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CMA Mental Arithmetic Australia is the leading two-hand abacus mental maths program in Australia, providing Preschool, Primary and Advanced classes for children 3 to 12 years old.

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Introduction to CMA's Vision, Mission, Values, Teaching Philosophy, Founder. About CMA. Best Age to learn CMA. CMA's Programmes and Achievements. Benefits of CMA. Why Choose CMA. Total Brain Development. CMA Centres.

CMA Mental Arithmetic Chatswood
Suite 41, 47 Neridah Street
Chatswood Village
Chatswood NSW 2067

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Introduction to CMA

  1. 1. is to be the leading abacus mentalarithmetic educational institute in theworld.At CMA, our mission is to Create GreatMinds.
  2. 2. We aim to foster the accelerated learning ofthe two-hand system of› abacus arithmetic,› mental arithmetic,› aural arithmetic and› online practicewith passion and to empower our students withmental, physical and spiritual energy forchallenges in life.
  3. 3. To educate with passionTo service with a smileTo demonstrate professionalismTo enhance quality learningTo boost efficient learningTo create a vibrant learning environment
  4. 4. Master Tai Chiang Ching founded CMA in Taiwan in1984. He perfected the art of CMA’s two-handsystem with over 27 years of research anddevelopment.
  5. 5. He was awarded the World’s Best Mental Arithmetic Trainer in 1991 andis the committee member of Taiwan Children Abacus Mental ArithmeticAssociation.He is the president of You Ming Publishing Co., Taiwan’s largest mentalarithmetic book publisher and has authored and produced more than200 books, CDs, VCDs and CD-ROMs.Invigilator and judge for world-class international mental arithmeticexaminations and competitions.Researched and developed the complete CMA syllabus which makesteaching systematic and easy for students to follow and complete thecourse.Personally developed the comprehensive CMA website which hasbecome a beneficial reference tool to CMA students worldwide.
  6. 6. CMA specialises in the two-hand abacus mentalarithmetic program for overall brain development.In just two decades since its establishmentin 1984 in Taiwan, CMA’s unique andscientifically proven concept has helpedthousands of children among nationsdevelop exceptional mental abilitiesresulting in academic excellence.
  7. 7. With its outstanding achievement, CMA hasgained international presence in Asia and the PanPacific region with branches in Hong Kong,Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, China,Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Philippines and USA.
  8. 8. Child’s nerves will grow and develop at anoptimal rate from 4 to 6 years old.Majority of the brain developmentalactivities is effective up to the age of 13years old. Beyond this age, any form ofactivities may attribute to 10% of braindevelopment or even less.
  9. 9. During 4 to 13 years of age, the child’s active rightbrain is most conducive to learning CMA’simagination‐based curriculum.Studies showed that a child who has goodmental formation by the age of 13 willcontinue to remain brilliant even up to theage of 70, whereas, a child who lacks thisformation can experience a sharp declinein mental abilities even as young as 20 yearsold.
  10. 10. Our programs are specially designed for childrenaged from 3 to 13 years old.Preschool Programme Primary Programme 3 – 5 years old 5 – 13 years old
  11. 11. Adult Programme Teacher’s Training
  12. 12. Pioneer of the two‐hand, four‐fingermethodology.First in the world to use multimediateaching integrated with online learning.
  13. 13. Awarded the BestTeaching Institute by theChinese Children’sAbacus Association.Appraised by TaiwanROC for the Association ofChildren’s AbacusCalculation as the mostcomprehensive systemwith the highest standard.
  14. 14. Sharpens calculation abilityImproves concentration spanIncreases memory patience andwillpower
  15. 15. Enhances IQImproves study disciplineAchieves total brain developmentStimulates sight, hearing, touch andimagination
  16. 16. Program tested and proven for more than 27 yearssince 1984.Pioneer of two-hand, four finger abacus system.Effective left and right brain developmentprogram.Ability-based program paced according toindividual’s progress and speed of learning.
  17. 17. Comprehensive learning resources.First in the world to use multimedia teachingintegrated with online learning.All teachers are certified by CMA Taiwan.Awarded the Best Teaching Institute by the ChineseChildren’s Abacus Association, Taiwan.Appraised by Taiwan ROC for the Association ofChildren’s Abacus Calculation as the mostcomprehensive system with the highest standard.
  18. 18. The left brain hemisphere controls theright half of the body and vice versa.
  19. 19. Therefore, when children use both handsto move the beads for small and largearithmetic calculations, the quickcommunication between hands andbrain not only stimulates brain cellspromoting speedier and fastercalculation ability but also promotesquick, balanced and whole braindevelopment.
  20. 20. Chatswood Centre (Head Office) Box Hill CentreAddress: Suite 8, 47 Neridah Street, Address: Box Hill Library, Chatswood Village, 1040 Whitehorse Road, Chatswood NSW 2607 Box Hill Vic. 3128Telephone: (02) 9411 4531 Telephone: (03) 9005 3669Mobile: 0412 272 847 Mobile: 0413 676 981Email: Email: Manger: Lilian Ng Centre Manger: Karen PangCourses offered: Preschool Courses offered: PreschoolProgramme, Primary Programme, Adult Programme, Primary ProgrammeProgramme, Teacher’s Training For more information visit us at: