A Unique Business Blogging Strategy

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A unique perspective on the corporate blog as presented at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Las Vegas by Christine Rochelle, VP Operations of PCG Digital Marketing.

A unique perspective on the corporate blog as presented at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Las Vegas by Christine Rochelle, VP Operations of PCG Digital Marketing.

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  • Don’t underestimate the power social media and blogging will have on your office culture
  • Recent PANDA updates pushed blogs and videos UP and PR sites DOWN
  • Notice how it breaks your business into different categories like service, used cars, new cars, parts
  • Image sharing sites are popping up all over, including Pinterest. Don’t ruin this fast growing network w/ads and white noise!


  • 1. Christine RochelleVP OperationsPCG Digital Marketing
  • 2. • Blogging for a business brand• Writing for an audience• Share your voice online• Additional linking strategies
  • 3. • 86% of people skip TV commercials• 44% of direct mail is never opened• 91% of email users have opt out of emails they subscribed to• 200 million Americans are on FTC’s “Do Not Call” list• Nearly 54% of people looking for information do not go to the Yellow Pages
  • 4. • 67% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Facebook• 2/3 of marketers say their company blog is “critical” to their business• 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their blog• The average budget spent on company blogs & social media has doubled• 83% of marketers believe Facebook is “critical” to their business
  • 5. Define your brand. -How should readers define your business? Research competitors’ blogs. -What is their brand? -How are they engaging with readers? Audit your current content. -Website -Videos, Social Media Write down your goals. -What will blogging achieve for you? -What is your timeline for success?
  • 6.  What do your readers need most? What are the biggest problems they are looking to solve? What information are they searching for? What trends are influencing your business or success?* *Hubspot.com
  • 7. Pick your platform-Wordpress-Blogger-SquareSpaceIdentify your sharing networks and other content tools-Slideshare – share PDFs like brochures-YouTube – videos-Twitter-Facebook-Pinterest – photos & videos
  • 8. Editorial CalendarContributors and Editors Posting dates Topics covered Call to actions Schedule time for engagement
  • 9. Industry buzzLocal newsStaff chatterSocial conversationsContent library*
  • 10. Twitter is more effective in generating views on your blog,especially for news about your business.*Average views:Twitter: 2.2 viewsLinkedIn: 2 viewsFacebook: 1.7 views *MediaBistro
  • 11. Add a photo: 14% increase in engagementAdd a video: double your engagementAdd photo, video & audio: 3.5x the engagement
  • 12. Mandate a disclosure policythat complies with the lawMake sure people who workfor you or with you knowwhat the rules areMonitor what they’re doingon your behalf
  • 13. Create your blogging roadmapKnow your audienceBe consistentShare smartUse creative link strategiesBe yourself, show personality, and have fun!
  • 14. Christine RochelleVP OperationsPCG Digital Marketing@CLRochelleChristine@PCGmailer.comChristineRochelle.com