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"The hallmark of any great brand is authenticity - just ask Harley-Davidson, Coke or Apple, especially when all of these brands lost their way and learned from it. Same thing applies to Brand You. In every tweak of a template, upload and keystroke, you have an opportunity to be authentic or disingenuous. Know what makes you special and unique, and tap into those qualities as you build your personal brand online. Most people can spot a fake when they see one, so remember that being genuine is more important than presenting yourself in an artificially glossy manner. It used to be important for bloggers to 'find their voice' - now it's relevant to all of us."

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  • I was thinking about U Branding this week and am glad I happened upon this deck. In this technical age of social media BrandU is extremly important to understand and to plan before you jump in with both feet.
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  • Brand "U.0"

    1. 2. Photo: this is a product
    2. 3. this is a logo
    3. 4. Photo: this is a brand.
    4. 5. “ A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization.” – Marty Neumeier
    5. 6. interactions + feelings = brands
    6. 8. celebrities are brands
    7. 9. celebrity influence
    8. 10. now people are too Photo :
    9. 11. “ micro-celebrity” influence
    10. 12. #4. You stopped thinking about yourself as a person years ago. Now you're a "brand" . —Top Ten Signs You Might Be A “Weblebrity”
    11. 13. Start-Up Business: Guy Kawasaki
    12. 14. Technology: Robert Scoble Photo:
    13. 15. Marketing: Seth Godin Photo:
    14. 16. The 5 B’s of Building Brand U.0
    15. 17. Be Ubiquitous: Create multiple streams of “you”
    16. 18. Be Social: Effectively manage your “social systems”
    17. 19. Be Interesting: Write, photograph, share, give Photo:
    18. 20. Be Remarkable: Do something worthy of a remark Photo:
    19. 21. Be Yourself: Let your personality shine through Photo:
    20. 22. Be Yourself: let your personality shine through “ Just like the gold rush, this is going to end…what are you waiting for?” — Gary Vaynerchuk Photo:
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