC073
  • 9. Coral gardens JNCC/JC073
  • 10. Orange roughy Leafscale gulper shark JNCC Oceanlab Reefs important to life history (all) Gravid sharks caught with corals: poss. nursery? (RB) Blue lingGrehan et al. 2004; DEFRA 2007; Large et al. 2010 NMS Spawning habitat (RB)
  • 11.  spawning of mesopelagic and PMF fish species ▪ blue whiting, orange roughy, blue ling, mackerel, leafscale gulper shark, others JNCC/ JC073 Changing Oceans Expedition Dransfield et al. 2005; DEFRA 2007; Neat et al. 2008; Howell et al. 2009; ICES 2010; Large et al. 2010
  • 12. Blue whiting Sowerby’s beaked whale Blue ling Long-finned pilot whale NMS CRRUICES 2007; Spitz et al. 2011 Oceanlab
  • 13. Faroe-Shetland Channel  Topographic RB interactions are key  Migration route to AD FSC HT  Mating/calving  MPA network and conservation Rockall ‘corridors’ TroughEvans et al. 1997; Pollock et al. 2000; Charif et al. 2001; Weir et al. 2001; Swift et al. 2002; Hastie et al. 2003; Macleod et al.2003; Reid et al. 2003; Embling 2007; Boisseau et al. 2011; MCR 2011
  • 14. e.g. Taranto et al. 2012(PLoS One)
  • 15.  Captain/crew and scientists on board the James Cook Cruise 073 ‘Changing Oceans Expedition’ Holland I crew Richard McLanaghan (MCR) Laura Robson (JNCC) Kerry Howell (Plymouth) ICES WGDEC discussions