Destin Haynes | Be Local Everywhere: Bootstrapping Your Way to Global Brand Loyalty


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Destin Haynes | Be Local Everywhere: Bootstrapping Your Way to Global Brand Loyalty

  1. 1. Be Local Everywhere: Bootstrapping your way to global brand loyalty
  2. 2. Destin Haynes Director, Freemium Community @destinfall @hootclub @hootsuite
  3. 3. What is HootSuite? HootSuite is the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, with over 9 million users (in 175+ countries worldwide). 25 word blurb: HootSuite helps teams execute social media strategies across multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure web- based social relationship platform. **There is a HootSuite for everyone!
  4. 4. What is Community at HootSuite? The mission of the HootSuite Community department is to build a lasting community presence for HootSuite by creating vibrant online communities with our users. The Community team represents HootSuite in local markets via online and offline outreach to inspire new users and empower people to serve as brand ambassadors.
  5. 5. Why is Community Important? Customer Decision Journey Evaluate Consider Bond with a Brand Advocate Experience Buy Become Aware of a Brand Offering Source: Harvard Business Review “The Loyalty Loop” Create a lasting bond with customers
  6. 6. Be Local Everywhere
  7. 7. Grassroots Campaigns •  Ambassador program •  HootUps •  #HootSwag
  8. 8. Ambassador Program •  Expand into new markets •  Gather local intel •  Promote HootSuite messages •  Network and learn
  9. 9. HootUps •  User powered events •  Organic and Ambassador lead •  Fun, educational, seminars •  Partnerships
  10. 10. #HootSwag •  HootKits •  Localized Owly stickers •  Limited edition!
  11. 11. Build Authentic Relationships •  Listen & monitor •  Localize •  Be genuine •  Have conversations
  12. 12. Listen & monitor •  For your brand •  For your competitors •  Listen to what your community wants… and give it to them
  13. 13. Localization •  Localization not translation •  Translated versions of product (web and mobile) •  Localized content •  Localized social media channels
  14. 14. “Looking back now, what really differentiated our community programs from many others at the time and what certainly contributes to our continued growth today is that we always prioritized users first (even if they were non-paying) and spoke to them over all of our social media channels.” Ryan Holmes “How to Get Millions of Customers … on a Shoestring” April 22nd 2014
  15. 15. Be genuine •  Develop a tone of voice •  Look for fun conversations to be a part of •  Show the human behind the brand (H2H) •  Avoid focusing on broadcasting or selling
  16. 16. Have conversations •  Be a good neighbour •  Learn about your community members •  Engage and respond •  Maintain the relationship
  17. 17. Surprise & Delight!
  18. 18. HootSuite can help you build community! 3 Ways to Expand Your Communication Strategy 3 Strategies For Building a Brand Advocacy Program 3 Tips For Hosting Community Events With Strong ROI 1 2 3 FREE RESOURCES (100’s of videos, webinars & more)5 Community Tip: Public vs. Private, Pros and Cons4
  19. 19. Thank You Have questions? @destinfall @hootclub @hootsuite