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A new Luxury Institute WealthSurvey indicates that 72% of wealthy consumers are members of at least one social networking site, up from 60% reported in early 2008. Empowered with more access, tools and information than ever, consumers have changed. Yet the fundamentals of luxury remain the same. Quality. Exclusivity. Impeccable Service. To thrive, luxury brands must learn how to translate their high-touch approach to the online world. Learn how to build meaningful relationships with valued, time-challenged clientele by:
-Ensuring the online experience is worthy of your brand
-Designing an experience with your customers in mind
-Managing the interactions across various channels

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  • Speak to the lush videos showing how Rolexes are made Evisu: Evisu Jeans: and Although the Evisu brand was somewhat devalued in the West in the early 2000s, the Evisu selvedge denim made in Japan (rather than Italy where the Evisu jeans outside Japan are manufactured) still commands respect and a healthy premium in Japan. You can only use the Japan site if you have a Japanese bank account and mail order address, but the level of fanaticism the Japanese have for the brand is over the top Evisu bought and shipped Levi’s original looms to be rebuilt in Japan The meticulous Japanese craftsmanship uses: Superior indigo dyes Highest quality cotton with full selvedge (no cutting the weave) Hand painted designs that you can customize, and it’s applied by very cool street artists with amazing typographic skill The styles are all numbered and so on tp provide authenticity and artistic pedigree E. TAUTZ: — Saville Row Sporting & Military Tailors
  • Apple Concierge /Genuis bar training reservation: for training, service or product info, you can go to the online concierge and make a reservation to the Genius Bar Net-a-Porter: - Expectations of value are increasing. Brands must differentiate with uniqueness, innovation, service, experience and speed, for example: Net-a-Porter packaging options Boutique luxury hotel: American Express Travel Services: Not necessarily luxury but excellent customer service
  • Savile Row : Not that amazing website but you can select collar and cut, monograph, and it’s a good packaging experience . The brand comes back to life with the packaging in your hands, which makes it feel better than mail-order They include fabric swatches of the shirts you viewed online but didn’t purchase as a subtle way to cross-sell and create a personalized service. Mydeco: 3D room planner with high-end designer furniture, e.g., Eames and Barcelona chairs
  • Net-a-Porter: Net-a-Porter Exclusives Exclusive designer pieces only available at the site Gilt Groupe : exclusive, invitation only shopping site Yves St Laurent - YSL Manifesto : Notifies you when exclusive DJ’s spinning at in-store events (check with Di for pronunciation ;-) Liberty UK: This high-end London department store (similar to Henry Bendel’s in NYC) creates customized evites to in-store events and select sales, exclusive products only available on their site
  • A Small World: uber-exclusive private online community Luxury Ratings: Milton’s own luxury site where member can share ratings and reviews for luxury products and services (just basic , looking to make more robust. – ask Di H)
  • – Site we created (CM plug). They just rebranded with this ethereal line element that we carried out into a 3D carousel nav with flash and motion Dolce & Gabbana makeup: Glorious 3D product spins, gorgeous photography and product zooms
  • Though not luxury, the story here is about a best practice ecommerce experience (something luxury brand should aspire to). Because the luxury consumer is not as quick to buy, the experience should be smart: remembering preferences, past items purchased, as well as cross-selling and upselling Pretty shocking that you can buy a $200,000 ring on amazon. Lesson: if you don’t do it right, someone else will
  • Net-a-Porter: Excellent efficient shopping experience, give user what they want, quick check out process with customized packaging Paul Smith: A UK example – clean , uncluttered design to make the shopping process more efficient; great experience
  • Louis Vuitton is very active in social media. They are doing it well. Mercedes AMG-360: Chanel branded movies: Chanel movies
  • Give an overview of importance of personas (soft sell, educational tone) Use them as illustrations of the type of information we gather and then discuss the methodology we use to uncover this type of insight, e.g., ethnographic research, interviews, desk research, etc., and then broadly discuss how we and our clients would use this information to guide our work
  • How personas and ExD methodology lead to an integrated cross-channel strategy
  • Blending High-Touch & High-Tech

