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Collaborative Classroom
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Collaborative Classroom


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Connecting to the World Building a Collaborative Classroom Cheryl Lykowski Discovery Educator Network Guru Michigan’s DEN Leadership Council – Chair Discovery STAR Educator 2013
  • 2. Are today’s students tech savvyor digitally literate?
  • 3. Why focus on a digital and collaborative classroom?
  • 4. Technology has shifted from apersonal experience to a community experience.
  • 5. Build a collaborative community in the classroom.
  • 6. A 21st century classroom:How does it look?
  • 7. Investigative ContributiveCollaborativeCooperative ? Connected Community Creative
  • 8. Learning is active.Learning is social.Learning is messy!
  • 9. Learning needs rich contexts.Learning needs to be authentic.
  • 10. Learners are diverse.
  • 11. Today’s learners are: Creative Leaders Communicators Creators Risk takers Connected
  • 12. EssentialQuestion s
  • 13. *How might this work? *How might thisbenefit my students?*How might this add to my instruction?
  • 14. Global Awareness, according toThe Partnership for 21st Century Skills, includes: Using 21st century skills to understand and address global issues. Learning from and working collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community contexts. Understanding  other nations and cultures, including the use of non-English languages.
  • 15. Global awareness isnecessary because:Students can no longer live isolatedfrom the world.Students need to be global citizens.Students must learn about diversity,languages, cultures, traditions andpoints of view from others.
  • 16. ConnectionsMake connections with othereducators, near and far
  • 17. Connections
  • 18. Connections
  • 19. Collaborative Digital Tools: Multi-user Synchronous/Asynchronous Collaborative Communicative
  • 20. Prepare your studentsAmbassadors EngagementMovement ConfidenceSilliness Taking TurnsLoud & Clear UnexpectedSlang Questions
  • 21. Collaborative Tools:
  • 22. Role of thecollaborative learner: Greeter Question asker Photographer Videographer Scheduler *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  • 23. Role of thecollaborative learner:Backchannel Info StationwritersLive Bloggers TimerGoogle Earth Data writerMapper *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  • 24. Roles Live GoogleBlogging Earth & Google Maps Back Channel Interviewers
  • 25. RolesInformation Station Scheduler Question Asker Greeter
  • 26. RolesGreeter ~ Greets the partner school. Makes initial introduction.Question asker ~ Asks specific questions for data collection.Photographer ~ Responsible for documenting connection with stillimages.Videographer ~ Responsible for documenting connection with video.Scheduler ~Responsible for adding Date & Time of planned Skypeconnection to embedded Google Calendar. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  • 27. RolesBackchannel writers ~ Documenting conversation, questions,answers and classroom happenings during the connection on abackchannel chat.Live Bloggers ~ Blogs Skype call live to classroom blog.Google Earth ~ Finds location of Skype partner and measuresdistance in miles & kilometers.Mapper ~ Responsible for adding placemark of Skype partner’slocation to embedded Google Map on classroom blog.Info Station ~Responsible to search for any data question on thespot. Verifies any questionable information as well.Timer ~ Responsible for noting time Skype call started and ended aswell as calculating elapsed time. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  • 28. RolesData Entry ~ Responsible for adding data collected into embeddedGoogle form on classroom blog. Ex. distance miles/km, temperature inF/C.Word Problem Creator ~ Creates a math word problemfrom data, questions and answers collected during Skype call.Backchannel Cleanup ~ Responsible to save backchannelchat as a word document and cleaning up duplicate comments and markquestionable statements to be verified. *adapted from Silvia Tolisano
  • 29. Collaborative Projects to Get You Started
  • 30. Mystery Skype
  • 31. Skype in the Classroom
  • 32. On the Same Day in March
  • 33. Around the World with 80 Schools
  • 34. Teddy Bears Around the World
  • 35. Projects By Jen
  • 36. World Education Games
  • 37. Flat Classroom Project
  • 38. Collaborative Projects with Multimedia
  • 39. Collaborative Writing1001 Flat Tales Mysteries of Harris Burdick
  • 40. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  • 41. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  • 42. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  • 43. Bringing Experts into the Classroom
  • 44. Bringing Experts into the Classroom Johnathan Johnathan Rand RandSarah L. Thomson http://skypeanauthor.wetpaint.c om/
  • 45. Bringing Experts into the Classroom Egg Farmer IditarodVeterinarian
  • 46. Sharing theCurriculum
  • 47. ResourcesFlattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds
  • 48. Resources Sylvia Tolisano
  • 49. Resources Kevin Honeycutt Wesley FryerSpeed of Creativity
  • 50. Questions? ?
  • 51. Contact me:
  • 52. Cheryl Lykowski mwww.techconferences.wikispaces.c om