    1. Blending High-Touch & High-Tech Redefining Luxury Online October 7, 2009
    2. So what? We are Critical Mass.
    4. A selection of our experience
    5. Blending High-Touch & High-Tech
    6. <ul><li>High-Touch </li></ul><ul><li>Anticipating customer needs </li></ul><ul><li>Impeccable quality and luxe materials </li></ul><ul><li>Exclusivity </li></ul><ul><li>Delivering highly personalized service </li></ul><ul><li>Fueled by intimate relationships </li></ul><ul><li>Storytelling </li></ul><ul><li>High-Tech </li></ul><ul><li>Making it simple, efficient and easy to use </li></ul><ul><li>Delivering contextually relevant information </li></ul><ul><li>Providing value or usefulness </li></ul><ul><li>Enabling rich visual experiences </li></ul><ul><li>Creating on-demand, portable content </li></ul>
    7. 1.0 A luxury digital experience is meticulously crafted. “ Above all else, consumers believe that superior quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of true luxury.” Abrams Research Luxury Brands Survey & Report, May 2009
    8. craftsmanship
    9. 2.0 A luxury digital experience delivers superior customer service. “ 3 out of 5 wealthy consumers define luxury as superior customer service.” Luxury Institute Wealth Survey, The State of the Economy and Trends in the Luxury Industry, Mar. 09
    10. service-orientation
    11. 3.0 A luxury digital experience is personalized. “ Luxury to me is made to order. It has to be created especially for an occasion and has nothing to do with mass market. Luxury is a hand-crafted experience for specific people.” Antoine Chevanne, of family-owned hotel The Byblos in Saint Tropez
    12. personalized
    13. 4.0 A luxury digital experience celebrates the product. Over 80% of visitors to luxury sites come to access product information. Critical Mass Curious Research Group
    14. product seduction
    15. 5.0 A luxury digital experience is exclusive. “ 2 out 5 luxury consumers believe luxury brands are a commodity…As income increases, select invitations to product viewings or special events have a greater influence on likelihood of purchasing a luxury product. ” Luxury Institute Wealth Survey. State of the Luxury Industry, March 09
    16. exclusivity
    17. 6.0 A luxury digital experience treats you like part of the club. “ In a recent study, 91% of US millionaires always/often sought others’ reviews of luxury goods. Peer reviews can produce sales uplifts averaging 18% and upwards of 80%.” Google and Unity Marketing: Luxury Shopping Experience Study, June 2008
    18. part of the club
    19. Aston Martin DBS 7.0 A luxury digital experience should be sensory. “ The luxury consumer is driven experientially; it’s not about the money…it is about the special experience people feel in buying and using or enjoying that thing.” “ Eight Things Luxury Marketers Need To Know,” June 30, 2008
    20. be sensory
    21. Aston Martin DBS 8.0 A luxury digital experience should be intelligent. &quot;Thanks to the recession…80 percent [of affluent consumers] agree with the statement, ‘I am thoughtful when I shop: I am thinking more about whether I really need an item or just want to buy it on impulse’.” Unity Marketing: Luxury Recession: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” June 2009
    22. be intelligent
    23. Aston Martin DBS 9.0 A luxury digital experience should be efficient. “ Luxury consumers are 20+% more likely to be time-pressed. Hence the need to minimize purchase drop-outs with a clear, easy, and quick experience.” Critical Mass Curious Research
    24. be efficient
    25. 10.0 A luxury digital experience should happen everywhere.* “ Consumers don’t see the difference between marketing channels. They just see the brand and then use the channel that’s most convenient for them at that time” eMarketer * Everywhere that’s relevant
    26. everywhere
    27. If time is the new luxury, what is the right time and right place to reach your customers?
    28. The Foundation of Distributed Experiences 3 tools for luxury marketers: Personas Who is your target audience? What are their likes/dislikes? How do they think, feel and behave? Distribution Map Where do they spend their time? How do these channels (online and offline) intersect and complement one another? Cross-channel Integration Where are the biggest opportunities to meet and engage with your customers?
    29. Personas
    30. Experience Distribution Mapping
    31. Developing a Cross-Channel Plan
    32. Reference Sites Rolex Evisu Jeans E. Tautz Apple Genius Bar American Express Travel Services Net-a-Porter Mr. & Mrs. Smith Boutique Hotels Savile Row MyDeco Vertu Ferrari Net-a-Porter Exclusives Gilt Groupe YSL Manifesto Twitter Liberty UK A Small World Luxury Ratings Infiniti Global Dolce & Gabbana Make-up Amazon Paul Smith Louis Vuitton AMG-360 Chanel Movies
    33. Contact Us Email: [email_address] To view the complete deck: Website: